Thursday, August 08, 2013

CAPS TONIGHT: A Second Chance To Make A Good Impression

The neighborhood's second August CAPS meeting, "officially" for the area shaded in purple/pink on the map, will be held tonight

Take a few of these with you to share.

Technically, tonight's meeting is about the area that includes beat 1924, the #1 beat for robbery and a top-10 beat for violent crime in Chicago. Those are awfully high numbers when you consider that there are 274 beats in Chicago and even the immediately adjacent beats don't come close to 1924's violent crime numbers.

Everyone is welcome tonight, whether you live in the specified areas or not.

Beats 1924 and 1933, shaded pink on the map
Thursday, August 8, 2013, 7PM
Illinois Masonic Medical Center
836 W. Wellington (Front desk will direct you to the room)


  1. Before this next meeting starts, and after witnessing last nights well lubed merry go-round, I want to share some ideas that might help make these meetings more productive and satisfying for all attendees. My hope is that some or all of these ideas could begin to be discussed at tonight’s meeting. Specifically, it would be nice if Commander Voulgaris address these ideas since he repeatedly asked for some last night.

    1. Live audio streaming of all CAPS meetings (eventually all community meetings) over the Internet. The recordings would be left up so ALL residents have an opportunity to hear the conversations taking place about their homes, family safety and community. Several neighbors I know could not make last nights meeting because of schedule conflicts, i.e. flight attendant, vacations, sick, etc.. If attendees know they're being broadcast over the Internet to their community, they may put a little more thought into what's coming out of their mouths before spewing unproductive banter and bickering. At last nights meeting, the loud mouth in the audience and our eloquently spoken Alderman may have acted more civilized knowing their words, tone and the complete context of the meeting will live online in eternity. Bottom line ... BETTER COMMUNICATION and ACCOUNTABILITY!
    2. The configuration and flow of these meetings is archaic. I don't know about you, but having our neighborhood officials line up at a table in front of residents sitting theater style to ramble off a list of crime statistics before moving on to the bickering finger pointing phase couldn't be less productive and demoralizing. Maybe part of the meeting could be devoted to breaking up into groups that are each led by a CAPS officer. These groups could brainstorm grass root ideas in a neighborly fashion that are discussed, refined and possibly incorporated into a comprehensive community action plan. Neighbors would not only meet other neighbors and their beat cops, but also be working together and sharing ideas that would otherwise never be discussed. Each of us emailing our individual ideas to the Commander so he can decide what to incorporate into "the plan" is nothing more than a giant bottle-neck with one-way community evolvement.
    3. Focus groups on high priority issues i.e. CRIME IN BOYSTOWN. This is different than grouping up in a meeting. These groups could be formally created and maintained until community set goals are met. I understand the CAPS meetings were created for all residents to voice all concerns and I'm not suggesting that change. That being said, I would like to see more organization around important and relevant topics. When critical issues come up in the neighborhood, it would be nice if CAPS meetings carved out time on the agenda (or schedule a separate meeting) to solely discuss the topic that brought 10 times the amount of people to the meeting. Discussion about the concert at Wrigley being too loud is important, but in an unorganized meeting, serves as nothing more than a distraction to more serious issues.
    Continued on next comment …

  2. 4. Bicker and banter! Coming to a CAPS meeting to witness our elected and appointed officials bicker and point fingers at the residents who are crowding the meeting because of an undeniable crime wave is INEXCUSABLE! Leaders are meant to facilitate communication between themselves, members and organizations in the community. Last night was a clear display of FAILED leadership!

    In just the last few years, the capabilities of the Internet and the ever easing communications it facilitates is unprecedented in our species history. At this moment in time, average citizens have more power in shaping our communities than ever before. That power, OUR power over OUR destiny, will continue to grow as the Internet evolves.

    As we began to see last night, leaders with little to no vision will soon be washed aside in favor of leaders that not only what the crime to stop, but have the inventiveness and creativity to embrace all avenues of resolve with the priority of giving citizens ubiquitous access to information and engagement. I'll say it again, this Crime In Boystown blog is the beginning of that movement.

    Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing more productive ideas and conversations from the community this evening.

    Lakeview resident of 13 years and counting ...

  3. Ask how many "theft from persons" case report have been made out on 1924's beat and consider these to be really strong arm robberies, since Supt. McCarthy ordered them to be reclassified thus killingcrime.

    1. I've never heard that order... And would refuse to follow it if it were given. A robbery is a robbery a theft from person is different I don't care where the stats go I just do my job.