Wednesday, July 03, 2013

UPDATE—CHRISTOPHER EVANS: Missing Man Acted "Paranoid"; Ran Off From Friends

Photo montage of Christopher Evans, who has been missing since early Sunday morning. Image: FindChristopher Evans
UPDATE 04 JULY 2013: Christopher's body has been recovered from Belmont Harbor. Our condolences go out to the Evans family.

UPDATE 03 JULY 2013: The Chicago Tribune adds some critical information in a new report: The missing man "became nervous...and told friends to leave [Roscoe's Tavern] right away." He then ran eastbound on Roscoe Street alone. “He got very paranoid and didn’t want anybody around him...He just ran off," according to his father.

Meanwhile, Evans' mother tells CBS2 that police, “told me that they think somebody put something in his drink at this club called Roscoe’s."
Chicago police are investigating the apparent disappearance of a 25 year-old Evergreen Park man early Sunday morning. Christopher Evans was last seen walking eastbound on Roscoe Street from Roscoe's Tavern, where he had been celebrating Gay Pride as a "straight ally," according to Evans was walking in the direction of his parked car, which has been located about three blocks from Roscoe's at Broadway and Cornelia Avenue.

Friends say Evans is 6'1" tall and weighs about 230 pounds.

Persons who may have information are asked to call Chicago police at 312-747-5789.

Evans is at least the third male in his 20's to go missing after a night out in the Wrigleyville/Boystown area since 2010.

On May 1, 2010, 22-year-old Roosevelt University student Syed "Zain" Naqi disappeared after spending an evening with friends at Rebel Bar and Grille near Clark and Cornelia in Wrigleyville. Naqi's father awoke the next day to find a final text from his son that came in while the father slept. It read, "Goodbye, Dad." Naqi was found three weeks later inside his car, submerged in Belmont Harbor. Police believe Naqi intended to enter Lake Shore Drive, but he made a wrong turn and drove north on the concrete path along the harbor. His car went through the protective fence and fell into the water.

Then, on March 3 of last year, 28-year-old Philip Patnaude went missing after going out for a night of drinking with friends. Patanaude told friends that he was going to go to the lakefront and was last seen getting into a taxi cab near Broadway and Wellington Avenue. Divers found Patnaude's body in the southwest corner of Belmont Harbor.

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UPDATED 3 JULY 2013: Added previous disappearances info.


  1. Not looking good for our 'hood now.

  2. I would not walk alone on Roscoe or Aldine or Cornelia or Waveland after's a suicide mission.

  3. All the streets near the CoH are dangerous after the CoH closes at 9PM. Even walking on Halsted then is dangerous as gangs of those "youths" take over the sidewalks looking for victims.

  4. I bet he's dead. That Facebook page is useless.

  5. We would like to believe that this will have a happy ending, but our gut says it won't. Hopefully, we will be wrong.

    The stories are not entirely clear about his cell phone. One says it has been "not been on." We'd be interested in what they mean by that. Have they been informed by the police or phone carrier that the phone is physically off (not pinging)? Or are they assuming that it's turned off because he has not answered? Big difference.

    Great thanks to all of you for being a part of CWB. Let's hope this story ends with a happy surprise.

  6. How did he find a parking spot at Broadway and Cornelia?

  7. It would be nice if cameras were installed along the lake between Diversey and Belmont harbours to catch these events and then some illegal activity taking place at night.


  9. Thank you for the link and being a part of CWB, Anonymous. We've pushed the story to our front page.