Monday, July 08, 2013

HERDING CATS: Six Hours To Clear Area Sidewalks

Police handled call after call after call of large groups of people harassing pedestrians, fighting, whooping, hollering, and blocking access to businesses and sidewalks overnight.

From before midnight until commuters awoke to go to work this morning, the calls to 911 never seemed to end.

Sunday, 7 July 2013
11:26PM: A local business reported 25 to 30 people hanging out on the corner at Belmont and Sheffield.

11:29PM: Officers on patrol witnessed a disturbance outside of D.S. Tequila Company, 3352 N. Halsted, amidst "lots of people." Several IDs were checked and police contact cards were recorded. Police also recorded the names of two concerned citizens who asked to have their names  on the record. too, because they were concerned about "what's going on with the loitering." Non-official reports indicated to CWB that a theft was involved.

Monday, 8 July 2013
12:19AM: 25 to 30 males and females fighting in the street at Halsted and Newport.

12:25AM: Men and women harassing people on the corner at Halsted and Roscoe.

12:53AM: A street stop at 815 W. Roscoe, just west of Halsted, netted two arrests. One of the arrestees had an outstanding warrant for theft in Blue Island, Illinois.

1:02AM: Ten males loitering in front of Nookies Tree restaurant at Halsted and Buckingham.

1:24AM: Scarlet Bar reported a large group of males and females blocking access to their establishment.

2:20AM: A resident reported 50 people milling about outside of their home in the 3200 block of N. Halsted.

2:38AM: A large group of people harassing pedestrians at Halsted and Newport.

3:08AM: A group of men harassing people at Halsted and Belmont.

3:22AM: Twenty people fighting in in the 3200 block of N. Halsted. An arriving unit reports "about 100 people out here who can't seem to get it into their heads that it's time to go home."  Back up units were requested along with a squadrol because officers will, "start locking people up in a second." Ten minutes later, the group began "slowly shuffling their way west on Belmont." They reached the Belmont L station at 3:44AM.

4:21AM: Forty people hanging out and making noise at Halsted and Buckingham.

5:55AM: People standing around and being offensive to passers-by at Halsted and Cornelia, outside of Hydrate nightclub.


  1. How do we get a NO LOITERING Ordinance without the 'help' of the Alderman - as he's useless.

    1. Unfortunately if they are on the public way there is not a loitering issue as the State Supreme Court ruled Chicagos loitering law was unconstitutional. Private property is a separate story. I would love to see a new loitering law written but has to pass the muster of court challenges

  2. All this violence is absolutely ridiculous! I am furious this is going on --- and it's getting worse! It's time for all of us to flood Tom Tunney's voicemail with complaints and storm his ward office en masse! This cannot go on; otherwise, Boystown will become inhabitable. People are moving already.

  3. Circuit had a window service working on the place this morning did something happen? Sunday Night/Monday morning is big for them.

  4. He needs to be contacted in WRITING, cc the State Attorney General. You need to go over the city's corrupt head.

  5. "How do we get a NO LOITERING Ordinance without the 'help' of the Alderman - as he's useless."

    Tunney, useless? Haha that's an overstatement.

    I have gotten very good results addressing all my concerns directly to the city:

    You can navigate the page to file complaints about a variety of issues.

    I don't know about the "no loitering" ordinance, but you may find the site helpful so as to bypass the useless Mr. you-know-who and his incompetent staff.

  6. "It's time for all of us to flood Tom Tunney's voicemail with complaints and storm his ward office en masse!"

    Problem with this is that they just delete emails or voice mails. I know, they don't respond to any emails from me;) Hell, Ive been banned from Tunny's Fun-Fun Facebook page for asking what he's doing. If you're going to flood -- flood his Facebook page!

    P.S. - its hard to respond to people using Anonymous all the time -- if you don't want to use your real name (and I can understand why), atleast create a something with the Name/URL feature and always use that. Easier to respond to.

  7. What was the results you received from the city, Anonymous?

  8. Typo - Monday July "8"

  9. Anonymous said...
    Typo - Monday July "8"
    Thanks, A. Fixed it!

  10. What results I received from the city? Very good ones. They even let you track your complaint to monitor the progress.

  11. Loitering is legal in Chicago. It was the first odd thing I noticed upon my arrival as well. Some workers on Halsted complaining about lost revenue are the worst loitering offenders when not behind the counter. It is all very odd.

  12. Chicago used to have a "no loitering" statute on the books but it was struck down by the US Supreme Court in 1999 as unconstitutionally vague (Chicago v. Morales).

  13. "Some workers on Halsted complaining about lost revenue are the worst loitering offenders when not behind the counter."

    Something tells me this isn't true.........

  14. ^ This is true, it was struck down.

    However, it is illegal for groups to engage in Disorderly Conduct, which is exactly what they are doing.

    1. You are correct that disorderly conduct is illegal but a police officer's peace can not be breached therefore they can not sign complaints for disorderly conduct, a regular citizen or business must sign the complaint for each person arrested and follow through in court.

  15. Can someone please post contact info for how to contact Tunney aside from going to Ann Sathers?

    Actually, we should all round up our friends and neighbors and make our way to Ann Sathers one Saturday or Sunday morning and just sit and loiter there without ordering my food. Just drink water and take our time and not order anything. Maybe loitering in Tommy's restaurant will get a message to him about loitering.

  16. Loitering laws or not, any other place I've been across this nation they can be considered a public nuisance and removed/arrested promptly. Chicago just had to take the PC stuff a bit out of context, as everything else just to try and prove some moot point. It's backfired - again!

    A person pacing/standing in the same general are on the street for more than 10 minutes, no matter their age, color, religion, gender or sexual orientation is suspicious and trouble waiting to happen, especially when in groups. You have your "rights" though. And see what happens?

  17. The 7-11 on Halsted, the Subway on Belmont, the Duncan Donuts on Belmont, increasingly the Shell Station on Addison are chronic locations of trouble. Why aren't these businesses being held responsible for the the activities generating from their stores and parking lots?

    As far as the disorderly contact issue goes, people should call 911 relentlessly for mob activity and other behavior whenever they see it. I spoke to the owner of my gym and asked if he was getting nervous about the situation in the neighborhood, especially since the recent attack on Waveland and Pinegrove took place just a block away from his business. He's definitely sick of it. He told me that he was walking down Halsted the other afternoon to go to his bank, and a group of "trans youth" were blocking the sidewalk with rude, loud, belligerent behavior...and that some of them here stroking big strap on dildos that they were open view of people trying to walk past with their young children. Someone should have called the police. Sunday around 6pm I was going to Treasure Island and there were two "youths" in front of the yellow brick building on Broadway just north of Cornelia. One of them was pissing right in the middle of the sidewalk. As I got up to them, he finished, zipped up and they walked away like business-as-usual. Someone, I, should have called the cops. And those weren't even involving the mobs by the hundreds that come up after dark. The police need to be flooded with calls over every incident. Flooded with calls, and every time you call the police follow up with a communication with the time, location and nature of the incident to the the Mayor's office, too. Keep a record.

    1. Hang on a minute, ok so you flood the police with calls, then it takes the police 15 -30 minutes to respond because the district level has fallen so low that there are no cops on the street, and the offender has moved on. What has that accomplished other than uselessly use up a police response that already is stretched too thin.
      Here is the way to combat this and I know this works from over two decades working with these types of community problems. Start standing up for yourself. Challenge the little idiot going to the bathroom in the street, say something, embarrass them. If they want a confrontation call the police an assault in progress is responded to much quicker than a public peeing. Next step start signing complaints on all these miscreants and then GO TO COURT EN MASSE. Most judges in misdemeanor court are like revolving doors and just can't wait to get through the trial call, however when a case gets called and members of the community stand up in the courtroom together the judge gets a clear message. On top of those two things its time to vote Tunney out, the pride parade has gotten out of control since he was elected and he has only encouraged it, but then again Im only one voice

  18. Anonymous said...

    Can someone please post contact info for how to contact Tunney aside from going to Ann Sathers?


    Absolutely, Anonymous. You can email Alderman Tunney at

    We're going to add some relevant email addresses and links on our front page this week. Thank you for being a part of the conversation!

    Be safe and be well.

  19. It would be great if this site could post the offender's court and sentencing dates so we can show our support for a strong response by criminal justice.

  20. Time for NYC style "stop and frisk" operations in this area - except here, there's enough reasonable suspicion to frisk these individuals. If people know they'll be frisked, they'll move on, and they won't carry weapons, either.

  21. They need to have some kind of curfew. I mean what the hell, people loitering and harassing passers-by at 5 and 6 in the morning? Do these bar flys not know when to go the hell home?