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TUNNEY TO CONCERNED CITIZEN: "You're just one person."

Ald. Tom Tunney doesn't care what you think. "You're just one person." Image:
We've received lots of feedback via email and in the comments section from our readers who attended last night's Wrigleyville and Boystown police CAPS meeting.

The bold headline in nearly every letter was the remarkable arrogance and disrespect that Alderman Tom Tunney unleashed on citizens who expressed concern about their neighborhood.

Perhaps you would like to send your thoughts to the Alderman?

Compiled from our emails and comment sections:

The first half of that meeting was nothing but a self-congratulatory jerk-off session about how well the parade went with no major incidents. I interrupted Tunney, and ended up in a yelling match with him, and I wasn't about to let him shout me down. 
[Another man], who is the president of his condo board and a real estate agent, said the parade should be moved Downtown. Tunney said, "I got maybe four calls after the parade all about're just one person," and a lot of people gasped. That set this guy off, and he ended up blasting Tunney about the condition of the neighborhood. 
A guy sitting behind me whispered "asshole" while Tunney was going off, and when the meeting ended, I turned and said, "But he's an asshole who always runs unopposed." The guy looked at me and said, "Not this time."
The CAPS meetings are a waste of time, but you can meet people there, and my neighbor and I connected with the other guy who yelled at Tunney, and we're talking about getting the boards of area condo buildings to link together. 
In the immortal words of Howard Beal, "First you've got to get mad." Well, people, you've got to get mad. He doesn't deserve the respect.
I was appalled that it was more of Tom Tunney Hour than anything else. How DARE Tunney talk to some of his constituents the way he did! He sure seemed like a defensive guy ... 
I found the meeting to be useless. The two people who spoke and made commendable suggestions were talked down to by those facilitating the meeting, and, of course, by Tunney.
WE NEED MORE PATROL OFFICERS on Halsted and side streets. Visibility is key. What does it take to get anyone's attention? A shooting? Another apparent abduction? What?? And that damned "pride" parade needs to be renamed the "shame" parade, given what follows it on Sunday nights every year for the past three years. Too many people are sugar-coating the issue. GET THE THUGS OUT OF BOYSTOWN. Otherwise residents will be leaving for good and tourism will collapse. I really wish I could understand why a meeting like a CAPS meeting would be held, and then we only get lies, half-truths, and rude elected officials running the conversation.
And one enterprising CWB'er sent this along, inspired by the 1988 John Carpenter/"Rowdy" Roddy Piper movie They Live.  The resemblances in facial expression and message are downright eerie.


  1. About those foot patrols. I wasnt sure last night because I knew I read something somewhere.

    Tunney Lied..clear and simple. Where are these committed foot patrols then?

  2. Remember Helen Shiller? Where is she now? Tunney needs to be next.

  3. Personally, I think that there needs to be police officers posted 24/7 at the following spots:

    -One at the North entrance to the Belmont EL station
    -One posted at the South entrance to the Belmont El station
    -One posted at the North entrance to the Addison El station (and one at the back alley entrance)
    -One posted at the South entrance to the Addison El station
    -One posted at EACH CORNER of Belmont and Sheffield
    -One posted at EACH CORNER of the Belmont/Clark intersection
    -One posted at EACH CORNER of the Belmont/Halsted intersection
    -One posted at EACH CORNER of the Halsted/Waveland intersection

    This is a total of 21 officers. We would will need foot patrols up and down the side streets along Halsted.

    We also will need squadrols (paddy wagons) posted at each intersection, for rapid arresstee processing, so that the officer can return back to his "post".

    Posting officers (and paddy wagons) at the above locations would basically be securing the main gateways into the area...most criminals into or out of the area would have to pass thru these "checkpoints", and would bring a sense of security for the area, as any troublemakers can immediately be dealt with. Anyone committing robbery, or Public Disturbance, can immediately be interrupted and arrested.

    In addition, maybe the City can get help from the highway patrol, by posting cars at the entrances to Lake Shore Drive. This would help to deter trouble makers who arrive by car.

  4. I can't understand why Tunney doesn't stand up for the gay community seeing that he is also gay and knows full well the immense support we gave his restaurants over the many years. His arrogant, defensive conduct at the CAPS meeting proves he is nothing more than a City Hall hack and does not deserve any support from us. He knows exactly what is going on but chooses to ignore it along with the precinct. Why? What are they getting out of doing so? It must be something big. Do not go to any of his restaurants. His constituents must inundate all his communications with emails and calls of dissatisfaction. He does not represent the community, and it disgusts me that we pay his salary. Remember this come voting time.

  5. Actually we should go en masse to his mediocre little Belmont restaurant, order water, hang out 20-30 minutes before ordering, and then order Tom Tunney. Address the issues with him right there in his restaurant. See if he runs and hides. Or gets defensive.

    No. He will not run unopposed next time! : )

  6. "I can't understand why Tunney doesn't stand up for the gay community seeing that he is also gay..."

    He's a craven politician who makes over $100,000 a year from what is, for him, a second job. He's played the "openly gay" card very well all these years, and the gay community has to wake up to the fact that that doesn't necessarily translate to him being beneficial to gays or the neighborhood. He is a City Hall hack and always has been. Someone needs to run against him, and he needs to be voted out. From what I heard after the meeting last night, it sounds like he will be challenged.

  7. Its obvious what they get. Their jobs. Face it, if the media ever got wind of what really goes in here they'd all be out of a job. We need to be out and loud and proud at this point.

  8. Can his all and out lies, which are easily verifiable, be used to start a Recall effort ?

  9. Did anyone bring up the fact that people in car accidents in the loop were told by 911 that every on duty officer was ordered to Lakeview and that nobody could help them? Did anyone bring up the fact that all bars were shut down by the city at 2 to prevent rioting?

  10. The media knows perfectly well what happens here.
    Yesterday, Mayor Rahm and the Police Superintendent were guests on Windy City Live, bragging about how the crime rate in Chicago is way down.
    Yes, I suppose it is on the South & West sides because so many resources, cops on the streets, were pulled from areas like ours.
    Criminals aren't that stupid. They know damn well they can come up to Belmont, spend the night walking the streets, rob, fight, pepperspray, stab, prostitute, sell and do drugs, and not a god damn thing will happen to them.
    Can you imagine the poor families traveling to Chicago, all excited, arriving at the Belmont Suites Hotel. Kids are restless, mom needs a nap, dad takes the kids over to the Walgreens on Belmont and Sheffield at around 11pm, on a Saturday night? A reasonable thing to do in what's become a f@cklng s@ithole of a neighborhood.
    Oh yes! Crime is down in Chicago!
    Like hell it is! The big ones, like gun deaths yes, but those of course have to have a report made. All the stabbings & strong arm robberies? How many of these hit the books?
    The big problem here is Winter.
    That wonderful break we get, when it's too brisk for the tough thugs to come trash the North side.
    Everyone is so relieved to feel their neighborhood has returned to normal.
    And everyone forgets that it will all start up again in months.
    Worse than the year before.
    This complacency is what Tunney, and Rahm, and the Superintendent all rely on.
    Us becoming complacent.
    If we were a warm city year round this problem would have escalated to the point of nightly shootings. Then either we would have amassed together to stop the problem, or it would continue to escalate.
    It is vital to keep communicating with one another all through the calm Winter, and continue to badger the idiots in charge.
    The media needs to be forced to report the violent North Side crime, and interview Tunney and the rest of the do-nothings.
    Please, any media savvy readers, post contacts and numbers to call so we can barrage the networks, bringing attention to the dangers of living and partying on the North Side.

  11. Print out posters with guidelines on being safe: including leaving the bars before it gets late. post them everywhere.

  12. < I can't understand why Tunney doesn't stand up for the gay community seeing that he is also gay and knows full well the immense support we gave his restaurants over the many years. >

    Sometimes it takes a tourist to come up with different analysis findings. I was reading Frommer's Chicago 2010 last night and the light bulb went on. To answer your question, in two words: Narcissism, Stupidity.

    City Suites Hotel gets room service from Ann Sather's. So if tourists get word of this, a guaranteed revenue stream down to his restaurant goes bye-bye. He of course, being a naciccist, does not care if these hotel guests coming back from the competition, such as Nookies Tree or Giordanno's, get their throats slit on the way.back. However, they will never again return to Chicago or any Ann Sather's branch. That's where "stupidity" kicks in.

    It will be a long time before any of this makes to the authors of these guide books, and most of this will never be printed.

    P.S.: I went to an Ann Sathers in 2001. I think it was someplace along North Broadway near the Hawthorne Terrace. Not impressed.

    No participant on this chat board should ever patronize any Ann Sathers, even if they like the food !

  13. "Did anyone bring up the fact that all bars were shut down by the city at 2 to prevent rioting?"

    I did bring it up when I was yelling at Tunney. There was someone there from one of the bars, I think it might have been Roscoe's. I brought up the bar closings, and asked him if that was true, and he said it was. I asked him if the bars were closed, not because the customers were unruly, but because the police wanted the patrons and employees to leave the area because the situation on the street had grown too dangerous, and again, he said that, yes, that was the case. So I did bring it up, and it was verified by someone there representing one of the bars.

  14. Many thanks to all of our readers and those who are getting involved in the conversation.

    On this end, we can assure you that CWB is in this for the long haul. There are five people behind this blog and every one of us has either been the victim of a violent crime or has had our partner victimized in Wrigleyville or Boystown. We're not going any where.

  15. Crime In Boystown said...
    Many thanks to all of our readers and those who are getting involved in the conversation.

    YES. This resource and reporting is some of the best of its type I've ever seen, anywhere in the US. Readers, PLEASE encourage your friends, co-workers, et al, who are involved with Boystown in any manner, to regularly read this blog and associated reports on This is now my "morning first read" web site. Bye bye, Facebook! Thanks so much, CWB staff, for giving the community this valuable resource!

  16. Tom Tunney will be be known as the politician who destroyed Chicago's historical gay neighborhood.

  17. Just for the record.....I saw him last winter trying to hail a cab going eastbound on Belmont while standing on the westbound side of the street. Either he thinks U-turns at Halstead/Belmont intersection is OK, he's special, or has a substance problem. This is your 'leader'.

  18. tunny is such a dick.

  19. "U" turn for cabs are OK if you are Prince Tom.

    I think I hit the nail on the head with the tourist-Hotel/Ann Sathers connection. Below is Trip Advisors about the Best Western where many guests boast of the Ann Sather's across the street. These people must be from where the food sucks.

    They know nothing of the May 31 room invasion.

    Many also like it because of proximity to Wrigley Park, Addison "L" station, and Boystown. Ignorance is bliss, especially on those spooky side streets. I wish them and future guests well, though will never be one of them.

  20. If any of our wonderful readers might ever decide to post any comments about the crime plague occurring in our community on Trip Advisor or any Wrigleyville restaurant review blog, I think this just might get the ball rolling with Tunney. I have sent Channels 2, 5, 7 and 9 links to "Crime in Wrigleyville & Boystown" and have not seen any of them pick upon it as they should. They're all too willing to show dogs dressed up for the 4th of July, but anything to do with us? Not!

  21. to the publishers of this blog, thank you. the neighborhood needs this information and no one else is getting it out there -- you're doing a great job!

  22. EVERYONE: Go to Trip Advisor and write a review of Ann Sather and the neighborhood!

  23. Didn't Tunney recently blow off the thug teenapers by dismissing it as "boys will be boys" - or something to that effect? Mind boggling, he is, I say!

  24. Thank you. It sounds mean, but is tough love.
    Be careful to complement the establishment, but give pointers on specifics on where and when one should not go, and give alternatives such as further south within Lincoln Park, Andersonville, or even Evanston. Not everyone who stays at BW is gay.

    Al Sharpton is hanging out on the South Side this summer. Rachel Maddow is gay. Both work for MSNBC.

    As for CNN, both Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon are gay. Don Lemon was not treated well earlier in his career by a local TV station, so may not be so willing to be Chicago's PR department like the rest of the talking heads in doing some investigative reporting.

  25. Anonymous said...
    to the publishers of this blog, thank you. the neighborhood needs this information and no one else is getting it out there -- you're doing a great job!

    Thank you so much for your support, your readership, and your participation.

    We are committed to getting the word out consistently, accurately, and in a timely manner.

    Your participation in the comments and and in the community will push all of us toward our common goal to make Wrigleyville and Boystown safe again for everyone, around the clock.

  26. Just make sure the Trip Advisor reviews are scathing!!!

  27. Of Ann Sathers yes of course, slam them, but we should not demean the quality of the hotels and other restaurants, or for that matter, Steamworks - just say they are in dangerous areas, its patrons should not go out after dark, and to plan accordingly.

  28. Let's set this clear once and for all: The aldermanic system was established back in the XIXth century at a time when there were no telephones and websites. Flash forward a hundred and fifty years and there is nothing an alderman can do for local constituents that cannot be achieved by going to City Hall directly through 311, the City webpage or other means. If anything, the number of aldermen should be cut by half, and eventually face them off. What a shame to cut education funds when so much money could be saved be reducing the number of aldermen from 50 to 25 or 0.

  29. There should always be a city council for checks and balances. In NYC, they do not always rubber stamp Bloomberg. Its leader is now running for mayor and will likely win in November.

    Chicago now has a stupid, carpet-bagging mayor on an ego trip that should not be granted divine powers. HE is the one who cut the 19th pct down by 22% last year in light of the increased crime from 2011 to 2012.

  30. In my opinion, Ann Sather's has never been all that spectacular. I have always found the food rather bland and the cinnamon rolls overrated. Cinnabon always fared much better in my opinion.

    Trip Advisor needs to know exactly what is going on. Go on their website, and tell them about your experiences at this restaurant along with other dining establishments in Wrigleyville and in Boystown.

    This will be the way in the door to mention how crime-ridden the area has become and how it is making it unsafe to visit these establishments after dark.

    This just might be the gut punch Tunney needs: when business slacks off dramatically, and word gets out nationally what is going on here, I doubt he could say "You're just one person" any longer.

    Look, we love our community; we love our businesses, bars and shops. And we are NOT going to allow these despicable, petty low-lifes come in and wreck havoc any longer. Nor will we allow a City Hall hack like Tunney control the fate of Boystown. This is OUR home, and no lousy politician or gangbangers out to score will take it away from us!

  31. Why do I keep thinking this blog is so in the spirit of what we celebrate the 4th of July?

  32. Anonymous said...
    Why do I keep thinking this blog is so in the spirit of what we celebrate the 4th of July?
    That may be the highest compliment we could receive. Thank you, A!

  33. This staggers my mind - to hear than an elected official said "You're just one person."

    Guess what, Tommie ... YOU'RE just ONE person, too!

  34. During the Wednesday CAPS meeting, there was a not-so-subtle subtext from some questioning if the Pride Parade has become too large and raucous for North Side neighborhoods to handle. One person commented, "What's going to be the tipping point? Will we be here in five years talking about 1.5 million?"

    I'm going to make a big guess here that half the people who now attend Pride are straight college students who throng the area in search of beer and liquor. I witnessed at least three sidewalk stands outside bars selling alcoholic beverages and Jello shots without requiring ID (Friar Tuck on Broadway, allegedly this would be you). It's obvious the parade has turned into Mardi Gras for most of the revelers.

    Now that Chicago's traditionally gay East Lakeview and Lake View neighborhoods have changed demographically with more heterosexual couples and their families, is it time to relocate the Pride Parade downtown much like San Francisco did when they chose to have their parade route along Market Street, far from the Castro? The LGBT community is everywhere and visible: Andersonville, Edgewater, Uptown, the Loop, Streeterville. Granted, it's important to celebrate the area where gay heritage started in Chicago, but should the Parade have a more prominent venue now?

    My own view is that by getting it away from easy proximity to bars, having the parade downtown would refocus the event back to its original mission of equality, visibility, diversity and acceptance rather that the drunk and thug fest it has become.

  35. Your next challenge is Market Days in August. Time will tell if that should come to and end too.

  36. Brilliant idea, Robert! I wonder what Tempestuous Tunney thinks about that? Now, we just have to concentrate on dealing with the "thug fest" Boystown is presently.

  37. I'm aware my comment does not pertain to the Wrigleyville/Boystown area, but I figured I'd post it. Be careful going to North ave definitely won't see it on the local news. Rahm has total control over "the message." Anyway, gangbangers galore down there harassing,robbing,mugging, throwing fireworks at people. Applepickers are back on Mich. ave too.

    1. The message is controlled by the media and even Greg Hinz has become a sycophant for Emanuel.

  38. Guys and gals -- we have to get the word out about the 'Secrets of Lakeview' & why the police and the alderman are in bed together to keep the lid on this shut.

    This morning, I have written to the Suntimes, a Tribune reporter and busted Ann Sather (for location of 'shady area of town) and Friar Tucks (underage drinking - either not knowing liquor is being sold outside their door or they selling it directly - personally don't think they'd be that stupid)

  39. Robert, yes moving the parade downtown was brought up by several people, myself included. Tunney talked out both sides of his usual. When he said something about "Our neighborhood event drew one million people..." I told him "If a million people are showing up, it's not a neighborhood event anymore." As far as the crowd being made up of straight college students, I think a large number were younger than collage age. It's attracting a very young crowd that knows they can come up, get drunk and act like trash. There was an army of drunk, white, straight teenage girls in rainbow tutus out there.

    It does need to be moved downtown where more order could be maintained...but if it were to move, I'll bet attendance would instantly drop by half. Much of the crow Sunday wasn't there out of any interest in gay pride, and if the parade were to move to a more orderly location there would be no reason for them to come.

  40. OK ...trashing Tunney's restaurant and the quality (or lack thereof) of the food there should not be out focus here. Besides, TripAdvisor, et al, will screen heavily any sudden increase in negative (or positive) reviews of any business or enterprise. That's not really something that will help the cause all that much, in my opinion. What we DO need to do is to plaster our neighborhood's crime news all over the web, contact news media outlets (shocking that Red Eye and other local publications haven't really touched the ongoing issues too heavily just yet), and if you have contacts, or know someone, or know someone who KNOWS someone in upper level media, write them about all of this. I keep hearing reports that someone, either on this forum or or The Patch has a direct pipeline to Anderson Cooper. Would he do a piece on our problems? I don't know. Maybe, maybe not. But we'll never know unless we TELL HIM what is going on.

    What we CANNOT do is sit back and wait for cooler weather (when crime in this area tends to slacken off), or let the debates about Pride parade locations die off, or just let things slide. The momentum is here now, for the first time ever, really, to DO something about the problems. A good first step is to tell ALL of your friends and associates who come to Boystown (and even those who don't) about what is going on. Remember, mainstream media hasn't touched the issues, and thus far the knowledge is limited. How many people read the CWB blog daily (or ever?) My guess is, a small number indeed. SPREAD THE WORD. Make up stickies, post them everywhere, reference the web/blog on other forums, including travel forums and, hell, even Craigslist. Remember a few years back when someone came up with the "Gay Money" rubber stamp to apply to the backs of dollar bills? What if someone had stamps with the CWB website? (Granted, defacing money may or may not be illegal ... I'm not sure ... but it's an idea anyway.)

    Continue to attend CAPS meetings. MAKE them productive. HOLD officials accountable. DO NOT ALLOW another Tom Tunney Comedy Hour to occur!! And lastly, in the long-term, let's identify a viable and worthy person or persons in the Boystown community whom we can support to SUCCESSFULLY RUN AGAINST TUNNEY in the next election cycle.

  41. Trip Advisor is important. It informs potential visitors of not only dining, hotel and other venues but also gives them a feel for the surrounding areas. It is necessary to alert those interested in exploring Wrigleyville and Boystown of the problems in the neighborhood. It is also important to flood the media with every piece of information we have regarding the crimes here.

  42. < TripAdvisor...will screen heavily any sudden increase in of any business >

    Which is why I emphasized to not slam the business per see, but that they now lie in a dangerous area, and one should not be out after dark or until AM rush hour.

    Most hotel managers read and respond to these on a daily basis, so write it up very accurately and professionally. As recently as July 5th, guests boast of proximity to the L, so must have been very lucky not to be attacked for the convenience, and evidently have no knowledge of the dangerous are they are in in getting to the gym, etc.

  43. Yes, it is important to review on Trip Advisor honestly. And I honestly believe Ann Sather is a lousy restaurant.

  44. I'm so sick of this takeover of our neighborhood night after night.I'm sick of hearing people being robbed and attacked.
    Can we please organize!!!!Everyone is fed up!!!! Can we go door to door with a petition.Move the parade downtown and increase police foot patrols. I live on Roscoe and know all of my neighbors would gladly sign. Maybe if we get a few thousand signatures Tunney can't say "you're just one person".

  45. People "WAKE UP" We are losing our beautiful neighborhood! We can't let these thugs run rampant anymore. We must demand action. We must band together and take back our streets. We need our own neighborhood meeting NOW, not next month.Pass the word! Get OFF YOUR ASS and be proactive for once in your life.
    "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,commited citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
    -Margaret Mead-

  46. Start petitioning to close the bars down at 2AM to get their attention.

  47. Don't forget, James Cappleman constantly calling 911 for doings in uptown. Neither alderman had anything bad to sat when the 2 districts merged. Thereby stripping the entire "new" district of man power. In the past year and a half since merge, there have been 0, ZERO vacancies for officers to bid in. Now, take the amount who transferred out, were promoted and retired in past 18 months, and you have your answer to where's the help

  48. when is the next election for the new mayor?