Tuesday, July 09, 2013

HANGOVER: City Data Details Pride Sunday Crime

Chicago's 2013 Gay Pride Parade is a memory now. Only the glitter and the police reports remain to remind us of what it was.

The parade and its aftermath brought hours of mayhem to Boystown streets and police reinforcements were brought in from at least six North Side districts as the Town Hall commander tried to get things under control.

CWB has compiled a list of "official" crimes that were reported to the police department between 10AM Sunday and 4AM Monday in the vicinity of the parade route as well as on streets affected by the post-parade madness. It's important to remember that the police only record crimes in which a victim files an official police report. 

Of course, many incidents went unreported.

Things started to go down hill quickly as the sun set. Four robberies were recorded, all between 8:30PM and midnight. As CWB reported in near-real time, suspects in a vehicle with Wisconsin plates were arrested for the 8:50PM robbery on Broadway. One of our readers commented that he was the victim of  the 8:30PM robbery on Broadway and that the two attacks were committed by the same crew.

You can get a sense of what the streets were like when a victim was robbed in the 3200 block of N. Sheffield at midnight. CWB posted a reader photo of the 3200 block of N. Sheffield that was taken at 12:14AM on Monday.

Here's the list:


  1. I noticed nothing about the 6 districts having to come in and help clear out the riff-raff ;) I guess that's not a crime (technically it isn't..ah well).

    And this is what they considered went "Well". What constitutes something going bad?

  2. Below, Rahmy is boasting about how great Tunney is. I am from the east coast, but I hope some of you will write your jackass mayor to tell him he's full of shit and why:.

    "“The alderman has been a tireless advocate for a better traffic system, better safety system, a better investment in the community [by] the Cubs and a better traffic and parking [plan]. He has been tireless about making sure that his community would also be a winner in this. Those investments would make them a winner,” the mayor said."


  3. It disgusts me that Tunney is just ignoring us and the horror within Boystown! Go to his ward office and show your concern! We need to show him he can't get away with this! We pay his salary!!!

  4. Tunney needs to be voted out. A small group has been meeting informally to try to identify one or two good, strong, solid candidates who live in Boystown and would have the community's best interests in mind at all times, the top of which would of course be the crime/thug/harrassment element pervading our fair streets from other neighborhoods.

    We believe we have identified two such individuals. Tunney will absolutely not run unopposed in 2015.

  5. Under which party label would such an opponent run: Republican, Independent, or something other ?

    If Republican, may I suggest contacting your US Senator Kirk for advice and support ? He is not crazy like Michelle Bachmann.

    Does Tunney own all Ann Sathers or just the Belmont one ?

    Restaurants, by definition, run on thin profit margins. Keep slamming Ann Sathers. Someone other than us posted something positive today, so that needs to be continually countered.

    Also do what I did, and complement others, such as Stellas and Edwardos, while gently mentioning they are better off there than others like Gordanno's and Melrose, because they lie in dangerous areas. More bad-news visibility is needed than just Ann Sathers.

  6. Tunney must be very tired.

  7. I am sorry but it is too much baggage to run a republican here. The professionals will lock onto any wedge issues and the noise it creates will dwarf the concern about public safety.