Monday, July 29, 2013

DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN: Child Welfare Specialist Hangs With Robbery Associates On Aldine

Another robbery attempt failed this morning in the area of Halsted and Buckingham.

Officers stumbled upon the remnants of the incident around 3:10AM at Halsted and Aldine, immediately making contact with four individuals who were associated with the would-be thieves, but who were not directly involved in the crime.

One of the offenders, a heavy set male, black, wearing a white t-shirt, was last seen running toward the lake on Aldine from Halsted.

Other individuals who were involved in the attempt wore shirts on their faces.

No police report was filed in the attempted robbery, however two individuals in the group of associates were found to be minors in violation of curfew laws.

Interestingly, one of the individuals interviewed with the "associates" is a female Illinois Department of Children and Family Services child welfare specialist who lives in a near west suburb.


  1. Maybe I missed something, but where's the story here? What point are you trying to make CWB?

  2. Anonymous said...
    Maybe I missed something, but where's the story here? What point are you trying to make CWB?
    Hi Anonymous,

    As you've probably noticed, we aren't very good at subtlety. The story is what the story is.

  3. Having worked for DCFS as am intact family worker and investigator I can't tell you how inappropriate this behavior is. She should be fired.

  4. More suburban creeps.

  5. The story is that someone entrusted by YOU, the taxpayer, to look after vulnerable children is demonstrating bad judgement.

    A person with good judgement and morals should not associate with criminals. "You are a reflection of the company you keep"

    It tarnishes that government agency and the people who work there. It's bad for the people who rely on that department too. They have enough to stress about without worrying about the integrity of DCFS employees.
    I liken it to the Anthony Weiner scandal.