Sunday, August 25, 2013

A NEW RECORD: District Runs Out Of Cops Earlier Than Ever

We're setting all kinds of records around here. This morning, the district set another one by running out of police officers and entering Radio Assignment Pending (RAP) status earlier than ever recorded by CWB: 12:34AM.

This morning's depletion is also the longest we've recorded. It lasted 6 hours and 39 minutes, until 7:13AM.

You'd think that with a busload of cops (cough, cough) in the neighborhood, there would be no shortage of officers.

During RAPs, calls for police assistance sit in a holding pattern until a unit becomes available. Once available, a unit is immediately told to handle one of the pending assignments.

RAPs aren't pretty. At 4:49 this morning, an Uptown woman called 911 to report that her roommate had been sexually assaulted, possibly by a cab driver.

92 minutes later, the call was assigned.

Our district has run out of cops at least fifteen times since CWB started tracking RAPs on June 23, 2013