Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DEAFENING: Tunney Ignores Facebook Inquiries About Violent Crime Wave; "A Top Priority"

Nananananana Tom can't hear you!
Alderman Tom Tunney's Facebook page has at least 10 inquiries from residents who want to know what he's doing about the surge in Wrigleyville and Boystown's violent crime wave. As of this morning, he has not responded to any of them. One of our readers who emailed the alderman's office about the problem did get a response, which he graciously shared with us:

Alderman Tunney met with members of the Chicago Police Department today regarding this past weekend’s incidents as well the perception of increased crime across Lakeview. The Police have six individuals in custody from this past weekend and two they believe are connected to other robberies as well. Early morning robberies continue to be an issue around our neighborhood, especially around the commercial streets and in alleys. 
"Perception." We love that. We perceive the line on this chart has been going up for years. This chart, too.  Perception. Give us a break.

The alderman and our CAPS officers love to make it sound like a huge chunk of these silly robbery victims were wandering around dark alleys, just begging to get robbed. The facts do not support the alderman or our CAPS officers.

The police department's own records show that, as of July 9, 108 robberies were reported this year in Wrigleyville and Boystown. Nine of them took place in alleys and a third of those nine were in the afternoon hours. So, that gets us to 6 out of 108 robberies were in alleys at night time. 5.5%. Nice try. No, we take that back. Terrible try.

Hell, on a square footage basis, you're much more likely to be held at gunpoint, tied up, stabbed, and robbed in your hotel room with two of your closest friends than get robbed in an alley. See? It's fun to screw around with statistics. Unless you happen to be one of the statistics.

We'll see how many of Sunday's seven robberies took place in alleys. Considering that one robbery was at a McDonald's, one was on a block that doesn't have alleys, and one targeted a couple of guys who stepped outside of their front door to smoke, we'd recommend betting on a very low number.
We acknowledge that these are very serious incidents and are working very closely with Commander Voulgaris, who is putting strategies in place to address these robberies. These incidents primarily occur between 1am-5am when patrons are leaving bars and victims have been targeted for their iPhone. Alderman Tunney is meeting with business owners and the Police to address common sense safety initiatives with their customers. We are also working closely with the 19th District entertainment detail who patrols the Belmont-Sheffield area, Clark Street, and Halsted, where many of these late night crimes occur. We all need to be aware of our surroundings and be proactive by calling 911 with as much information as possible when you see someone behaving suspiciously or committing a crime. 
Another strategy? Will it be anything like the last one? And why did the commander stop executing that strategy? May we also suggest that the new, new "strategy" include ensuring that the entire district does not run out of police officers? Don't get us started on the "entertainment detail" charade. We'll just state the obvious: it's worthless if the cops assigned to it aren't available to respond to calls. Just days ago, we saw the amazing things our officers can do when there are enough of them to get the job done. Those well-staffed moments are exceedingly rare.

BTW, does anyone want to bet that the three thugs arrested in that brilliant police hunt Friday morning are included in the "six individuals in custody?" We would.

The effort to make it seem that robbery victims simply have their phones taken, perhaps by lovely chaps with British accents who wear bowler hats, has been a cornerstone of the police and alderman's efforts to make these crimes seem passive. In fact, more than half of the robbery victims in this neighborhood are beaten by their attackers. They also lose their money, valuables, sense of security, and dignity.
We are urging residents to attend their upcoming CAPS meeting. When citizens actively participate, CAPS plays a vital role in assisting law enforcement in fighting and reducing crime. The Alderman is very involved in CAPS and attends these meetings regularly. 
This is a top priority for Alderman Tunney. Please reach out to our office any time with concerns.
Ha. Haaaahaa. Oh, haaaa. Oh, my oh my. Go to the CAPS meeting. That's...hee hee hoo, whoa, that's a keeper.

CWB readers who attended one of this month's CAPS meetings came away with some interesting observations about Alderman Tunney's conduct. Let's just say that they didn't get the impression that violent crime was one of his top priorities. But, hey, he's just one person.

Just one person who voted to cut the police budget.

Just one person who promised that we would not lose police officers when our 19th and 23rd police districts merged in March 2012.  We've lost 20%+ of our street cops since then. But hey, they're just 72 people.

Helluva a way to handle a "top priority."