Sunday, July 21, 2013

UPDATED FROM OVERNIGHT: Wave of Gunpoint Robberies Nearby, At Least 3 By Same Crew

Early last Sunday, Wrigleyville and Boystown was swept with a wave of 7 street robberies, including 4 at gunpoint. Tonight, there is another wave underway in nearby areas of Lake View and Lincoln Park. Three of tonight's attacks have been at gunpoint and may be the work of a single robbery crew.

1:15AM: Robbery at gunpoint near Diversey and Ashland. Attackers, armed with a black handgun, were last seen driving north on Ashland in an older Toyota, possibly maroon in color. Offender descriptions: (1) male, Hispanic, about 35 years old, bald, heavy set, drove the get-away vehicle; (2) male, Hispanic, about 35 years old, thinner than the other offender, wearing a dark bandana. Case #HW371890

1:17AM: Another robbery with a black handgun, less than a quarter mile from the previous incident. The offenders are described only as as two black males. The gunman wore a black Oakland Raiders hat. Taken in the robbery were the victim's wallet,  brown backpack, and iPhone. The robbery with a handgun is recorded as Chicago Police Department case #HW371898.

1:20AM: A man was mugged on a Brown Line train as it travelled south from Irving Park to Addison. The victim, who was left bleeding from the attack, got off the train at Addison. The offender is described as a white man in his 30's with dark blonde to light brown hair, 5'8" tall, wearing a plain brown shirt. The thug took $800 cash from the victim, whose cell phone was either stolen or lost in the attack. Case #HW371911

1:25AM: 911 was told of a man bleeding on the Brown Line platform at Paulina, one stop south of Addison, but neither the fire department nor police could find the man.

3:57AM: Witnesses reported that a man asked them to call police because he had just been robbed at gunpoint near Fullerton and Halsted. The victim said two offenders—one black male and one Hispanic male wearing a black hat and a black t-shirt—robbed him at gunpoint of his keys, watch, wallet, and phone. Case #HW371994.

The confirmed robberies are mapped above.

 1:55AM with details of incidents.
Added map at 2:09AM.
Added Fullerton/Halsted robbery, updated opening paragraph, updated map at 4:03AM.
Changed headline to remove "Breaking" at 10AM.

UPDATED 30 JULY 2013: Added case number to final incident.


  1. I walked Halsted from 12:15 to 12:45 to see what was going on, and I didn't see any gangs or groups of trouble. Maybe they're starting to just prowl the side streets.

  2. They are now spreading and penetrating into the next Alderman's district in Lincoln Park after the asshole in the 44th did nothing for 2 years.

    1. You are absolutely correct about our alderman, Tom Tunney, being an asshole having done nothing to curb crime in the last two years.
      I will however add that alderman asshole has done nothing to stop crime for at least six years. Most likely from the day he was appointed as alderman by Mayor Daley in 2002 after the previous title holder Bernie Hansen retired, months short of the 2003 municipal elections.
      On a sunny, mid December Saturday in 2007, a group of five teens approached Tunney about 1:30 p.m. Saturday along the 3300 block of North Seminary Avenue, at School Street, pulled out a handgun and demanded his wallet.
      This whimp's time has come. He has no apparent interest in the safety of his constituents or visitors to his ward. And if he did have said interest, he does not possess chutzpah enough to fight the Chicago machine.

  3. I'm just one person, but this is getting out of control.

  4. It spread into the 32nd ward (Belmont/Racine & west) a few years back. Same POS creeping west down Belmont.

  5. Now, you are "just one person " giving that opinion. I hear he still reports to Bernie Hansen on matters that are important and Bernie can be seen leaving Tunny's office a few times a month.

  6. Well I am not going to mention any names but I do know someone that lives here in the 44rh ward that is putting things in motion to run against Tunney for Alderman in 2015. That person wants to really clean up this area from all the crimes that have been going on. My friend has been telling certain friends including myself that they are determined to make the Lake View area safe for residents again. My friend can't do anything until next year to put it all in motion. But I agree that it is time to get Tunney out of office and do what is right to make Lake View safe. One of my friends goals is to get more cops in the 19th district and/or get more security walking some of the main areas of the neighborhood.

  7. Re-opening the 19th's Lock-up needs to be done too.

    Liar, uh, Mayor Rahm can't brag he wants to build more jails when he closes the ones he has.

    I hope everyone hear monitors the S-T everyday for Rahm and Tunney articles. The editor is disgustingly pro-Rahm in the way articles are titles, so that needs to be countered.
    He is as inept as ex-Mayor Jane Byrne, as crooked as NJ's ex-Governor Corzine, and as arrogant as TX's Governor Perry. The combination of the 4 in one package, with a crooked city council, is unbearable.

    1. His, Rahm's, arrogance runs his show. One term for sure.
      Greed runs alderman asshole's games.
      Why else would he ignore the residents being beaten, stabbed, and emotionally scarred while kissing the business owner's, who live out of area, asses?
      What's with all these fucking head shops on Clark and Halsted? Windows filled with bongs and hideous lighting? Bath salts behind the counter, and crack pipes in the cases. I wonder who this attracts?
      And he gets all up in a hissy fit about the goddamn food trucks, that he fought against for years, parking too close to restaurants?
      And they aren't even around here. They're downtown.
      His tight ties with the Illinois Restaurant Association. That also made him fight to bring fois gras, which was made illegal in Chicago, for it's outrageous cruelty to the geese involved, back to the city.
      This asshole shouldn't even sleep, let alone spending most of his time fighting restaurant's fights, until we get ahold of crime in the 44th.
      I wonder if he gets his palm greased, no not like that, and by who?
      He doesn't give a shit and he never will. He just doesn't get it.
      We perceive a crime "uptick".
      He makes my skin crawl.

  8. You ride the train at 1:20 am by yourself with $800 cash in your pocket? Really?