Saturday, August 10, 2013

ANY DAY NOW: Half-Hour Wait For Response To Robbery Call

We're about ready to hit the button on this one, Tom.
Where Are The Extra Cops We Were Promised?

Tom Tunney's letter to the community August 1, 2013
We will have a saturation team in the 19th District on weekends and administrative officers in the department are being redeployed to work midnight shifts. Additionally, officers will be reassigned to foot patrols everyday during peak hours.
19th district dispatcher's list of calls that were waiting for an officer to become available as of 5:55AM on Saturday, August 10, 2013:
Well, in this backlog we have a robbery that just occurred with 20 minutes on it School & Clark. Criminal damage to property with a half-hour on it [at] Montrose and Clarendon. Theft just occurred with a half hour on it 900 W School….
Like A Swiss Watch
It happened right on time. Once again the 19th district completely ran out of officers this morning, giving thugs the freedom to plunder our great neighborhood without consequence. It seems to happen every weekend around here. Right on time.

At 5:26 this morning, dispatchers reported that a man said five offenders, described only as black men, had just stolen "all of their property" and fled down School Street. Unfortunately, there were no officers available to respond, because the district was being put into a RAP (Radio Assignments Pending) status, which means every officer on duty is occupied and no one--not one single officer--is available to answer calls for help.

The RAP continued....

At 5:49AM, a woman reported a strong arm robbery pulled off by five men, black, one wearing a white t-shirt and cargo shorts, at Clark and School Street/Aldine Avenue. It is not clear if the woman and the man were involved in the same incident or in separate matters. Once again, the woman received no police response because the district's manpower had been depleted.

The RAP continued....

The woman called back at 6:07AM to ask for help again and she said she could see the offenders were still in the area.

Well after the woman's second call, a morning shift officer moseyed his way out of the station and meandered over that-a-way to speak with her, but not before sarcastically chiming in with his standard grump, "Let me guess. Alcohol wasn't involved."  We would like to think that the woman who had just been victimized and was then left to wait more than 30 minutes for police to arrive did not receive the same tone in her interactions. But, we suppose, he's a police officer not a concierge.

Officer Grumpy eventually classified the incident as a "pocket picking" on the sidewalk outside of Mia Francesca, 3311 N. Clark Street. Case #HW401301