Sunday, July 14, 2013

OVERNIGHT PLAGUE: 7 Robberies, 4 At Gunpoint; No Arrests

A storm of at least seven robberies, four at gunpoint, tore through Wrigleyville and Boystown overnight, with one robbery reported every 12 minutes as the violent wave crested at sunrise. There have been no arrests.

Most frustrating for CWB readers may be the fact that the 19th district was once again depleted of officers on a Sunday morning. No units were available to handle 911 calls beginning at 4:53AM.
A map shows the locations of this morning's robberies.
Here are the early details of this morning's robbery outbreak and its locations on the map above:

#1) 2:05AM: A man was robbed at gunpoint at 537 W. Roscoe Street, between Broadway and Lake Shore Drive. As CWB reported at 2:26 this morning, the primary offender is described as male, black, 6 feet tall, 160 pounds, with shoulder-length dreadlocks. He may have been in the company of a white male. No further description is available for the second person. The robbers escaped in a dark green Volkswagen SUV that was last seen heading northbound on Broadway from Roscoe Street. Chicago Police Department case #HW361553

#2) 2:44AM: A male victim reported being robbed at gunpoint of his wallet, money, and his girlfriend's car keys in the 800 block of West Cornelia, near Halsted Street. The offender is described as a 5'10" tall male wearing a black ski mask and a long-sleeved shirt, last seen driving eastbound on Cornelia toward Clark Street. Officers gave the victim a ride to his North Center neighborhood home from the Shell station at Addison and Ashland, where the victim had made his 911 call. Chicago Police Department case #HW361608

#3) 4:34AM: A woman called 911 after three attackers beat and robbed her boyfriend on Waveland Avenue, one block west of Wrigley Field. The assailants are all described as male, black, about 5'8" tall. They took the victim's wallet and cell phone in the attack which took place about 20 minutes before police were called. Chicago Police Department case #HW361647

#4) 4:48AM: A victim walked into the 19th district police station after he was beaten and robbed by three offenders in the 1100 block of W. School Street. The victim described one attacker as male an black, but he was unable to offer descriptions of the other two. Chicago Police Department case #HW361650

#5) 5:20AM: A man was robbed at gunpoint and beaten at Halsted and Buckingham by two offenders who were described only as black males. The victim declined medical attention. Less than 10 minutes before the incident was reported, a caller in the nearby 700 block of W. Melrose told 911 operators that he had been attacked, but the call dropped before more details could be collected. It is not clear if the two calls are related. Chicago Police Department case #HW361679

#6) 5:30AM: Two friends who stepped out of an apartment to smoke in the 3200 block of N. Clifton were robbed at gunpoint of their phones and house keys by two offenders. The gunman is male, black, about 5'8" tall and he wore a white t-shirt and blue jeans. His accomplice was also described as a black male and may also have worn a white shirt. Both were last seen running westbound on School Street toward Racine. Chicago Police Department case #HW361729

#7) 5:56AM: A woman, possibly an employee, was robbed at the McDonald's restaurant on Clark Street across from Wrigley Field. The victim was highly distraught and could provide few details of the incident. She was transported to the 19th district station so she could notify her bank and credit cards. Chicago Police Department case #HW361697.

A half-hour before the McDonald's robbery, a woman's purse was snatched outside of the restaurant by two offenders who ran southbound on Clark Street.  No case report could be found for this incident.

UPDATED: Corrected map location of robbery #2.

UPDATED 22 JULY 2013: Added case numbers. Added Editors' note.


  1. In the late afternoon before the July 3rd CAPS meeting I sent an email to the developers of the Out Hotel project proposed for Halsted Street next to Sidetrack and included a link to this blog. When the meeting ended I was telling a few people what I had done, and the owner of Mini Bar walked up and asked me if I was "Michael who sent that email." Almost immediately after sending my message the developer forwarded it to Mini Bar (and I would guess the owner of Sidetrack). Stuart from Mini Bar told me to send that email to everyone..."the Mayor, the Alderman, everyone. It was beautifully worded." When I go home I checked my messages, and the developer had sent me a response: "Thank you for your thoughts. I will look into all this. Hope to meet you in person one day soon."

    I'm Just One Person, but this one person got their attention. They should hear from everyone, not just me, one person. Send a measured, thoughtful, clearly-stated, non-confrontation message to the developers ( and include the link to this blog. 7 robberies, 4 at gun point in one night...I'm sure that will be something they'll want an explanation of.

  2. This is the letter I emailed to the developers of the Out Hotel project:

    "Sent to Parkview Developers
    From Michael XXXXX
    Re: Proposed Out Hotel Project In Lakeview (Chicago)

    As a long time resident of the Lakeview neighborhood in Chicago I am writing with my concerns about the Out Hotel project being proposed for North Halsted Street. While I would support and welcome such a business on that street, I am opposed to your project for the simple fact that it will fail. The current conditions on Halsted and the surrounding area would make it impossible for a high-end boutique hotel to survive. Mobs and gangs take over the street every night, and crime is rampant in the neighborhood. The Pride Parade this past weekend turned into nightmare in the early afternoon and all through the night. Residents of the neighborhood have been complaining for several years about the rapidly deteriorating situation with no apparent interest from the Aldermen or police. Your hotel wouldn't be open for long before word-of-mouth spread about the unsafe and menacing conditions in the area...and right outside your door, in fact, many who travel here from out of town are already very aware, and vocal, about the situation.

    If your project were to proceed and fail, you could take a financial hit, walk away and lick your wounds. The homeowners and residents would be stuck with 100-plus empty rooms that needed to be, and with what? The Center On Halsted, the Crib, Howard Brown Youth Center, The Night Ministry, etc., have lured a dangerous, unsupervised element into the neighborhood, and that, in turn, has attracted an even greater criminal crowd that comes in on a nightly basis and terrorizes the area. Perhaps you should walk down Belmont Ave. and up Halsted Street yourself some night at midnight, but bring an armed escort. Or you could simply read through this blog that was started earlier in the Spring to report on the nightly (and increasingly daily) criminal activity taking place right where you would like to put your hotel.

    I have long thought that the Boystown strip of Halsted Street needed to be further developed with more upscale business ventures, and I would have, under earlier circumstances, welcomed your hotel, but this area is far, far different than it was 5 or 6 years ago. My suggestion to you is to put your plans on hold until the Mayor himself looks you in the eye, shakes your hand and assures you that this problem will be dealt with and cleaned up, and concrete improvements are then seen.

    I have lived in East Lakeview since 1981, and I've seen this neighborhood grow and improve, and it stuns me now to see it decline so quickly. I no longer invite family or friends over. In concept, I think your proposal is a great idea. In reality, I think it would be a failure for you, and a catastrophe for the neighborhood. I hope that situation will change, and I hope you will join the homeowners and residents of this neighborhood in pressuring the elected officials and police in making that change happen.

    Michael XXXXX"

  3. I still really want to push for concerned citizens to meet together and start protesting Tunney's office and the mayor. I know you said something is being worked on. I just talked to the Channel 5 and Channel 2 news tip lines and described what's going on and gave them this website to look at. I also left a VM for Channel 7. This needs to start getting press and I will do anything in my power to help make that happen.

  4. This blog is a true community service, thank you.

  5. This is probably the scariest article I've ever read on here. Most within walking distance of me. Someone is eventually going to be shot, and its going to horrible and everyone is going to did this happen. Really appreciate this blog showing these crimes. Will pass this one around to my neighbors.

  6. Michael, your letter to the Out Hotel developers is simply magnificent! You really brought this horrendous infestation to their attention in a concise, elegant manner. Yes, all of us should write to them citing our concerns. Since Tunney is turning a blind eye to everything but his precious Wrigley Field, we need to take this into our own hands and run with it. The more influential people are aware of this, the better we will be.

  7. Thank you for posting these as we would never hear about them from traditional news sources. Two of these were within a block of my place (Clifton and School). The more I read this blog the more convinced I am that at some point we need to organize in person. I am not much for protesting but would like to be involved in something.

  8. These events listed - on a "regular" weekend night, not part of any mass festival or parade or celebration - are reason enough for all concerned citizens (including toursist) to go bananas. Almost every one of these locations lie within a short walk of where I live, where I work, where I sleep ... Since we have an "alderman" who has publicly proclaimed that "boys are just being boys" (the thugs) and that a concerned constituent is "just one person," it is high time to organize and visit his office (or restaurant) en masse. Everyone needs to bombard media with this information. Tell everyone about this incredible blog and the crime reports contained within. I personally will be contacting Tunney's office on Monday morning and I will be asking for accountability for continued crimes such as these, absence of law enforcement personnel (as reported elsewhere on this blog), and a general "Oh WELL" attitude toward the rapid decline of this once spectacular neighborhood. I urge all of you to do the same. CALL TUNNEY MONDAY MORNING. All of us! List your concerns. Otherwise it will be "just one person" reporting the concerns over these horrific events.

  9. The travel site Trip Advisor is very important to the restaurant businesses nationwide. Go to this site, write an honest review of Ann Sather (I personally hate the place!) and inform the public of the infestation plaguing our area. There are already reviews noting the problems we are facing. The public needs to know what is going on there -- for their safety also!

  10. Hotel managers are more vigilant than restaurant owners in monitoring T.A.

    Best Western needs to be written up, not for its quality per se, but that it lies in a dangerous area, and its guests should not be out and about between dusk and 7am.

  11. I live in the area and have just found this blog. Has the alderman made any comment on the current situation?

  12. We have amazing police officers but horrible response times because they are severely short staffed. And we need a new Aldermann that isn't completely stupid like the one we have. If ANYONE runs against him, they will win. Even better if we can get a well known bar owner or someone locally famous whose good looking (it's not that hard to be better looking than a hobbit like Tom Tunney), that person would win in a landslide. Every bar patron can't stand the man. So it's just a matter of getting the word out. It's time for him to go back to his old people at Ann Sather where they blend their food to swallow it.

  13. The Alderman couldn't care less. Boystown might as well be Laredo, TX as far as he is concerned.

    He is so derelict of his duties, a Recall effort should be underway.

  14. Picket Ann Sather's, hand out small flyers with the link to this blog.

  15. I think tonight is going to be particularly dangerous based on twitter feeds related to yesterday's verdict in FL. Please be careful folks. Your tactical teams will most likely be deployed elsewhere in the City.

  16. Jeff on BuckinghamJul 14, 2013, 6:24:00 PM

    Here's my rough draft IDEA and SOLUTION:

    Set up a sting, just like the cops do on the show "COPS". Except we do it ourselves.

    Here's how to do it:

    One of us volunteers to be an "easy target" - act drunk or listening to iphone. Just pretend to be not paying attention.

    The rest of us (at least 4 or more) are hiding in the shadows or behind bushes.

    When one of these bands of thugs robs our volunteer, we jump out and restrain them. Call 911, wait for cops to make the arrest.

    Eventually, the word will spread to the other thugs that it's too risky.

    Is this very dangerous? Heck yea! So, feel free to help fine tune the idea to reduce the danger.
    Is this legal? I don't know. Any lawyers?

  17. Now, it's no longer knives and bottles. It has progressed to guns!!! GUNS!!! This is completely out of control! Tunney office needs to be stormed!

  18. i love your blog. please keep writing this and keeping it current. you are extremely appreciated!!!

  19. Can someone at the Dakota mount a webcam on their balcony and point it at CoH? Maybe another at the Waveland/Broadway intersection.

  20. Conceal and carry, baby - that will solve it all, eh? That's ALL we need now - in a few months/weeks, well be reading reports and hearing gunshots -- and what will the Alderman's response be? "Kids being kids..." Jeeze...

  21. I can't even watch our local news anymore. All the broadcasters put on their fake smiles, ridiculous "happy-talk" personalities and royally underplay important issues to the point of nausea. It's obvious their reporting is biased. They would much rather do a report on dog psychosis than anything dealing with the problems in Boystown.

    Let's see how silent they'll be when shots start ringing in our neighborhood. And why is Tunney so quiet? What is he doing these days? He obviously must know the rage building up here. Are we calling and visiting his ward office? Are we contacting City Hall? How about some national exposure?

    Beyond all else, this infestation of violence must be eradicated before it spirals out of control and becomes impossible to stop.

  22. Keep the fire in your belly's...the BlogMesiters have asked us to stay tuned about starting our Resistance movement. ;)

  23. They should ban parking along Halsted. Yah that will stop 'em. Ha ha ha ha.

    What is Tunney doing about this? Waiting on the s** to hit the fan as usual, then reacting?

  24. "They should ban parking along Halsted. Yah that will stop 'em. Ha ha ha ha."

    They tried that. Possibly it was too much trouble from those living in ground zero and the cancelled the program?

  25. Lets take everyone's guns away and wait for the police to show. They obviously need our help!

  26. Tunney and Emanuel are too busy kowtowing to the Ricketts demands to deal with this scourge.

  27. CCW for sure. These animals think the vast majority of the local residents are pushovers and will curlup and laydown while being beaten. If a few get sent back to their ghetto shitholes on platters, it might change their view a bit. Truth be told, the shit that goes on btw 12-6 am involves victims impaired by alcoholl etc. Stop being victims,at very least, leave the bar in measurable groups, if youre approached, go fucking berserk on these shitbags, deep down, these jagoffs are PUSSIES, ie, if you fight back they will take off like the cowards they are. I understand that the CCW rout is not everyones cup of tea, thats cool. But at very least, if you send a couple back ghetto way with a speech impediment and a limp, it will send a message, stay safe guys(and girls& the imbetweens)