Monday, July 15, 2013

IN & OUT: Victims Have Responsibilities, Too

One month ago, we praised a tenacious victim for chasing down the man who stole his phone and money on the sidewalk at Halsted and Cornelia. The victim tailed the thief all the way to the Belmont Red Line station where officers caught the thug and returned the victim's property.

Our enthusiasm for that go-getter of a victim has waned.

CWB has been provided with a copy of the incident police report. According to the arresting officers' report, the victim "was unwhilling [sic] to cooperate with detectives and [Assistant State's Attorney] and does not wish to pursue charges."

It's every victim's right to not press charges. But if we're going to make our streets safe again, we need victims to have the backbone to stand up for themselves and for the community. In this case, the officers caught the offender red-handed and returned all of the victim's cash and property from the thief's pockets. The thief was arrested and taken to the station.

Then, they had to let the self-admitted Gangster Disciple go back on our streets. Free as a bird to strike again.

And he did strike again. The very next day, he was arrested and charged with shoplifting.

If you find yourself victimized by the criminals who are spoiling our great neighborhoods, please pursue charges. Just getting your stuff back isn't good enough.