Monday, July 22, 2013

SUCCESS: SWAT Team Ends Dramatic Standoff Near 19th District Police Station

Chicago police vehicles line Addison Street just west of the 19th district police station tonight. The aerial basket of a Chicago Fire Department truck can be seen extended in the distance.  Image courtesy of a CWB reader.

UPDATE 23 JULY 2013 3:51PM: Fox Chicago carries the story this afternoon.
UPDATE 23 JULY 2013 7:51AM: reports this morning that the incident originated as a stolen vehicle matter. CWB's final report from last night follows.

A Chicago police SWAT team has ended an hours-long standoff with a man who bailed out of a car being pursued by police officers. The man climbed to the top of a vintage apartment building directly across from the 19th district police station parking garage on Addison Street and threatened to jump. 

Twitter user Pioneer_JPB has a self-admitted "extremely low-quality" pic of two SWAT team members entering the front of the apartment building.

CWB has received conflicting reports about the reason police were pursuing the man. Multiple readers who were at the scene have reported via email that the man was being pursued for stealing a car. Two other readers have told us that a federal law enforcement issue may be involved (one of these readers cited police radio traffic that they say mentioned the FBI). 
An unmarked Chicago police car blocks eastbound traffic on Addison Street at Sheffield this evening as a large contingent of police and the Chicago Fire Department's Squad 1 work in the distance. Image courtesy of a CWB reader.


  1. Congratulation crimeinboystown, your voice if being heard big time!

  2. Anonymous said...
    Congratulation crimeinboystown, your voice if being heard big time!
    Thank YOU, Anonymous! It's our readers who have spread the word and are getting involved.

    Of course, thanks to DNAinfo as well. We appreciate their decision to run this story prominently.

  3. Hi this is "anonymous" again. I stand all the way behing you. There is no reason why we should grow so complacent about crime only because it has been so common for so many years that it becomes invisible so to speak. Keep up the good work... now if only the networks and major local media would pick up the dnainfor story...

  4. I hope Tom Tunney's reputation wasn't injured during the extraction.