Saturday, July 27, 2013

NO RELIEF: At Least 3 Robberies This Morning; Fourth Victim Wanders Off

The cooler weather did little to deter the vermin who crawl our neighborhood at night from attacking and robbing innocent victims.

At least three robberies were reported overnight in Wrigleyville and Boystown. A fourth person reported being sprayed with bug repellent and robbed at Broadway and Aldine around 4:10AM. That victim could not be found when police responded to his 4:30AM 911 call from Broadway and Barry. The officers were able to speak with the man who loaned the victim his phone to call 911.

UPDATE 6 AUGUST 2013: There is no record of the "bug spray" robbery being recorded with Chicago Police. A reader who "may be" a police officer stated that the bug spray victim was also the 4:06AM gun point robbery victim written about below. There is a conflict in the timing that the reader states may be the result of a delay in dispatching the call to officers.

Here are the details on the three overnight robbery cases in which police officers made contact with the victims:

A Wrigleyville resident was robbed of his wallet and iPhone around 2:45 this morning in the area of Sheffield and School. Two offenders approached him from behind and said they had a gun. The thugs put an object to the back of the victim's head, but no gun was seen.

Officers conducted an extensive search of the area around Belmont and Sheffield. The victim was shown at least two sets of possible offenders, but it does not appear that any arrests have been made at the time of this report.

The offenders are described as two males, black, in their mid-20's, 5'8" to 5'11" tall. One of the attackers had medium length braids. The first robber wore a white t-shirt and a hat. The second wore a blue t-shirt. Chicago Police Department case #HW381045

During the search for possible offenders, police saw a black male with braided hair running northbound on Sheffield from Belmont. At 3:05AM, the individual was arrested at School Street and Sheffield Avenue for disorderly conduct. Chicago Police Department case #HW381046


At 3:25AM, a Wrigleyville man was sprayed in the eyes with Mace and robbed of his wallet just two blocks from his home. Officers made contact with the man outside of Sports World t-shirt shop on Addison Street across from Wrigley Field.

The offenders' descriptions are:
1) male, black, light skin, late teen to early 20's, 5'11" tall, 150 pounds, wearing a green vest with patches on it, a green t-shirt, and a red baseball cap.
2) male, black, dark skin, bald, 6'1" tall, 160 pounds, wearing blue jeans and a dark hoodie.
The offenders were last seen running from Newport and Clark.

Chicago Police Department case #HW381051.


A robbery victim walked into the 19th district police station at 4:06AM to report being robbed on Aldine Avenue between Broadway and Halsted. The victim said two to three male, blacks, one of whom wore a baseball cap, approached him and said they had a gun. They took the victim's phone and $40 cash before running westbound toward Halsted Street. Chicago Police Department case #HW381062


In addition to this morning's incidents, CWB learned today that an incident in which a victim was pepper sprayed last Saturday morning at Clark Street and Buckingham was, in fact, a robbery.

UPDATE 9:31PM 27 JULY 2013: Clarified timing of fourth incident, that it reported occurred around 4:10AM, but the caller did not contact 911 until 4:30AM.

UPDATED 3 AUGUST 2013: Added case numbers that had been in "To Be Determined" status.