Sunday, August 18, 2013

BLOTTER: Odds & Ends

Saturday, August 17 1:44AM
A male victim reported that he was beaten up by a man wearing a bandana on his face near Cornelia and Seminary in Wrigleyville. A report was filed, but the exact nature of this event is not yet known.

Saturday, August 17 4:09AM
A man who kicked out a plate glass window at Halsted Street's Circuit nightclub was reported to be "all cut up." EMS responded.

Sunday, August 18 2:01AM
A minor traffic accident involving a taxicab turned into a bit of a skirmish at Broadway and Waveland. Witnesses say three men got out of a white Ford Escape and beat up and spit on the taxi cab driver. Case #HW412520 for the traffic accident and #HW412521 for the battery of the cabbie.