Saturday, August 10, 2013

CABBIE ROBBED NEAR WRIGLEY: Unique-Looking Offenders Get Away

UPDATE 10 AUGUST 2013: The officer submitted the report this morning as a strong arm robbery At 12:12PM today, a 19th district sergeant told the officer that the crime should be classified as a theft.

Around 6:30 this morning, an officer who had just left the 19th district police station to start his day shift was flagged down by a cab driver at Addison and Sheffield, outside of Wrigley Field. The officer reported that the highly emotional cabbie had been strong arm robbed of his phone by three male, blacks with particularly vivid descriptions:
1) A very overweight male, black, dark complected, about 30 years old, wearing a black t-shirt with horizontal stripes and gray shorts.
2) A male, black, who had prominent breasts wearing a white t-shirt and yellow shorts. He had piercings around his mouth.
3) A male, black, thin, wearing a brown shirt and brown pajama bottoms.
Chicago Police Department case #HW401313.


  1. Perhaps they're now working the blue line?,0,4338899.story

  2. I saw this cabbie chasing this trio. Not so much scary as unfortunate as the trio looked more drunk/high. Obviously they had nothing good to do at 6am (which is the problem IMO).