Sunday, August 25, 2013


Here are some highlights and lowlights from the past week. Let's keep pushing on!

Officers found and arrested a man who allegedly pointed a handgun in a motorist's face at Belmont and Halsted Sunday morning.

ABC7 helped spread the word about the serious robbery problem this neighborhood is fighting.

Officers intervened in two robberies on Belmont Wednesday morning and detained offenders in both cases.

Officers witnessed a cell phone theft and chased down one of the two offenders near Clark and Roscoe.

Rather than provide our streets with police saturation teams and additional officers as promised by Alderman Tom Tunney, the police department parked an empty bus on the street to massage perceptions while emergency calls sat in a holding pattern, waiting for officers to become available.

A woman was robbed while walking her dog around 6AM on a Monday morning.

The 19th district police commander flat-out lied on TV, claiming that most of our area's robbery victims are walking in alleys. In fact, only 7% of the area's robberies took place in alleys.

The CPD also lied in the ABC7 report by claiming that neighborhood police beat 1924 is the most heavily-populated in the city. It's not. Right next door, beat 1925 has more than twice as many residents. We didn't even bother to look check beat populations in the rest of the city.

Multiple robbery victims waited more than an hour for police responses Saturday morning. One victim, a 30-year-old Air Force veteran was severely beaten in Wrigleyville and was then robbed. Police caught up with him two hours later in the emergency room.


  1. Your blog is so awesome! Thank you for continuing to record in this blog. Is there anything that you can do like take it to the Mayor or a higher power who can over rule Tunney and get more police on duty in the neighborhood???

  2. Mayor Rahm Emanuel is the problem he calls the shots. Tunney and McJersey are just following orders to be honest. Rahm doesn't care he has 24/7 armed guards and a Police Car stationed in front and in back of his house(with people actually in the cars unlike parking a bus that say CPD on it). He has enough CPD officers to be his and his family personal valets. He is living like a King. He doesn't care, he is the problem. I knew when he was running around at the EL Stops shaken hands trying to get elected with people like me he was going to crappy Mayor. A lot of people couldn't see through that. I don't need to shake my Mayors hand I need him to do his job. Crime in any City should be one of the top priorities. At what point will Chicago completely lose control of the crime? Seem like we are close.