Wednesday, August 07, 2013

BLOTTER: Cross-Dressing Attacker Beats Walgreens Guard With Fan; Purse Snatching on Pine Grove

2:45AM Tuesday, August 6: Witnesses called police after a security guard at the 24-hour Walgreens, 3046 N. Halsted, fell victim to a violent cross-dresser. Subsequent callers described one possible offender as a black male dressed as a female, wearing a black hoodie, jeans, and a blue shirt. The second offender was said to be a male, black, dressed as a female with red and black hair.

At least one 911 caller reported that one of the cross-dressing cons had begun beating the guard with a fan.

By 3:06AM, it was all over. One offender was taken into custody for simple battery as recorded in Chicago Police Department case #HW395257.

• • •

7:56PM Tuesday, August 6: A woman's purse was snatched near Pine Grove and Irving Park Road. The doorman from a nearby condominium building gave chase, but he could not keep up with the thief, described as a male, black, 30 years old, 6'4" tall, 180 pounds, well-built, wearing a black shirt and black pants. No one could locate the victim once the dust settled and no report was immediately taken.

• • •

9:26PM Tuesday, August 6: Simple battery arrest at 3340 N. Halsted, the address of Town Hall Pub. Chicago Police Department Case #HW396513