Wednesday, July 24, 2013

FOLLOW-UP: Still Looking For Tom's "Six Individuals In Custody And Two More"

You may recall our recent revelation that Alderman Tom Tunney's office issued a statement in which it falsely claimed "6-7" robberies took place in Lakeview on a recent weekend. The Chicago Police Department's own records show that the police categorized 13 Lakeview crimes as robberies that weekend, not "6-7."

We also cast doubt on Tom's claim that police have "six individuals in custody and two they believe are connected to other robberies" particularly since we are confident that no one was arrested in the string of 7 incidents in Wrigleyville and Boystown that prompted such outrage on the morning of July 14. If they have six in custody, we've said, they certainly did not come from our robberies on July 14.

The Chicago Police Department's CLEARMap site indicates no arrests were made in connection with the 13 robberies. However, the arrest data on that site can be iffy.
Chicago Police Department CLEARMap data shows no arrests in Lakeview's 13 robberies from July 12-14.

So, we were intrigued with an email we received this afternoon.

A loyal reader sent us copies of the police reports in two of that weekend's robberies in the Wrigleyville and Boystown sections of Lakeview. In both instances, the Chicago Police Department specifically states that no arrests have been made in connection with the crime reported.

The reader has said that they will provide us with copies of the other Wrigleyville and Boystown robberies' police reports, too. We look forward to receiving them.

Regarding "Robbery #3" from the morning of July 14
4:34AM: A woman called 911 after three attackers beat and robbed her boyfriend on Waveland Avenue, one block west of Wrigley Field. The assailants are all described as male, blacks, about 5'8" tall. They took the victim's wallet and cell phone in the attack which took place about 20 minutes before police were called.
A Chicago Police Department letter to our reader states that, "the Department has no record of arrests being made in connection with this incident."

The second report we received is for the robbery on July 12 that turned into a police foot chase and manhunt immediately east of Wrigley Field.

After Tunney's office stated that police had "six individuals in custody and two [others]," we said the "manhunt" case was the only Wrigleyville or Boystown incident from that weekend that could have contributed bodies Tunney's "in custody" figure because it is the only one from our areas in which people were taken into custody.

We were wrong. The individuals who were taken into custody were not formally arrested in connection with the robbery case. According to a CPD letter forwarded to us, "the Department has no record of arrests being made in connection with [the 'manhunt' robbery]." However, the letter states, one of the suspects detained in the episode "was arrested on charges unrelated to the robbery."

Well, then. The number of places where those "six individuals in custody and two [others]" may have come from is narrowing. Considering that the three "in custody" that we were willing to give Tom credit for cannot be included, it's looking less and less likely that the "6+2" as we'll call them came from around here.

UPDATED 24 JULY 2013: Edited for clarity.


  1. Tunney keeps digging himself a hole, here.

    All he had to do, was come out early on and admit that crime in the neighborhood is going UP and that he is looking for solutions, including increasing the police budget.

    But no, instead he continues to lie and try to cover everything up. Its just crazy.

    An alderman is supposed to represent us...the residents, the business owners...but instead, he is playing games and as a result, people are getting robbed, hurt, their possessions stolen, and are losing the desire to live here.

    I have heard that some business owners have expressed, that business is falling, and that business on Halsted is not going to be sustainable for much longer...businesses WILl start closing soon on Halsted. No one wants to go anymore. Who wants to go there when it is so dangerous?

  2. Tunney should provide specifics of the arrests or retract his false assertions.

  3. "business is falling, and that business on Halsted is not going to be sustainable for much longer"

    With the Cubs getting their expansion green-lighted I wouldn't be surprised for the Halsted bars to cash out and sell then we'd see a real crack down on crime after the bars all become big straight clubs and Halsted is transformed into an extension of Wrigleyville Wonderland.

    1. Filled with southside apple pickers and pick pockets.
      It is sad, like Sox park sad.

  4. Obviously, you are ignorant of the neighborhood which surrounds Sox park and the change therein and prefer old stereotypes. There is more crime in Wrigleyville statistically than in Bridgeport.