Monday, July 29, 2013

MONDAY MISHMASH: Miscellany and Misdemeanors

Here are a few odds and ends from Monday, July 29, 2013:

911 operators received several calls from people reporting a large crowd blocking traffic in the street at Clark and Addison. Within a minute, the callers were reporting fights in the street at that location and one block south at Clark and Eddy. The first officers on scene confirmed "a lot of people out here" and immediately asked for back up to assist with a "huge fight out here." The crowd broke up and dispersed as squad cars arrived.

A victim reported that a man punched him in the face outside of Roscoe's Tavern, then ran away. The battery is documented in Chicago Police Department case HW383566

Three people called 911 from Berlin nightclub, 954 W. Belmont after an offender who punched an employee earlier in the night was spotted outside the club. Officers took the suspect into custody. Case #: No report filed.

Three men were harassing passers-by at Halsted and Aldine, according to a man who was prompted to call 911 after one of the teens repeatedly asked the man's wife if she wanted to have sex.

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  1. I was walking back with my girl friend from her apartment on Elaine Place last night around 1030 to my place on School/Sheffield. She saw that group of fine, young men and decided it best that we walk down Roscoe instead of Aldine. Well, to her dismay there was another shady group just to the west of Roscoe's lining the sidewalk.

    Luckily I brought my 14 inch Kukri but I think its rather fucked up that in order to feel safe I need to carry a Southeast Asian war knife.

    Needless to say, if I am accosted police may find a pile of severed arms in front of the Belmont Station.

    Tom Tunney, do something besides line your pockets with Cubs money.