Wednesday, July 17, 2013

GET INVOLVED: Reader Offers To Put Like-Minded Citizens In Touch With Each Other

The question we get from readers most often at CWB is, "How can I get involved?"

Now, one of our readers has offered to help neighbors meet neighbors who are interested in similar action steps:
Connecting with others is difficult, so I have set up an email account that can act as a hub through which people can link up. 
People wishing to organize in a specific fashion should send an email to using one of the following titles in the subject line of their message: 
Condo Board
...for members of condo and co-op boards who wish to link with the boards of other buildings in the neighborhood to form a group of concerned building associations that can contact elected officials, the Police Department and business owners.
...for residents who wish to attend upcoming CAPS meetings as an organized group
Political Action...for people who wish to become politically active in the election of local officials as well as  issues with current officials. 
Neighborhood Safety Committee...for people who would like to form a group that would communicate with the local area police in an on-going manner about the safety concerns in the neighborhood. 
Neighbor Group...for people who wish to form a general organized group of neighborhood residents to address the issues in our area. 
I can take all of the messages I receive for each specific topic and send a group reply to everyone on that list. Those people will then be able to contact everyone who is interested in organizing in their preferred manner as a group and start a dialogue amongst themselves, and then expand outward on their own. 
This certainly isn’t a perfect solution, but it will at least offer the opportunity for people to make an initial connection with a group of other like-minded residents. If it works, I think the topics will cross-pollinate and a network of organized groups could be formed.
CWB is not directly involved in this effort and we do not personally know the person organizing it, however, we do know that the reader has been active at CAPS meetings and he has made significant efforts to reach business owners and other leaders about the issues in our neighborhoods. Thanks, Michael, for giving it a go!


  1. My read here is that many commenters are mostly using this site to vent their anger about the situation. It takes a lot more will and effort to actually get up and walk away from your computer or iPhone keyboard. If my workplace is any indication, much more is accomplished when people meet face to face instead of choosing "send" or "forward" to communicate with others.

  2. Hi billyjoe,


    The concept is that Michael will put like-minded people in touch with each other so they can get together and work as a group.

  3. billyjoe said: "much more is accomplished when people meet face to face instead of choosing "send" or "forward" to communicate with others."

    The issue is, how do people meet? That's part of the frustration. I'm not saying my idea is perfect or the best solution, but it is a way to establish a first line of contact between people who do want to get involved, but don't know how to link up. If I don't get any response, then you're right. People do simply want to complain and hope someone else will fix the problem for them.

    So, billyjoe, please feel free to send an email to the address posted with whichever way you would like to get involved, and I will help get you in touch with anyone else who sends a message expressing the same interest.

  4. After the court case on Friday we can all goto Ann Sathers.

  5. Craig Collins craigerco@gmail.comJul 17, 2013, 11:55:00 AM

    I just had a "Just One Person" t-shirt made. It's red with large white block lettering. It also says "Fuck Tunney" on the back. Anyone interested in one?

  6. This, my friends, is what the organized Lakeview citizens are concerned about.
    I personally could not care one fuck less about Wrigley field right now. But it will draw press so maybe we can make our own little demonstration and be seen.

    Lakeview Residents are holding a rally on Wednesday, July 17th at 6:30 p.m.
    Corner of Patterson and Clark Streets to Preserve and Protect Lakeview!

    As most of you are aware, there is a Planned Development proposal for Wrigley Field, it's surrounding properties and the McDonald's parcel. Adjacent to Wrigley Field. While there is enthusiastic support for the renovations to Wrigley Field itself, there are many associated concerns related to this redevelopment plan that have not been properly disclosed and discussed and negotiated by the Cubs and City Hall with the Lakeview neighborhood organizations. These issues will have major negative impact on our Lake View community and our existing lifestyles forever, if they are not properly resolved before final approval of this plan.
    Here are some of the issues:
    Zoning approval of a hotel that will set a height and density precedent that will negatively affect the surrounding neighborhoods' ability to control further aggressive developments.
    An excessive and unprecedented signage package on the outside of the ballpark and proposed new buildings, that will produce excessive light and noise pollution, let alone turn the area into a Las Vegas atmosphere.
    Lack of commitment to the Neighborhood Protection Ordinances, including adequate policing and crime prevention, necessary neighborhood sanitation and clean-up programs, effective parking and traffic plan, including successful enforcement of 383/LV-2 residential parking ordinances during night games and concert events.
    Concerns about the impact from numerous added outdoor liquor venues and activities being proposed within the hotel, Triangle Plaza, and Wrigley Field additions.
    Attached is a letter written by the Lake View Citizen's Council that was sent to the Mayor citing the lack of inclusion of the neighborhood organizations in the planning process. It requested a meeting with the administration. To date, the Mayor has refused to respond to this letter and many more previously sent by various neighborhood organizations requesting neighborhood involvement. We are being left out. We all need to join together to be heard and protect our neighborhood and current lifestyles.
    Please come to the rally on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. to preserve Lakeview as we know it!
    Thank you in advance for your support,
    Hawthorne Neighbors Board

  7. Hey Craig!

    Thanks for reading CWB and getting in on the Just One Person movement.

    One of our amazing readers created that new "Just One Person" logo that was added to the top of our pages today. We'll have downloadable JPEGs, GIFs, PDFs, and EPS files of the logo for various adaptations soon.

    We're thinking buttons, tshirts, signs, placemats for Swedish restaurants, the possibilities are endless.

    There won't be any recommended, um, aldermanic activities in our stuff. We'll leave that in the hands of the people.

  8. Craig Collins said...

    I just had a "Just One Person" t-shirt made. It's red with large white block lettering. It also says "Fuck Tunney" on the back. Anyone interested in one?
    I think we should be a LITTLE careful..IMHO :)

  9. I've had many people stop me on the street in Boystown today and either high five me, shake my hand, or take my picture.

  10. The problem with Tunney, and most Aldermen with his length of time in office is that they forget that they are representatives of the people, and, pretty much, just do and say whatever they want to, thinking that they are untouchable. In most wards of the city, that is true, but there are so many intelligent, talented, people in his ward, that someone will be able to beat him in the next aldermanic election and send him back to his sticky buns. The comment he made to that man at the last caps meeting about being only one person shows just how out of touch he is. And let's not forget, Tunney voted for the parking meter deal. That alone is enough to send him packing. For that shameful act, he should have voluntarily resigned, but hey, he is a Chicago aldercreature. You cannot embarrass them.

  11. Yes Craig, put me down for one of those shirts, i can alternate it with my CHICAGO, MURDER CAPITAL t shirt with skulls onthe flag in place of stars. And yes, aldercreature tunney needs to go along with Rhambelina, which will take work, not just griping on blogsite. Down for whatever needs doing to clean the bacteria from our area and city govt.

  12. Hi Everyone!

    It's important we start to get to meeting. I think we have a healthy fire-in-our-bellies, and we need to keep it going.

    If you have not contacted, please do so today!


  13. Are you aware the 019th district just disbanded two tactical teams. Reassigned to some sort of entertainment team. Good luck with that. Enjoy less proactive police. 20 of them.