Sunday, July 28, 2013

VIOLENTLY UN-HAPPY: Welcome To The 10th Most Violent Police Beat In Chicago

Out of the 274 police beats in Chicago, Wrigleyville and Boystown's beat 1924 ranks #10 in overall violent crime reported in the past 90 days according to the Chicago Police Department's CLEAR Map web site.

Violent crimes are the most serious classification of crime, comprised of homicides, criminal sexual assaults, robberies, aggravated assaults, and aggravated batteries. Lesser incidents such as fist fights (simple battery), and property crimes such as burglaries and theft do not factor into violent crime statistics.

This CWB graphic shows the 50 most violent police beats in Chicago. Red denotes the 9 most violent beats. The green beat to the north is our neighborhood's beat 1924, which tied for 10th place with the green area to the south. The blue areas are the rest of the 50 most-violent beats, all of which are "less violent" than beat 1924.
There have been no homicides in Wrigleyville or Boystown since March 5, 2012 and there has been only one shooting since 2011. While aggravated batteries, led by stabbings, have been on the rise in recent years, "agbats" are a relatively minor contributor to our violent crime count.

This area's shockingly high violent crime rating is driven by one factor: Its out of control and unaddressed robbery problem.

The problem is so bad, Wrigleyville and Boystown's beat ranks #1 in the city for robberies over the past 90 days. For the past 365 days, beat 1924 ranks #5 for robberies and #26 for violent crime.

Our concern, and hopefully yours, is that criminals know that our neighborhood is a fertile field. Since robberies have been allowed to bloom for years without serious consequence, bad elements are not likely to see any reason to behave when it comes to lesser matters. Or, unfortunately, greater ones.

UPDATED 28 JULY 2013: Polished. Added close.


  1. Tunney are you listening??

  2. Close the Center on Halsted. That place started this mess.

  3. Anonymous said...
    Close the Center on Halsted. That place started this mess.
    Many people share your opinion, Anonymous.

    Even if the COH is the original source of our problem, closing the center would be roughly equivalent to trying to sail the Titanic back to port.

    The damage is done. We have to deal with this at sea.

    Great thanks to you for reading our blog and caring about our great neighborhoods!

  4. EVERY DAY 3 more new criminals go to the Center on Halsted for the first time, thus finding a gang hideout protected by social workers, to which they will return daily...while spending the evening hours robbing the neighborhood residents.

    As long as this daily fresh crop continues to arrive, it doesn't matter how many robbers are caught because there are always more in-line.

  5. It's really disturbing to be in the top 10.

    This is news-worthy.

    I love Lakeview for many reasons. One of them used to be that it felt relatively safe.

    I forwarded today's article about being #1 in robbery to several Local News stations. Hopefully it will get some press. "If it bleeds, it leads" is an expression the media likes to use. Well, Lakeview has plenty of bleeding!

    If you're concerned, please also consider making suggestions that people can act upoon.

    I agree that "Center on Halsted" and other similar nonprofit groups might indirectly be causing criminals to discover our neighborhood. Have you got any proof? Bitching about it is not solving anything.

  6. Jeff on BuckinghamJul 28, 2013, 7:20:00 PM

    I just called the Chicago Tribune's "news tip" phone number.

    To my surprise, a real human being picked up the phone in a couple of rings. I told that I read online that Lakeview is now #1 for robberies.

    He said the crime reporter is aware; Jeremy, didn't catch his last name.

    Anyone else want to call the Sun-Times?

  7. I actually got channel 7 to call me back and they're going to interview me and a few others on August 7th. Not sure when the story will broadcast but plan on talking about:
    1) our ranking in the city and will print out the map from this site on poster board.
    2) police staffing cuts and response time.
    3) Tunney's lack of vision and support for his constituents.
    I figured we will only have a few minutes to talk and didn't want to get into COH as that may dilute the other messages. That all said, I'm meeting with some folks this week to discuss talking points and an open to other suggestions. Also looking for a business owner to join me at the interview since I think that could really help if anyone is interested? Thanks, Craig

  8. If people just kept their iPhones out of sight while walking down the street in the middle of the night, perhaps that would prevent a lot of these robberies from occurring. The number of police could be doubled, but that wouldn't mean that everyone walking down the street would have a personal bodyguard. If you wouldn't walk down the street with your wallet in your hand, what makes you think keeping your $800 phone out on display makes sense? Just a thought.

  9. Excellent analysis fellas. While most are concerned (ok, not really, more like mildly interested) with shootings and murders, other violent crimes like robbery, assault and battery are much more common. The fact that 1924 ranks up there with parts of Englewood would be unbelievable if not for the data set. Unreal.

    Keep up the good work.


  10. Buiness owners won't say anything about Tunney. If they do, he will have the City target their business for all kinds of inspections and violations and complaints and tax issues.

  11. Everyone should read this--lots of lessons here:

  12. Buiness owners won't say anything about Tunney. If they do, he will have the City target their business for all kinds of inspections and violations and complaints and tax issues.

    Sunday, 28 July, 2013
    Because they don't care they still make the money and they are more worried about boycotting Russian Vodka. That was Sidetrack owners great idea the heck with real problems. But then the owners of Sidetrack don't live int he neighborhood either so why would they step up and do anything for the neighborhood. They can't get any free press and awards and plaques for it. They were also behind bringing the Center on Halsted that started all this in the first.

  13. Christian,
    Don't worry we will be carrying more than iphones soon. Maybe the CoH will put up metal detectors as a response to law abiding citizens carrying firearms.

  14. Tunney is a fraud!

  15. Tunney is the #1 robbery alderman! He's just one person but he managed to get it done.

  16. Yeah, let's "Sidetrack" real issues and worry about Russia while your own can't walk down your street. Boycott them.

    Go in, ask for Stoli then walk out Maybe then they'll grow a pair.

  17. I'm not surprised that so many people are getting robbed. Last night alone outside my window at 2am were 3 separate incidents of completely wasted people walking(stumbling) alone down the sidewalk.

    This is ridiculous.

  18. Small business owners don't have to say anything to Tunney. When the people of our community shout to the interwebs that it's not safe to go out in our community for fear of being robbed at gunpoint or knifepoint, or being the victim of some other violent crime, the lack of people coming here will send a message to business owners, THEN we'll see what city hall will do.
    As for the comment mentioning that phones shouldn't be displayed, that is ridiculous. It's victim blaming. It's akin to blaming female rape victims because they wore a skirt. Carrying a phone never warrants violence.

  19. @Roscoeresident, seriously? Again with the victim blaming??? The lion's share of these crimes occur after 2AM. Does that mean that no one should be able to come to, or go out in our neighborhood for a night of fun? They might have had a few too many, yes. But it's not a crime nor should it be dangerous to walk home.

    1. As my father once said, "nothing good happens after midnight" he was correct

  20. @Anonymous - My recommendation that people keep their iPhones out of sight is not ridiculous. It goes along with other smart actions people take (you know, like not walking through a dark alley as a shortcut in the middle of the night) to reduce the likelihood of them being a victim of crime. Why make yourself a target?

  21. It makes total sense not to keep your phone out on display. Remember the line, "don't flash your cash"? That's not blaming the victim, that's encouraging people to be street smart.

  22. Agree with the both the anonymous and @Christian. It makes total sense to not have your phone out. Put it away until you get home. Get home safe first. But on a list of 10 things that could help our rising robbery rate, that is #12.
    I'm quite liberal on many things, but crime isn't one of them. It will be soon time to have the police show some force. Stop and frisk is a controversial method in NYC, but the glaring result is that it's working. I never felt unsafe in my neighborhood in NYC, but move to Chicago...and people line up to complain about a scoreboard in Wrigley Field.

  23. I'm just curious, are the condo owners on Halsted still complaining that it's too noisy?