Friday, July 19, 2013

MUGGY: 3 Robberies Overnight, Link To 4th Investigated

At least three robberies targeting women were reported in the neighborhood overnight. Police are trying to determine if the robbery of a fourth woman near Clark Street and Diversey Parkway is related to this morning's Boystown crime spree.  There has been one arrest.

#1: Attack at Belmont and Sheffield; Link to Nearby Robbery Investigated
Multiple callers reported that a man was beating a woman at the corner of Belmont and Sheffield at 1:46 this morning. At the same time, the Big City Tap, just west of that intersection, at 1010 W. Belmont, reported that their security team was holding a man who tried to steal a wallet and phone from a woman on the sidewalk outside of their bar.

Witnesses told officers on-scene that the attacker jumped out of an older model silver Buick and attacked the woman in what appeared to be an attempted purse-snatching or robbery. Approximately four black males escaped in the Buick after the fifth man was detained by security.

Police ordered an ambulance to the scene at 1:57AM to treat the Big City Tap employee for a bite wound that he suffered during a scuffle with the offender.

The detained suspect was arrested and the incident has been initially classified as a larceny under CPD case #HW369021.

Police are trying to determine if a robbery that took place minutes later in nearby Lincoln Park was carried out by the perpetrators who escaped in the Buick.
The Edge restaurant on Clark Street near Diversey Parkway. Image:
In the Lincoln Park attack, a woman called 911 from The Edge, formerly the Golden Nugget restaurant, on Clark Street south of Diversey Parkway after five male, blacks attacked and robbed her behind the restaurant at 2:05AM.

One of the offenders held a gun to the woman's head. The victim told police that she thinks the weapon was a BB gun.

The victim was able to offer further descriptions of three of the five offenders, all of whom were last seen running southbound from the robbery scene:
1-A male, black, wearing a white hoodie and a red shirt
2-A male, black, wearing jean cut-offs that extend past his knees and a black shirt.
3-A male, black, wearing a black hoodie

The second event is classified as a robbery with a firearm of "other" type under case #HW369020

Fletcher Street, west of Clark Street as seen on Google Street View.
#2: Woman Robbed at Clark and Belmont
A Rogers Park woman was strong arm robbed of her phone on Clark Street just south of Belmont at 3:30 this morning. The offender, described as male, black, in his mid-20's and wearing a white t-shirt and black jeans, fled south on Clark, then turned right on Fletcher Avenue behind the Sports Authority store. Officers gave the victim a ride to her home.

This attack is classified as a strong arm robbery under Chicago Police Department case #HW369048.

Hydrate nightclub at Halsted and Cornelia. Image:
#3: Woman Robbed Behind Hydrate
At 5:30 this morning, police on patrol were flagged down at Belmont and Halsted by a female robbery victim who was attacked in an alley behind Hydrate nightclub, 3458 N. Halsted Street, around 5 o'clock this morning. For nearly 30 minutes after the robbery, the woman walked around the neighborhood, "trying to figure out what to do," according to police.

The officers drove the woman to the 19th district station so she could make some calls and figure out a way to get home since her car keys and money were taken in the attack.

The offender is described as a male, black, 5'9" tall, 20 to 22 years of age, wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans. He was clean-shaven, according to the victim.

DATE: Friday, 19 July 2013
TIME: Around 5AM
Chicago Police Department Case #: No report was filed.


  1. WOW ! Just 4 robberies on a Thursday night? I wonder what the total will be for the weekend ( Fri, Sat & Sun) ???

  2. Last summer, the bar owners on the Halsted strip hired private security to make the area safer. Do you know if they have done this again this summer?

  3. Anonymous inquired...
    "Last summer, the bar owners on the Halsted strip hired private security to make the area safer. Do you know if they have done this again this summer?"

    You're serious, right? Have you been keeping up with all the crap going on all summer? Read back a couple of month's worth of stories right here on this blog .... then re-ask your question.

  4. It would not matter if they were there or not. What is needed are state troopers with rifles standing guard at Belmont "L", Sheffield, Clark, 7-11, and the Shell Station.

    As long as we have a crooked Alderman and an inept, stupid, arrogant, publicity huckster for a Mayor that controls the media and press, expect no improvement, but slide down to become another East Saint Louis.

    With yesterday's credit downgrade, Chicago will be in the hole for even more money to cover debt service out of their operating budget.

  5. I also agree with the idea of having state troopers with rifles...THIS IS WHAT IS NEEDED.

    I posted this before...we need troopers posted at the EL stations, and at major intersections thruoughout Lakeview...places like Belmont and Clark, Belmont and Halsted, and then up and down Halsted. State troopers then need to be stationed at the entrance ways to the neighborhood at Lake Shore Drive.

    This will then free up police resources to patrol the streets via car and to start being able to make arrests and to provide a visible presence that will keep the criminals AWAY from the neighborhood.

  6. So two of the three suspects (excuse me, the PC crowd wants us to call them persons of interest now) were wearing hoodies? Even though this was after midnight, the temperature was extremely high. Anybody think to watch kids wearing hoodies in 80+ degree temps? Why would somebody be wearing a hoodie in 80/90 degree weather? To hide their faces from cameras/cops? Or is that profiling?

  7. Rahm will not ask for no help, state troopers or otherwise, so he can carry on with the fraud that conditions are improving.

    "I (Tom Tunney)am urging residents to attend their upcoming CAPS meeting. I am very involved in CAPS and attend these meetings regularly.”

  9. I hope the perpetrator who bit the security team at Big City Tap had to make a stop at the hospital before being booked. Going after these vermin more aggressively may help stop neighborhood crime...