Friday, July 12, 2013

WRIGLEYVILLE THUG BUST: Foot Chase, Manhunt End With Arrests; 4 Cops Hurt

Brave action, a strong response, and the dogged determination of the 19th district's hard-working graveyard shift led to the arrests of three strong arm robbery offenders in Wrigleyville this morning. Four officers were injured in the struggle to arrest the primary offender.

The dramatic story began to unfold when an officer on routine patrol encountered the victim just moments after the  attack near the Addison Red Line station. The officer bailed out of his car and chased the primary offender up Wilton Avenue, but he lost the thug in an alley behind Murphy's Bleachers, across from Wrigley Field.

Officers swarmed the area, launching a manhunt in the alleys, yards, and gangways in the 3700 blocks of Sheffield Avenue, Wilton Avenue, and Fremont Street.

For more than 30 minutes, cops played cat and mouse with the primary offender, a male, black, in his 20's, wearing a striped shirt, jeans, and a white du-rag.

Finally, at 3:53AM, officers got their man in the alley behind 3729 N. Sheffield, a half-block north of Murphy's. Four officers were injured in the struggle to get the attacker in custody, with one officer seeking treatment at Illinois Masonic Medical Center.

During the manhunt, officers touring the peripheral streets rounded up two additional members of the robbery team.

Friday 12 July 2013
Chicago Police Department Case #HW358696