Friday, July 05, 2013

'HAWKS WIN AGAIN! Clark Street overrun by "animals"

At least 15 officers converged to secure the area near Clark Street and Cornelia Avenue this morning as patrons from Wrigleyville bars poured into the streets and, in the words of an officer on scene, started "acting like animals."

The initial call came in shortly before 2 o'clock, reporting a mob of people stomping on cabs along Clark Street from Cornelia Avenue to Newport Avenue. The first officers on scene quickly called for support units, which had to enter the area from the north because Clark Street was completely obstructed by stalled traffic and marauders to the south.

A CTA bus that became bogged down in the mess was surrounded by people who climbed on top of the vehicle and tried to "destroy" it, according to the driver's 911 call.

Officers managed to get the street back to normal by 2:45AM.

Lincoln Park was left unscathed this time.