Saturday, August 10, 2013

AAAAAND CUT!: After TV Cameras Leave, Thugs Get Down To Business

An evening that started with unusually proactive, yet welcomed policing, ended with a rash of robberies, a complete depletion of the district's manpower, and one cop with a lousy attitude.

More than a dozen street stops in the area leading up to last night's community march at midnight resulted in several people being taken into custody.

After midnight, an alderman-sponsored "community walk" snaked through the neighborhood with TV cameras in hot pursuit.

Once the dog and pony show ended, the news cameras went home and our local thugs got down to business.

Among this morning's stories from overnight on CWB:

Beating At Belmont & Sheffield; Phone Snatched Nearby

Cabbie Robbed Outside of Wrigley This Morning

Yet Another Severe Beating And Robbery By Cross-dressers At Dunkin' Donuts

Woman Waits More Than 30 Minutes For Help After Reporting Purse Snatching On Clark