Wednesday, July 03, 2013

VIDEO: Pride Attack Near Montrose Beach

Two newly posted YouTube videos purport to document incidents at Gay Pride activities on Sunday. CWB cannot independently confirm the details of the posters' descriptions.
The victim of a 2-on-1 attack lies on pavement near Montrose Beach Sunday. Click to play video. Image: chicagostreetidol
The first video, posted by YouTube user chicagostreetidol is an amateur slide show and voiceover that reportedly documents the moments following a two-on-one attack on Sunday near Montrose Beach. As recently as last year, Montrose was the site of a long-running Pride event called Montrose Rocks.  According to the narrator, a white male victim in his early 50's was beaten by two black male offenders in their late teens. The report states that fire department ambulance crews were slow to respond, with the man left lying on the ground for up to 90 minutes before he was transported to a hospital. The slow response, if true, would be consistent with CWB's report on Sunday that  medical units were in short supply, causing a page-long backlog of calls to develop.

A man is arrested at Sunday's Gay Pride Parade, allegedly for punching an anti-gay protester. Click to play video. Image: DeadCelebritiesNHell
The second video is a very short clip that purports to document the arrest of a white male for punching an ant-gay protester near Diversey Parkway and Pine Grove Ave. The location and description is consistent with a CWB report on Sunday of two arrests being made at Diversey and Pine Grove around 3:30PM.


  1. This is the third summer in a row that we have had to deal with this...I honestly cannot believe that we cannot get support from the city on keeping our streets and our parks safe to sickens me, it really does.

    I went to Montreal recently...similar city, very walkable, gret neighborhoods with lots of good looking people walking around everywhere, coffee shops, restaurants, great night clubs, high fashion...except they do not have these problems with packs of angry thugs walking around causing trouble and robbing people, fighting with people...what happened, our city was awesome like that as recently as 2010...why cant the leadership of our city make things the way they were? I am getting really sick of paying high rent to live in a "world-class city" but not being able to enjoy it on a nightly basis...I feel like a prisoner in my own home now, every night...what about my "civil rights"?

  2. I completely agree with you, poster. Chicago went through its golden years about 5 years back. Downtown and the north side, anyway. Now those are getting too sketchy to feel like good life decisions. Lakeview and boys town in particular attract the wrong element and there aren't enough police to handle the influx. Why did boystown have to morph into such a drunken scene? Where's the pride in that? Anyway, I own a home here and question whether to improve the place or sell it -- or see if this is just a brief downward turn.