Monday, July 08, 2013

UNFRIENDLY CONFINES: Robbery Victim Refuses Police Aid

Image: Ron Cogswell
Several witnesses reported that two men knocked a woman down and stole her purse at Sheffield and Waveland, next to Wrigley Field last night. The first caller at 7:05PM said the attackers fled northbound on Sheffield in a blue, four-door Volkswagen with Minnesota license plates.

Officers arrived very quickly, but they could not pursue the matter because the woman declined police services.

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  1. Oh, really? Crimes at Tommy T's precious Wrigley Field? Perhaps the media should get a hold of this story!

    1. Unless there's a killing they won't care.

  2. I'm sure as she was falling she was repeating the mantra "it's a big city and these things just happen" (and this is why they do in Lakeview).

  3. It is a shame that many victims refuse to proceed against their attackers not out of fear but out of a general lethargy. Most figure if they have to go to court it's a waste of their time. Sad days where the bad guys get away because we citizens don't do our civic responsibility to lock away bad people.

  4. Recently, the Chicago Police have set up a way for victims to contact them via Twitter and other methods --- or so they say. Go to Chicago Police Clear Path for more info. I'm finding this a little hard to swallow especially since they don't even respond to 911 calls. I'd like the opinion of our fellow bloggers.