Tuesday, July 23, 2013

LIGHTER SIDE: ¡La Delincuencia Se Ha Reducido!

Rainy streets are usually safe streets. Once the standoff on Addison ended, the arriving rain kept things nice and quiet after midnight. So, enjoy this lighter moment from the CWB treasure chest.
There's a saying in these days of low police staffing: "No report, no crime."

Quite simply, that means that any crime that isn't officially recorded in a police report is a crime that never officially happened.

Our good-natured 19th district officers may have stumbled upon a whole new way for politicians to ensure that crime continues to plunge "down."

Sunday July 21, 2013
Officer A: [Unit],where are you?
Unit: I'm at [address].
Officer A: Come around the back you'll see us here.
Unit: 10-4.
Officer A: We need your bilingual skills over here.
Unknown Officer: Hey! No english, no crime!