Tuesday, August 06, 2013

A BUNCH OF EINSTEINS: Weapons Charges Follow Wrigleyville Street Stop

Wrigleyville's hard-working overnight cops scored a nice win during a routine street stop next to the Einstein Brothers bagel shop at Clark and Sheffield this morning.

A firearm was found during the stop and two individuals were taken into custody at 1:45AM. The weapons violation is recorded under Chicago Police Department case #HW395212.

Nice work, officers!


  1. Now watch this case.
    Anita alvarez and the judge will grant an" I" bond, public defender, and rhen plead it down to close the case givw probation and the assholes will be pulling the same shit AGAIN.

  2. Dare I say...again...Stop and FRISK. It's a controversial tactic to be sure. But it works. Keep it up officers.

  3. NYC-style stop and frisk. And more of it, please.

  4. CPD can't stop and frisk. They have been neutered by the likes of Father Pflegler.

    No beat cop can risk his career, pension etc for fear of "civil rights" suits.

    We are sleeping in the bed made for us by the grievance profiteers.

  5. No beat cop should ever have to risk their career by implementing tactics that have been made policy by people in power that have the necessary stones to implement such policy.
    All you have to do is consult NYPD. Al Sharpton lives there, and hasn't changed squat to their SUCCESSFUL albeit controversial policy.
    Welcome to THUGLEYVILLE!!!!!