Saturday, July 06, 2013

FEAST OR FAMINE: Mich Ave Bursts With Police Coverage; 19th District Starves

Image: thedoctor1963
It looks like Michigan Avenue continues to be generously coated with police officers tonight. There were 7 more groups of cops just like this one protecting a mere block and half of Boul Mich between Water Tower and Lake Shore Drive this evening. Correction. Not all of the groups of cops were exactly like this one. Some of the groups had four officers.

Meanwhile, here in Wrigleyville and Boystown, our district literally runs out of cops on a regular basis, sometimes with tragic results. And our alderman and police commander can't figure out a way to commit a couple of cops to keep a lid on Belmont Avenue overnight.

Let's be clear. This isn't a beef with the officers in this picture or any street cop who's doing what they're assigned to do. Our problem is with our politicians and the department's leaders who have allowed the department's manpower to atrophy to dangerously low levels;  who misappropriate the resources they do have; and who have created a disinformation factory to hide the consequences of their decisions.

One more thing. Unless you are a police officer with two more acting as lookouts, never use your phone in public like the guy on the right.


  1. As I have said, Rahm is the mayor of the Loop & Near North, nothing more (except a publicity huckster).

  2. you are so dead on right with this one!! im downtown a lot and ive noticed there are just tons of cops hangin out on michigan ave too! just chillin like its summertime in the city. if we could take 10% of those guys and keep em on foot patrol on halsted 24/7 the neighborhood would be back to being "safer".

  3. goin out tonight. hope we dont get robbed or stabbed....keep ya posted....

  4. What an interesting observation. I ventured down to Michigan Avenue on Saturday night for the first time in two years (in summertime)and not only felt safe, I noticed the small groups of police officers patrolling, being visible, etc. I also remember thinking, "Gee, they don't seem to be too busy tonight. Could a few of these men and women be assigned to Halsted, Belmont, etc.?"

    OK, Rahm, and especially Tommey Tunney ... your turn to step up to the plate now and do some explaining. When we returned to Boystown around 11pm Saturday, much against our better judgment we got off the red line at Belmont and I seriously thought we had gone the wrong direction and ended up in the far south side. It was a sea of thugs, and none of them looked like they were doing anything of value other than hanging out in front of the station. Amusingly, we passed two thugs just standing in the entrance way to Tunney's miserable little eatery on Belmont. What an ironic picture that was!

  5. The laceration mentioned here is a step in the right direction. If the arrests require longer stays in the hospital before getting booked, people may think longer before assaulting their victims...,0,6634200.story

  6. Tommy T is so convoluted and corrupt that he could care less what is going on in certain sections of his community. The most recent infuriating CAPS meeting proves this point. He seems to have two vulnerable spots, though. The first is his precious Wrigley Field, for it's a cash cow which brings him fame. If anything horrendous happens there, this just might be the slap in the face he needs to get moving. The other is any potential bad publicity surrounding Ann Sather. There are already not-too-favorable reviews of his restaurant (I never liked the food, personally) and the violence overtaking this area on TripAdvisor. This site is extremely important to hotels and restaurants. Please go on this site and write an honest review of the restaurant --- and PLEASE mention the crime plague devastating the neighborhood. Since the media is Rahm's hack tourism guide, the only way to get this out is if we do it ourselves.

  7. Other popular tourist references are the AAA tour books and the restaurant Zagat ratings.

    But Trip Advisors is more to the point now.

    I go to the Days Inn every year and they have a very stable and long-term desk staff. Does anyone know them well enough to go there to have a chat with them, and request they revise their room books and verbal advice to not go north of 3150 addresses after dark ?

    There are alternatives to Giordanno's, Nookies Tree and Melrose such as Edwardo's and Stella's. They have Trader Joes and Market Place. Nobody needs to go to Whole Foods or Treasure Island.

  8. Look at the new reviews of Ann Sather on Travel awesome!!

  9. Now we should offer alternatives to say how great restaurants are just outside of Boystown (which they are), like Stella's and Edwardo's Pizza, then throw remarks that they are alternatives to Melrose and Giordanno's, which are in dangerous areas requiring navigating Belmont.

    Perhaps the latter two, which are good establishment, can get off their duffs and make a nuisance of themselves with Tunney for destroying their business.

    I did Stella's yesterday. WiIl do Edwardo's later today.