Friday, July 05, 2013

PRIDE PHOTOS: Belmont & Sheffield "After Party"

Our trusty carrier pigeon arrived this morning with some pictures that show the conditions at Belmont and Sheffield early Monday morning, long after Sunday's Gay Pride Parade had concluded. Time codes embedded in the photos align perfectly with our report at 1:09AM of a "big fight at Belmont and Sheffield."

About 30 minutes later, a mob fight broke out in the street at Halsted Street and Aldine Avenue. That was the straw that broke the camel's back, prompting the Chicago Police Department to force bars with 4 o'clock licenses to close by 2AM in order to prevent "potential rioting."

Big thanks to our carrier pigeon. There will be some extra seed in your cage today.

Picture #1 shows the area at 12:14AM on Monday, July 1. Chicago Police Department records indicate that a victim was robbed at this intersection minutes before this photo was taken. 

Belmont remained clogged with loiterers and the occasional bottle thrower for another hour. The pic below was taken at 1:09AM. It shows the first police units arriving in response to the "big fight" call.

Pic #3 (below), taken at 1:11AM shows the crowd dispersing. Members of a Chicago Police Department SWAT unit can be seen standing in the street near Bank of America. 

The happy news story is that police responded quickly to the 911 call.

The real story is that the situation should not have been allowed to brew for more than 7 hours. 


  1. No offense but "it shouldn't have been allowed to brew" since 2009. We're talking years now, now hours.

  2. i live at this intersection.....and the crowds kept swelling up and blocking traffic.....they were dancing in the street and egging cars on that were trying to get by ....the cops would drive by and tell them too move on ...and a few times the cops would show up in force and make them move on ....and only 15 minutes later the kids would loop back and be on the corner in full force...that happened at least 2 times...i must have sat on my balcony watching this mess for 3 hours..i wont even start on the crap i saw in the alley way across from my place

  3. Hmmm. The 'parade crowd' was to blame? The lesbians from Andersoville were already tucked in for the night. The straight shirtless loud guys were already at home with their girlfriends trying to wipe of the magic marker penis they drew on themselves. The boys with spray on glitter were already home puking. Nope, this is not the parade crowd.

  4. To the resident who lives at this sh*tshow corner....please take pictures of what you see and send them here and to Tunney and to the news. The media won't report on this for fear of this being labelled racist or whatnot. I don't care what color those kids are, there is no reason for them to be standing around on a street corner on a Sunday night until 3:00 am. It would have been nice for the police to use my tax money and throw tear gas at these folks who stand around and loiter and don't patronise any business on the street and simply cause trouble. The cta stop should also not be open 24 hours, either.

  5. It's worth noting that Ald. Tunney, U.S. Rep. Mike Quigley, and State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz moved into a shared office less than half a block from all of this last Friday. They are now based out of 3223 N. Sheffield.

  6. Since CTA get rid of the Sheffield bus decades ago, they have no choice but to walk under the Belmont L station.

    Wait 'til one of their staff gets their life threatened. Sooner or later it will happen, though less likely since they likely all cut out during PM rush hour, and see no evil/hear no evil, though Prince Thom must walk over to check on Ann $athers.