Thursday, July 18, 2013

DOWNLOAD IT: Just One Person Graphics Available Now

Sure! You can download that "Just One Person" logo at the top of our page. We have it in all sorts of formats and sizes. Perfect for buttons, stickers, Word docs, and more.

CWB has the best readers. The messages of support and appreciation are truly gratifying. Thank you!

Observant readers have noticed that new "Just One Person" logo at the top of our pages. The logo, with a slogan inspired by Alderman Tom Tunney's now-infamous slap to a concerned citizen at a recent CAPS meeting, was created by a graphic designer in the neighborhood who reads our blog.

With the designer's permission, we're putting the logo online in a variety of formats.

You're invited to download the logo and use it to show that you, as one person, are concerned about our neighborhood. The more one persons who take a stand against crime in Wrigleyville and Boystown, the better.

These graphics may be used to create anything from buttons and t-shirts to signs, Word documents, and, we suppose, Facebook profile pictures.

The world is your oyster. But just one oyster, of course.

The basics: JPG and GIF FILES
JPG file, low resolution, small (53 KB)

JPG file, high resolution, large (563 KB)

GIF file, transparent background, small (9 KB)

PDF files
High-res printers files that you can open and view like any PDF file.

PDF file color (306 KB)

PDF file grayscale (297 KB)

More advanced: EPS files
These are for t-shirt printing, high-quality printing, etc. A printer will be able to use these files, though you may not be able to open them. A good format to have for any type of outsourced printing.

EPS file color (643 KB)

EPS file grayscale (634 KB)

Professional grade
Adobe Illustrator file (1.1 MB)

The Whole She-Bang
A Zip file containing all of the files listed above (2.7 MB)