Saturday, August 24, 2013

¡ARRESTADO!: Cops Catch Cantina Crook

We love to report success stories! Saturday evening starts off with one such tale:

19th district officers jumped on a phone theft in progress at El Jardin restaurant near Buckingham and Clark just before 6pm this evening.

Officers witnessed an offender snatch an iPhone and Rayban sunglasses off of a diner's table.

Police engaged in a foot pursuit eastbound through the alley between Roscoe and Newport, capturing one offender.

The second offender appears to have escaped. He was last seen in the area of 860 W. Roscoe Street.

A witness believes the offender was seen inside of a trash can near Buckingham and Clark later in the hour, but a second search by officers appears to have been unfruitful.

The apparently at-large offender is described as a male, black, 5'8", in his 20's, dark complected, wearing a white/gray t-shirt.

Thank you officers for your quick action and tenacity!

CPD case number HW422205.

UPDATE 13 SEPTEMBER 2013: Corrected the location and added case number

Image: Planet99


  1. That trashcan is right where he belongs, too.

  2. Thank you to those CPD out there trying their best to keep us safe and secure! I truly appreciate your efforts as exhibited today. :)

    As for the brass, Rhambo, and Tunneylicious... they can all piss off. You've told me over and over again that you don't give two sh*ts about me, my kids, or my neighborhood.

    I'll applaud those boys and girls in blue out there still trying to do what they can do, over and over again. I wish their management cared.

  3. Was this restaurant in an alley??? Hahs

  4. Thank you CPS! Wish we could get you the resources you deserve. Come election time, some of us (me included) will be voting to do just that.

  5. Why so much anonymous?

    There is so much crime in Wrigleyville because that is where the money is.

    The economy and disparity between classes has reached such a level that this is now the standard.

    Clueless moneyed class leaves items laying around while those in need take advantage of their naivety.

    Not that its right. But this level of crime will be hard to stop without the victims becoming streetsmart and stop being victims.

    1. So no of us can enjoy our success because siome thug has chisen not to try? Why not the reverse? Must we hide in our homes?

  6. Also you guys have so many posts. Which isnt a bad thing.

    But you need a recent comments section like Uptown Update to keep the discussion going.


    Hope to see less anon comments and some people with enough "vested" in the neighborhood to at least get some "handles" if not real names.

  7. There have ALWAYS been poor people. There will ALWAYS be poor people. In the land of opportunity, people are free to be successful or free to be poor. That does not mean the poor have the right to steal from the successful. It is obvious from the descriptions of the criminals preying on the residents of Boystown and Wrigleyville that they are not only poor, they have no morals, no values, no concept of right and wrong. Being "street smart" will not stop them. Guns will stop them.

  8. "The economy and disparity between classes has reached such a level that this is now the standard"

    True .. thanks to local and fed govt's outrageous pensions, spending, over regulation, taxation and accompanying economic uncertainty, anyone trying to make it in business in this suffering economy has to be lean and trim to the bone as they try to survive as well as plan for what the future holds.

    This logically translates into less jobs and now especially more part time instead of full time in
    light of Obamacare. It's a truly nasty situation .. about unheard of for this great country.

    The class of haves, who work hard, live by the rules, pay their taxes, trying to enjoy some of it are now the prey of the sociopathic criminal have nots or despicable drug gang funders .. who just won't be denied their stuff, and could care less about injuring, terrorizing and damaging another's life to get it. God help us all.

    BTW, ABC7 did a very credible segment on the growing crime in Lakeview and Boystown tonight.

    BIG KUDOS! To the diligent, industrious police out there who ARE doing their jobs admirably. God bless you! We thank you, need you and appreciate you!

  9. No. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy your success. It just means you can't leave your "success" items lying around.

    "I" would never leave anything of value lying around on El Jardin's table. (is the margaritas still super strong? Im guessing they are, love that place btw)

    In a perfect world you could.

    But as anons have said we don't live in a perfect world and there will always be poor people.

    It is human nature to grab what we need when we need it. Morales or no morales. Its what you can get away with.

    Yes there is "blame the victim". This is not that. This is DONT be the victim.

    Don't invite crime to your table.

  10. Most of the cases documented on this site do not occur because someone left a phone on a table. They occur because this area is seen as rich in targets and ill-protected due to greatly reduced police headcount. This nonsense about "not being a victim" should be put to bed. People are having guns drawn on them as they walk outside their homes. If walking outside ones home is "being a victim" then this neighborhood is going to decay fast, as homeowners start selling in greater numbers and housing prices come down fast. It may be a free-fall from there. And twenty years from now, we can all look at photos and think "wow, that was SUCH a nice place back then... I can't believe it got like this". Just like they do in Detroit.

  11. Guns drawn is another thing.

    That's different and that isn't what is being argued here.

    This blog and its posts are important.

    Lakeview will be okay. Havent walked the streets there in awhile. And it is surprising to hear how much crime there is there.

    I dont remember in the late nineties walking near Waveland and having to avoid a crew looking to rob.

    Anecdotes are important but statistics are a better way to analyze what is going on and what the police need to be deployed.

    Kudos to this site for pointing out the problems.

    Because only then can we find solutions.

  12. Not all things can be avoided by following common sense safety practices, that is a given. However I know there are things that I can do to make myself or my property less likely to be targeted.

    This pertains to MOST things in life. You can practice safe sex or risk getting a disease. You can use anti-virus protection or risk getting hacked. It's unfortunate that you have to safeguard your property but it's also about being more aware of your surroundings. There was just something on the news recently about ER doctors reporting the increase of people sustaining injuries from accidents related to walking and texting. No one is placing blame, just making suggestions to stay safe.

  13. The Center on Halsted needs to be turned into a arrest and processing center. It is just a matter of time before this Whole Foods is closed down because of the crime.

  14. Isn't the El Jardin at Roscoe and Clark out of business?

  15. Anonymous said...
    Isn't the El Jardin at Roscoe and Clark out of business?
    Hmm. They gave a restaurant with open window seating at Clark and Roscoe as the location. Going to have to zip by there and see.