Tuesday, July 09, 2013

INBOX: Emails And Editorial

The CWB crew truly appreciates the emails and comments we've received from so many of our readers. Thank you for being a part of this project and for sharing your opinions and points of view. Even if you don't like our sense of humor sometimes. We're okay with hearing that. From our inbox:
I absolutely love your blog.  I just stumbled on it after the craziness after the Hawks won…Thanks and keep up the great work keeping the community informed when no one else does!!
Welcome! We are thrilled to have you and all of the readers who found us through our Blackhawks photo post. Stay safe.
I am the poster who describes himself as a tourist, and have been visiting Lakeview East every summer and several autumns since 2000... I have made these postings about Ann Sather's, Stella's, and Edwardo's today and the last few days. I am coming Labor Day weekend, but will have to stay in Andersonville and Lincoln Park…If there is anything I can do as a non-constituent, please let me know.
You're doing a ton already. Thank you for getting involved! These were fun, vibrant neighborhoods at night until a few years ago and most of the people who live here actually enjoyed the electric feeling that nighttime brought to the area. That vibrancy faded quickly as street violence increased.

Several readers sent along this "news story."
[Chicago Police Superintendent Garry] McCarthy also talked about new technology that will allow the department's community-policing program to share information about beat meetings and crime alerts with residents on Twitter.
[…] In another initiative, residents unable to attend police community meetings will be able to participate online, the department said.
Splendid. Soon, we'll be able to have Tom Tunney tell us that we are "just one person" in the comfort of our own homes.

These are bold technological advances for a department whose 19th district Crime Alert page was last updated in February of 2009. And whose 19th district Events calendar is still headlined "District 023 Events," 14 months after the 23rd district ceased to exist. And whose most recent 19th district "Success Story" was posted in 2011.

Watching the technology press conference was like watching an 8-year-old spend all weekend trying to build a real, live rocketship out of scrap lumber. While it was cute, that thing's not going anywhere.


  1. Hooray for the publishers! Wish there was an easy way to get more visibility for this blog. It's the only source of honest news (and calling out the political liars) that I've found. The neighborhood really does seem to be slipping away - I have a family here, own a home, spent 20 years here. Never thought I'd consider leaving because of safety. Nice to know that there's a network of concern out there and really appreciate the effort that you're putting into this.

  2. Dear Publishers: I ADORE YOU!!!

    I think you deserve a fan club, for I know everything reported here is the most thorough, honest insight into what is going on in our community. It's quite a refreshing change from the dreck which calls itself our "local news."

    Knowledge is power. And thanks to you, our horrendous crime situation has been brought to light. No politician spared. All sugar-coating barred.

    Because of you, we have evolved into a family of deeply concerned citizens who are, at last, banding together to put an end to this misery.

    Getting rid of this mess won't be easy; however, there is strength in numbers, and, eventually, we will succeed.

    Thank you for being there.

  3. Gonna take a chance to plug some other blogs since we're talking about getting actual reporting of local news. Obviously,this blog which deserves many thank yous. Second City Cop is helpful too. As for education check out CPS Chatter, district 299 on ChicagNow, and pretty much anything Ben Joravsky writes for the Reader. Then you will be up to snuff on how Rahmbo is taking us for a ride.

  4. Hey, how about calling ourselves "Friends of Lakeview" and creating a web site to expose the crimes and irregularities that take place during the gay parade and gather signatures to move the parade downtown next year?