Thursday, July 04, 2013

TUNNEY TO CONCERNED CITIZEN: "You're just one person."

Ald. Tom Tunney doesn't care what you think. "You're just one person." Image:
We've received lots of feedback via email and in the comments section from our readers who attended last night's Wrigleyville and Boystown police CAPS meeting.

The bold headline in nearly every letter was the remarkable arrogance and disrespect that Alderman Tom Tunney unleashed on citizens who expressed concern about their neighborhood.

Perhaps you would like to send your thoughts to the Alderman?

Compiled from our emails and comment sections:

The first half of that meeting was nothing but a self-congratulatory jerk-off session about how well the parade went with no major incidents. I interrupted Tunney, and ended up in a yelling match with him, and I wasn't about to let him shout me down. 
[Another man], who is the president of his condo board and a real estate agent, said the parade should be moved Downtown. Tunney said, "I got maybe four calls after the parade all about're just one person," and a lot of people gasped. That set this guy off, and he ended up blasting Tunney about the condition of the neighborhood. 
A guy sitting behind me whispered "asshole" while Tunney was going off, and when the meeting ended, I turned and said, "But he's an asshole who always runs unopposed." The guy looked at me and said, "Not this time."
The CAPS meetings are a waste of time, but you can meet people there, and my neighbor and I connected with the other guy who yelled at Tunney, and we're talking about getting the boards of area condo buildings to link together. 
In the immortal words of Howard Beal, "First you've got to get mad." Well, people, you've got to get mad. He doesn't deserve the respect.
I was appalled that it was more of Tom Tunney Hour than anything else. How DARE Tunney talk to some of his constituents the way he did! He sure seemed like a defensive guy ... 
I found the meeting to be useless. The two people who spoke and made commendable suggestions were talked down to by those facilitating the meeting, and, of course, by Tunney.
WE NEED MORE PATROL OFFICERS on Halsted and side streets. Visibility is key. What does it take to get anyone's attention? A shooting? Another apparent abduction? What?? And that damned "pride" parade needs to be renamed the "shame" parade, given what follows it on Sunday nights every year for the past three years. Too many people are sugar-coating the issue. GET THE THUGS OUT OF BOYSTOWN. Otherwise residents will be leaving for good and tourism will collapse. I really wish I could understand why a meeting like a CAPS meeting would be held, and then we only get lies, half-truths, and rude elected officials running the conversation.
And one enterprising CWB'er sent this along, inspired by the 1988 John Carpenter/"Rowdy" Roddy Piper movie They Live.  The resemblances in facial expression and message are downright eerie.