Thursday, July 25, 2013

ODDS & ENDS: Assault; Reports of Shots On Pine Grove

1:15AM Roscoe's Tavern Staff Assaulted 
Roscoe's Tavern reported that a black male wearing a brown baseball cap and white tank top presented a fake ID, then threatened staff members who refused to let him in. The offender was reportedly seen walking southbound on Halsted with a large group of people. Officers quickly located the man, the victim signed a complaint, and officers took the man into custody.

"Mob" Throws Garbage, Bricks At Halsted and Roscoe
A series of calls came in to report a situation at Halsted and Roscoe:

2:19: 10 people outside throwing rocks at the windows of Progress bar, 3359 N. Halsted. As well as 5 to 6 people arguing outside a home on Roscoe, east of Progress bar.

2:20AM: 7 people throwing bricks and cans at a building at Halsted and Roscoe.

2:22AM: A "mob of people" at Halsted and Roscoe

2:24AM: 5 to 6 people throwing rocks at windows in the east alley behind Halsted Street between Roscoe and Buckingham.

2:32AM: A caller told 911 that he was "stunned that officers have not come out of the station around the corner" in response to his call about this incident.

2:32AM: A officer reported that he was on-scene speaking with the displeased citizen.

If the police seemed slow to respond to the previous reports, it is because many of them were dealing with the following reports.

Shots Fired? Multiple Calls at Pine Grove Near Addison
A series of at least 4 callers reported shots fired on Pine Grove Avenue between Addison and Waveland at 2:19AM. One caller gave a description of a possible offender, a male, black, dressed in all black, wearing a head scarf, who was seen heading southbound on Pine Grove.

Officers on-scene made contact with a citizen in the area who offered a similar description at 2:34AM. A person matching the general description was soon stopped on Brompton Avenue between Broadway and Halsted Street. He was released at 3:40AM.

Thanks to a news reporter at WLS-AM, there is a late nominee for induction to the political speech hall of fame. "Ich bin ein Berliner." "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall." And, now, Alderman Tom Tunney stands up to the Cubs:

"You have to be a good neighbor. Otherwise, I'm gonna be up your butt every day. And I’m gonna tell ya, I’m gonna be up the butt everyday to make sure that the commitments the Ricketts make and that the commitments that the mayor makes are absolutely solidified by your support!”


  1. This is now where the Just One Persons get on the phone to Progress and see if now they are going to call the Alderman and demand something be done! :)

  2. Tom Tunney's a Top??? Puh-leeze!

  3. wait, really? where and in what context did tunney say that?

  4. Tom Tunney would be comedy gold, if he wasn't a petty little dictator trying to squeeze his constituents for every penny.

  5. Anyone see the news that the building complex at the corner of Belmont/Clark that houses Dunkin Donuts, Tabou Tabou, and cigar shop was sold? They are going to tear out the Dunkin and build a 12-story apartment building. This, to me, is good news for the area. Hopefully this kind of development brings some sort of extra tax revenue to the ward, which can then be used to hire more police (although I am not sure if that is how the funding works or not).


  6. Heh, "I'm-ma make sure that you honor your word.." blah, blah, blah

    You mean like how Peal Jam busted the Wrigley Field noise curfew? BULLLL.


  7. You should also check out the Chicago Sun-Times for 7/25/13 - Mark Brown's column on page 7 report's Tunney's quote. Mark writes "In Tunney's Defense" and claims "If an Alderman isn't going to stand up for his constituents on an issue that affects almost every one of them, then who is?" Now Mark is writing in the context of Wrigley Field development, but perhaps CWB should help enlighten him on other issues that affect Mr. Tunney constituents!!

  8. Now - you have to give Tom Tunney a break on the shooting on Pinegrove (Did I just say that?) - after all that area is in the 46th Ward. I have often complained to Ald. Cappeleman (and Ald. Shiller before him) that the area of the 46th Ward in Lakeview is oft forgotten. I hope CWB will also hold Cappeleman's feet to the fire, and remind him that Lakeview needs his attention too.

  9. ^^Good point; the north-east corner of lakeview has always had kind of a dumpoy vibe to it, partially becuase it was in Schiller's ward (and we all know what a mess she created while she was in power).

  10. Sorry I meant to say "dumpy" not "dumpoy". Didnt proof-read my own post.