Monday, July 01, 2013

PRIDE NIGHT: Crime Wrap Up

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy waves to the crowd at Sunday's Gay Pride Parade. McCarthy should have stuck around after the parade. His troops needed all of the help they could get. (Image: Chicago Tribune)

What have you done today to make you feel proud?
-Heather Small

Two women were robbed at knifepoint near Halsted and Barry overnight. The suspect, described as male, black, wearing red shoes, fled the scene in a white and blue Caprice Classic. Case#HW342726.  This was the second robbery of the night. The offenders in the first attack were arrested thanks to quick police action.

A car hit a pedestrian in the 3000 block of N. Halsted at 4:20PM. About an hour later, another pedestrian was hit by a car in the 600 block of W. Buckingham.

A little after 5PM, American Apparel at 929 W. Belmont reported that three teenage black female offenders took merchandise and fled eastbound on Belmont. One had hair extensions and a rainbow hat. Another had a red crop top.

Three minutes after the American Apparel theft, CVS Pharmacy security was reportedly wrestling with a shoplifter inside the store at Clark and Halsted/Barry. The perpetrator was gone when police arrived.

A violent crowd damaged a police vehicle at Addison and Halsted shortly after 6pm.

Security detained two shoplifters who tried to steal booze from 1000 Liquors at Sheffield and Belmont.

Witnesses reported a man kicking the windows of businesses on Broadway at Wellington. A passing officer saw the same man bleeding after he broke out three car windshields in the parking lot at 3012 N. Broadway. The offender, who was described as male, white, 6' tall, with a beard, baseball hat, jean shorts, and no shirt, was taken to a hospital for treatment. Case #HW342419

The L and L tavern at Belmont and Clark called 911 around 9 o'clock after 3 black women who left the bar returned with a group of friends and threatened to beat the manager.

A man in the 3500 block of N. Halsted reported that a white male, about 26 years old, wearing a silver Speedo walked into his apartment and tried to sexually assault him at 3:15PM. Case #HW342615.

Several witnesses reported about six people breaking into the shuttered Abbott Hotel, 721 W. Belmont, at 1:40AM.

Aaaand, finally, a white male in a plaid shirt stole a bike at Sheffield and Grace shortly after 3 o'clock this morning. He was last seen peddling northbound on Sheffield. No arrest.

More Pride Sunday crime reports are posted in our earlier report.


  1. Did the sewer overflow? It smells like a septic tank outside.

  2. The crowd taking root at Belmont had nothing to do with pride and it was clear they were itching for violence and mayhem.
    It's gone so far beyond the Center on Halsted luring them, but what can we do to chase them away without being called racists?

  3. You can start by attending the CAPS meeting Wednesday, Jul 3 at 7pm at the police station (Addison/Halsted)...and point out this to the police/alderman -- as they will most likely see this as a "revelation" ;)

    It's a good question, though.

  4. The CAPS meetings are useless.

  5. Anonymous said...
    The CAPS meetings are useless.

    Maybe but you still go to give Tom Tunney a public tongue lashing. He doesn't think there is a problem.

  6. What EXACTLY would you say to Alderman Tunney at the meeting as an example of a "tongue lashing"?

  7. Anonymous said...

    What EXACTLY would you say to Alderman Tunney at the meeting as an example of a "tongue lashing"?

    Give him time to prep? No thanks.

  8. You are naive and misguided if you think you can out talk and out think Tunney in public.

  9. My question is why doesn't the mainstream media report about the violence that took place in our neighborhood during the past two weekends? You don't hear a thing about all the crime on the local news.

  10. I bet I can out talk and outthink Tunney, I will give it a shot, he's never met the likes of me before.

  11. Tom Tunney doesn't give a crap about boystown residents. He is too busy feeling ballsy playing checkers with Sheldon Adelson.

  12. Not only do you not hear about all the crime that happened, but when I watched the 10pm news last night the anchor said there were "just a few ambulances deployed to the area." I wanted to scream but the would have been drowned out by the borage of sirens.

  13. If you have a 'horror' story - I think we should also make them at The Patch on the article below:

    This way - many others can see what the heck is going on as well.

  14. The local media has been accurately described as the City of Chicago PR Department. I suspect this is why they don't cover these stories, they would rather show the city in a positive light (unless it has to do with gun control, then the worse it looks, the better).

  15. If you want to get stuff down with an aldercreature just tell them this. "If you feel you can't get it done, Don't worry we will get someone in here that can. And watch how fast they jump.

  16. The S-T is not the least bit shy about reporting of South Side shootings. But if they let the cat out of the bag about other violence on the North Side, that basically puts the entire city off limits.

    Governor Quinn seems only concerned about vetoing conceal-carry.