Wednesday, July 31, 2013

TWO THUGS, ONE GUN: Another Robbery By Duo Nearby

A man who was outside smoking and looking at his phone was robbed at gunpoint by two offenders who are described only as black males. The robbers pulled up in a dark car near Southport and Newport around 11:30PM Tuesday night. One of the offenders pointed a gray revolver at the man, took the victim's iPhone, then drove away northbound in the alley behind Southport. Chicago Police Department case #HW386398.

UPDATE 31 JULY 2013:  CWB received an email this afternoon with clarifying details. We are confident that the source has firsthand information of the events and we have updated our report accordingly. The original police dispatch stated that the victim was outside smoking when he was robbed and it gave the street address as that of the bar from which the Good Samaritan called for help.

UPDATE 1 AUGUST 2013: The Chicago Police Department issued an alert in which the address of occurrence is listed in the 1400 block of W. Roscoe, one block south of Newport. The victim sought help in an establishment at Southport and Newport.