Sunday, July 21, 2013

SHOWBIZ: The Devil In The "Details"

There was an "entertainment detail" assigned to protect Halsted and Belmont last night. We haven't had one of those in a few weeks. The Clark Street area was protected until well past midnight by a standard police "Cubs detail" that was in place for Wrigley Field's Kelly Clarkson concert.

Are you ready for the big reveal?

The Halsted and Belmont "entertainment detail" consisted of one patrol car, which just happened to be the beat car that normally patrols Halsted and Belmont anyway.

We're reminded of what Alderman Tom Tunney himself said in 2011 about what an "entertainment detail" is supposed to be:
It is unrealistic to expect beat officers to cover areas where there are high concentrations of entertainment and hospitality venues.  That is why I have proposed an "entertainment detail" be formed to assist the beat officers.
Can't you just hear the strategy session that developed the "entertainment detail" plan?
Tunney: I promised that I'd create a detail to help car 1924 cover the entertainment areas.
Commander: OK. We'll assign car 1924 to do that.
Tunney: Perfect.
Remember, this "entertainment detail" plan came from the same people who decided that the best way to attack a robbery problem is to crack down on public urination.  They are also the people who determined that the best way to counter violent outside elements that come to the area after the Gay Pride parade is to make sure that completely different people don't drink six hours earlier.

We find it very difficult to believe that over the past 2 years, three commanders have rotated through the Town Hall executive office and all three seemed to bring the same harebrained problem solving skills to bear on our growing violent crime problem. There must be something else influencing their decisions. What Who do you think that may be, Tom?

Safety tip: Never go on a cross-country road trip with Tunney or a 19th district police commander. If you get a flat, they'll insist on fixing it by changing the battery.

Okay, we will concede that since car 1924 was assigned to its one-car "detail," its officers were not required to handle  run of the mill calls that came in from elsewhere on their beat. Those calls were handled by officers from other beats. 1924 was also told to concentrate its patrols on the Belmont and Halsted corridors.

After 4 o'clock this morning, the one beat car "entertainment detail" was taken off of the detail and reassigned to work as the one patrol car "robbery mission" at Belmont and Sheffield. Almost immediately upon arrival, they were flagged down by a citizen at 1012 W. Belmont, where they executed a non-robbery arrest and went into the station to do paperwork. End robbery mission.

It was interesting to read that July 2011 press release from Tom again. We had forgotten that he said that he would personally oversee the area's late night police coverage:
I have requested that the [now merged] 19th and 23rd districts provide me with up to date information on exactly how many officers are on the street from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am every day of the week.
If the number of officers appears to be insufficient, I will ask the command staff of the Chicago Police District to do anything possible to get more officers on the street during the later hours.
P.S.-The 19th district ran out of cars at 2:36AM today, but a car became available within a few minutes and no major crimes went unassigned. So, we won't add that event to our list of times the district ran out of manpower.

We had a real flashback moment during the downtime, though. The 19th district's Watch Commander told dispatch that if a citizen who called 911 because they had been spit on wants to file a report, they should walk to the police station.  At least he didn't tell that to a robbery victim this time.


  1. Emanuel has a personal vendetta against alderman Fioretti because he asked for more police. Emanuel would rather spend city budget dollars on bikes, river walks, and privatization scams to raise more campaign cash. He has got to go.

  2. We need to start putting up signs and flyers that police are 45 minutes away when you dial 911 for a robbery.

  3. Tunny is in the back pocket of the Mayor and Police Supt who both say " Do more with less officers". Let's ask the mayor how that 50 million dollar park for Maggie Daley is going.

  4. Just watched MSNBC "The Ed show", a liberal, yet he did a slam job on Rahm Emanuel on school closings. He also mentioned that Chicago is one of the most dangerous cities in America, and with 50 the public school closings to allegedly build prisons, 3,000 teacher layoffs, will not invest in neighborhoods, but had $55 Million for Depaul U to build a stadium. That, in addition to $50 Million for Beach Wifi, yet slashed CPD headcount.

    Who in their right mind, especially a family with kids, would move into Chicago to become future tax base ? This Limo Liberal who has no clue as to what he is doing as he turns Chicago into Detroit. Wall Street Investors are too short-sighted and stupid to see it. Since Chicago will never hold their nose and vote for a Republican, this guy needs to be primaried out pronto.

    WHAT THIS MEANS is that even to liberal MSNBC, Rahm is NOT off limits. Rachel Maddow could be an effective line of attack in tearing down Rahm for his De-genrtification policies of the North Side.

  5. What I want everyone to start realizing is that Rahm is for smaller government... He cut the jobs of 2100 teachers this week. He also has lowered the number of officers on the street by 3000 and lowered the number of firefighters.

    Now some would say he is a fiscal conservative but you would be wrong. He is cutting the jobs that effect public safety and education. He has not cut the size of his staff or most importantly suggested and gone after cutting the bloated size of aldermen in the area. He has cut the number of teachers to teach your children, the number of police to keep you safe, the number of firemen to put out your fire and respond to medical emergencies. The roads are horrific, infrastructure is breaking down yet the elite politicians are safe?

  6. Ask Tunney how many officers are assigned to the mayor, the mayor's home, the mayor's family, etc. Throw in Burke and the former mayor too while you are at it.

    Ask Tunney how many officers were assigned to 19 & 23 prior to the merge compared to today.

    Keep in mind that Boystown is only one problem area for crime but your district's officers cover a large geographical area which covers Uptown, Lincoln Square, the lakefront, etc.

    Pressure needs to put on the mayor. It's time for the City to stop determining manpower based on murders and shootings. Boystown
    (1924) is consistently one of the top 10 beats for robberies throughout the City.

  7. Yeah, these politicians promise the world when running but are only out for their ill-gotten gains once elected. Tunney really showed his true colors this time around. Amazing how the mayor and Tunney are only concentrating on big ticket items like Wrigley Field and the Maggie Daley park.

    There is an obscene amount of money involved in just these two projects alone. It's funny how so much cash is available when they want it for their own benefits. But give it to where it is really needed? Sorry...we have a cash-strapped budget and have to make due with what we have! Bullshit!

    Private investors with their rich heads up their asses only want their names on projects where they benefit.

    The violence infesting us is beginning to spiral out of control and hit other wards. Let's see Tommy's reaction when bad publicity eventually confronts this issue. He can lie for just so long before the shit really hits the fan.

  8. Rahm is a stereotypical Wall Streeter - shortsighted, aloof CEO, who would be at home with CNBC's rambling idiots with no use for Commoners. The fact that he is a Democrat doesn't matter. He is no Michael Bloomberg nor Warren Buffet.

    Rahm views his tax base as university sports stadium deals, but not improving the Rogers Park where it resides, and getting companies to relocate to the Loop, but no interest in residential re-gentrification for its employees to live.

    GM's HQ is still in downtown Detroit, but few of its employees live there. Detroit is Chicago's future.

    Areas of Brooklyn, NY that were uninhabitable 30 years ago are now high end, and reposonsible NYC's financial comeback. Rahm does not understand the concept and does not care. Guliani did and so does Billionaire Bloomberg, who also dismantled and reformed his Board of Ed without impacting classrooms.

  9. Anonymous wrote...

    Ask Tunney how many officers are assigned to the mayor, the mayor's home, the mayor's family, etc. Throw in Burke and the former mayor too while you are at it.

    You are correct, Anonymous. Officers who are assigned to protect the public in the 19th district are routinely taken out of circulation to sit at the mayor's home.

    Our officers are also regularly called into action by the mayor's security detail to chase down "suspicious" activity like a bicyclist riding down the public alley behind Rahm's house.

    Try getting a unit to respond to a call like that at your house.

    Thank you for being a part of CWB, Anonymous. We appreciate your readership and conversation.

    Be safe and be well.

  10. Simple math. You need more people paying taxes than people using up taxes.

  11. Let's all ask Tunney these questions at the next [useless] CAPS meeting. And let's be assertive. Not rude, not impolite ... just assertive. Demand accountability. Even if his neck vein bulges and he turns red and starts to cry, don't let it sway any of us. Just keep repeating the question, professionally, quietly, politely. Make TUNNEY be the one to become "just one person." And wear those buttons and stickers and tshirts that say "Just One Person." He must never forget those famous words for which he will forever be known.

  12. As per usual, there's a lot of threats and venom and scorn being tossed around here by CWB commenters-- and not much else.

    Regardless, even though I don't live in Wrigleyville/Boystown hood, I appreciate that this blog site is reporting on the late night time crimes being committed there.

  13. Hi billyjoe,

    Our mindset here is that the first step in the process is to inform the public about what is happening and how they are being misled.

    An educated public is able to knowledgeably stand up to a fabricating official.

    Thank you for your readership and compliments. We appreciate both.

    Be safe and be well.

    The next steps will be up to them.

  14. The "venom and scorn" is to inform others onto the many facts as to what is going on besides simply a punch list of robberies last night in Boystown, so they can respond on other platforms besides CAPS meetings.

    We have learned for example, the 19th pct lock-up is closed, while schools are closed allegedly to build jails and to build Depaul a stadium in another high-crime neighborhood, and we laid off cops so we can have Wifi on the Beach. Hollywood Beach's eye candy is of much less use if we get attacked at the Belmont "L" Station getting there.

    As was made clear over the weekend on MSNBC's "The Ed Show", it is not only open season to tear the Plutocrat Rahm apart, but it is politically acceptable for other unabashed liberals to do so, and to do it on a national arena. The fact that Rambo once worked for Obama and kept McCaIn from being President is no longer of any relevance.


  15. Thank you for calling the Chicago EMOC 9-1-1 call center. At the present time all of our officers are busy.

    Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line and your call will be answered in the order in which it was received. Your estimated wait time is 47 minutes....♫ ♪ ♫ ♫ ♪

    Field Marshall McCarthy: "..and if we concentrate on the smaller crimes, we can prevent them from turning into larger violent crimes...see that is what you call Broken Windows crime fighting. We're not going to tolerate public urination. That sends a strong message to the mobs pepper spraying people in the face or sticking a hand gun up their nose to rob them..."

    19 District CPD dispatcher" ...I have a Battery in progress 19 minutes old, another battery in progress 15 minutes old. An assault and a domestic 15 minutes old. Oh and a women being beat with a beer bottle 10 minutes old. Jobs pending in ...."



  16. If the mayor can close fifty public schools because the cities population is in decline surely we no longer need 50 aldermen with all there associated overhead, offices, do-nothing clout jobs for relatives and friends.

    These bobble heads just nod in agreement rubber stamping anything the mayor says anyway.

    This is the 21st century. Why do we need any aldermen to represent us? Surely the people themselves could vote on issues electronically.

    It's time. It's past time that these family business politicians be broken up handing down control from father to son to daughter. Calling up friends on one public board to demand hiring and raises for no reason of their relation. How is that in the public best interest.

    We are headed down the same path as Detroit. They should declare Detroit a sister city so many of our problems are the same. The political clout. The corruption.

    There are two sets of laws in this town. One for the people with seven figure bank accounts and the other for the rest of us.

    Try just sitting quietly in a city park past curfew and you will be written up and hauled off so fast it will make your head spin. The law is the law you're told.

    Then bring in a Hollywood type and let them bust the law on a whim and sell it as being okay because some unknown group somewhere said it was okay.

    Who empowered this group to speak on behalf of the entire community?

    That's not a democracy. The Lakeview whatever it's called that okay'd Perl Jam playing past 2am..well when was the election held for those people making that decision?

    I'm reminded of little children when they ask one parent for candy and they say no. The child goes to the other parent and then to the grandparents and then you're like WTF, where'd you get that candy from? The child responds grandma said I could.... That's your Wrigley Field management going around in a search for approval so that they can play victim later if things go wrong.

  17. Who empowered this group to speak on behalf of the entire community?

    That's not a democracy. The Lakeview whatever it's called that okay'd Perl Jam playing past 2am..well when was the election held for those people making that decision?
    Why should the community suffer for the benefit of a few? Why should the Chicago Cubs be allowed to take Chicago property (sidewalks on Waveland and Sheffield and the airspace over Clark Street) without US being compensated. Where is OUR voice? Our community is being destroyed on two fronts. And when we voice our displeasure, the common response always falls along the lines of: "Move. You knew what you were getting into by moving into this neighborhood."

    So, I guess my question is: How do we effect change? What can we do? Can we organize all the restaurants and bars to close for a night in protest (Don't mess with Tiny Dancers money—It's all he cares about)?


  18. On the busy weekends the guys in plainclothes, the tactical people, are given about a 2 square block to patrol and they are not to leave those areas even if a robbery happens 1/2 block away. Shouldn't experienced police officers police the way they were trained? No matter, just remember the mantra of the city and the police: crime is down.

  19. How about cutting the number of Aldermen by half!!!!. NY has a population of 8 million and has 50 aldermen,Chicago has a population of 2.7 million with the same amount of aldermen. L.A. has 15 aldermen with a population of 3.8 million. Chicago could save enough money to hire police officers and return to the 13,500 officers that they are budgeted for. Perhaps they could finally take back the city from the thugs!

  20. I think NYC has more like 8.6 million, about triple Chicago's. The number of murders are about even, which means Chicago has triple the murder rate.As bad as Gary is, Indianapolis has a higher murder rate. It seems to be acceptable in the midwest. No wonder what goes in the North Side is relegated to mere trivia.

  21. < How about cutting the number of Aldermen by half!!!!. NY has a population of 8 million and has 50 aldermen,Chicago has a population of 2.7 million with the same amount of aldermen. >

    In your comparisons with NYC, you are not looking at the complete picture, nor doing the math:

    - Getting rid of half the Alderman and staff (25+) will not pay for 3,000 cops.

    - NYC has 50 City Council members (the term "Alderman" does not exist there), but NYC is divided into 5 Boros, and have Boro Government and Boro President.

    - NYC's Boro's are also recognized as Counties in NY State, and the Boro and County do not always have the same name, for example Boro of Brooklyn = Kings County.

    - Chicago has no Boros and is merely a City within a larger County.

    So Chicago's problems do not stem from too many Alderman, but that its constituency rubber stamps them in every election, just as it accuses its Alderman of rubber-stamping its Mayor. IOW, it got the government it deserved. (Sorry).

    Therefore you should not want a smaller Legislative body, especially with a Mayor who is this incompetent and this arrogant.

    Perhaps if Chicago divided itself into 4 boros: South, West, Loop, and North, it would make it more difficult for its jerk mayor to cannibalize precincts to shift to the south side, which would leave him no choice but to call in the national guard, and give him little opportunity to lie that "crime is down".