Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DEAFENING: Tunney Ignores Facebook Inquiries About Violent Crime Wave; "A Top Priority"

Nananananana Tom can't hear you!
Alderman Tom Tunney's Facebook page has at least 10 inquiries from residents who want to know what he's doing about the surge in Wrigleyville and Boystown's violent crime wave. As of this morning, he has not responded to any of them. One of our readers who emailed the alderman's office about the problem did get a response, which he graciously shared with us:

Alderman Tunney met with members of the Chicago Police Department today regarding this past weekend’s incidents as well the perception of increased crime across Lakeview. The Police have six individuals in custody from this past weekend and two they believe are connected to other robberies as well. Early morning robberies continue to be an issue around our neighborhood, especially around the commercial streets and in alleys. 
"Perception." We love that. We perceive the line on this chart has been going up for years. This chart, too.  Perception. Give us a break.

The alderman and our CAPS officers love to make it sound like a huge chunk of these silly robbery victims were wandering around dark alleys, just begging to get robbed. The facts do not support the alderman or our CAPS officers.

The police department's own records show that, as of July 9, 108 robberies were reported this year in Wrigleyville and Boystown. Nine of them took place in alleys and a third of those nine were in the afternoon hours. So, that gets us to 6 out of 108 robberies were in alleys at night time. 5.5%. Nice try. No, we take that back. Terrible try.

Hell, on a square footage basis, you're much more likely to be held at gunpoint, tied up, stabbed, and robbed in your hotel room with two of your closest friends than get robbed in an alley. See? It's fun to screw around with statistics. Unless you happen to be one of the statistics.

We'll see how many of Sunday's seven robberies took place in alleys. Considering that one robbery was at a McDonald's, one was on a block that doesn't have alleys, and one targeted a couple of guys who stepped outside of their front door to smoke, we'd recommend betting on a very low number.
We acknowledge that these are very serious incidents and are working very closely with Commander Voulgaris, who is putting strategies in place to address these robberies. These incidents primarily occur between 1am-5am when patrons are leaving bars and victims have been targeted for their iPhone. Alderman Tunney is meeting with business owners and the Police to address common sense safety initiatives with their customers. We are also working closely with the 19th District entertainment detail who patrols the Belmont-Sheffield area, Clark Street, and Halsted, where many of these late night crimes occur. We all need to be aware of our surroundings and be proactive by calling 911 with as much information as possible when you see someone behaving suspiciously or committing a crime. 
Another strategy? Will it be anything like the last one? And why did the commander stop executing that strategy? May we also suggest that the new, new "strategy" include ensuring that the entire district does not run out of police officers? Don't get us started on the "entertainment detail" charade. We'll just state the obvious: it's worthless if the cops assigned to it aren't available to respond to calls. Just days ago, we saw the amazing things our officers can do when there are enough of them to get the job done. Those well-staffed moments are exceedingly rare.

BTW, does anyone want to bet that the three thugs arrested in that brilliant police hunt Friday morning are included in the "six individuals in custody?" We would.

The effort to make it seem that robbery victims simply have their phones taken, perhaps by lovely chaps with British accents who wear bowler hats, has been a cornerstone of the police and alderman's efforts to make these crimes seem passive. In fact, more than half of the robbery victims in this neighborhood are beaten by their attackers. They also lose their money, valuables, sense of security, and dignity.
We are urging residents to attend their upcoming CAPS meeting. When citizens actively participate, CAPS plays a vital role in assisting law enforcement in fighting and reducing crime. The Alderman is very involved in CAPS and attends these meetings regularly. 
This is a top priority for Alderman Tunney. Please reach out to our office any time with concerns.
Ha. Haaaahaa. Oh, haaaa. Oh, my oh my. Go to the CAPS meeting. That's...hee hee hoo, whoa, that's a keeper.

CWB readers who attended one of this month's CAPS meetings came away with some interesting observations about Alderman Tunney's conduct. Let's just say that they didn't get the impression that violent crime was one of his top priorities. But, hey, he's just one person.

Just one person who voted to cut the police budget.

Just one person who promised that we would not lose police officers when our 19th and 23rd police districts merged in March 2012.  We've lost 20%+ of our street cops since then. But hey, they're just 72 people.

Helluva a way to handle a "top priority."


  1. You nailed it. Good job.

  2. #AnyoneButTunney2015

  3. The miniute you start to agitate Tommy Tune, he will BAN you from his facebook page for posting questions like violence in his area; and forgot about emailing -- the get deleted/unanswered.

    If we're going to organize, we need to start before interest wanes.

  4. TaxpayingBoystownResidentJul 16, 2013, 12:47:00 PM

    He's posted this morning. It's very formulaic and not terribly encouraging. Hmmm, could the seat of his pants be feeling a little hot now? What his feets? Feeling that fire on them, Tom Turkey? Come on, quit jerking us around. The post on Facebook is fine - now let's see you actually DO something. Be prepared at the next CAPS meeting to be asked some very pointed questions. Do not turn it into The Tom Turkey Show, because it's not about you, it's about the residents and tourists who live/work/play in Boystown. Do not try to dominate the conversation and above all do not use the old trick of talking so long that it eats up time. You WILL be interrupted as needed, you WILL be expected to be accountable for responses to questions, and you WILL be civil and professional toward your constituents. No more "you're just one person" type comments, PLEASE. Just LISTEN to our questions and give us the responses we need.


  5. Tom and his staff of puppets have used that "perception" BS for years.
    Dear Tom Tunney,
    Perceive this Ass-Hole, stop fucking patronizing your constituents and act like a man.
    If you put half the concern you have about Wrigley God Damn Field into public safety, you wouldn't have so many enraged residents. We know that manning up and getting tough with the city to ensure more police protection isn't exactly your thing, but now's a good time to grow a pair and do it.
    PS, never, ever tell ANYONE that their concern with crime is a perception. You do not know if they, like you, are a crime victim.
    Your time as the shittiest Alderman the city has known is winding down and you know it.
    At least don't let your piss-poor legacy be headlined as "Alderman Tunney stood by and watched a dynamic ward turn into a murderous free for all."

  6. It is clear from just a quick read through the comment sections of this blog that many people would like to organize in a variety of ways to combat the crime problem plaguing the neighborhood, but connecting with others is difficult, so I have set up an email account ( oneinlakeview@gmail.com ) that can act as a hub through which people can link up.

    People wishing to organize in a specific fashion should send an email to oneinlakeview@gmail.com using one of the following titles in the subject line of their message:

    • Condo Board
    ...for members of condo and co-op boards who wish to link with the boards of other buildings in the neighborhood to form a group of concerned building associations that can contact elected officials, the Police Department and business owners.

    • CAPS
    ...for residents who wish to attend upcoming CAPS meetings as an organized group

    • Political Action
    ...for people who wish to become politically active in the election of local officials as well as issues with current officials.

    • Neighborhood Safety Committee
    ...for people who would like to form a group that would communicate with the local area police in an on-going manner about the safety concerns in the neighborhood.

    • Neighbor Group
    ...for people who wish to form a general organized group of neighborhood residents to address the issues in our area.

    I can take all of the messages I receive for each specific topic and send a group reply to everyone on that list. Those people will then be able to contact everyone who is interested in organizing in their preferred manner as a group and start a dialogue amongst themselves, and then expand outward on their own.

    This certainly isn’t a perfect solution, but it will at least offer the opportunity for people to make an initial connection with a group of other like-minded residents. If it works, I think the topics will cross-pollinate and a network of organized groups could be formed.



  7. Whelp, the political apparatus could care less it seems. Violent crime in Chicago is at acceptable levels in their minds. 1,000 plus shootings in the first six months of 2013 alone!

    Over 500 homicides in 2012 with only somewhere around 30% of them ever being resolved!

    That's acceptable right?

    The mayor, aldermen, and top cop will stick with their scripts telling us all that violent crime down from last year so it's all good.

    Yep we're sitting at 2011 crime levels and that is suppose to be a success.

    It's like...I remember when the media was touting the top cop telling us how 911 response times had improved dramatically compared to last year.

    The statement was made at a point in time where the year ago data that was being compared to was when there was a snowstorm that had LSD shut down with scores of stranded motorist. But the media and top cop failed to point that out and the average citizen has a short memory.

    Chicago thugs are getting away with murder plain and simple.

    Yeah, "Crime is down" hahaha..

    No they're not talking in a numerical sense. People need to stop assuming things. You need to pull out the secrete political dictionary of weasel words and phrases whereas the words being used are not meant to represent the commonly accepted meanings.

    It's more like "crime is down baby" << knuckle bump >> are you down with it? Yeah we're down with it too, It's cool. We got another $50 mil. in the CPD overtime budget "get down with your bad self"

    Crime is a tool that can use to increase budgets and gain political power with. We are so "down with that crime" right Garry?

    Anyways, now that conceal carry has been passed I wonder how the politicians would respond to a surge in request for CCW permits in the 19th?

    I mean since they are unwilling or unable to provide the security that the citizens are demanding and always spin the responsibility back onto the citizens anyways...?

    That would send a powerful message even if the citizens living here in 19 never decided to actually arm themselves.

    CAPS talk ultimately spins the problem back to the residents laps anyways saying " you have to call 911" which in turn creates the going no-where circular argument that the 9-1-1 dispatcher has the district in a "RAP" (meaning incoming calls are in a holding pattern due to overload).

    Makes me think of that saying: " the sure sign of insanity is doing the exact same thing over and over again and expecting the results to be different" -- Albert Einstein

    Anyways, try listening in on the police scanner citywide zones, the place where the violent crimes get broadcast


    There's also a link on that site for just the 19th district dispatch however it's currently down and offline.

  8. He needs to get it in writing, certified, return receipt, with Rahm copied, so that it is public record.

    He can do whatever he wants with his Facebook, e-mails, and phone-mails as though he never got them.

  9. Our "percerption" is that Tunney is just one LOUSY person!!!

  10. Why doesn't Tunney get off his ass and wander the streets at night and see exactly what goes on in his area of responsibility? He doesn't have a f*cking clue what it is like out there.

    1. I have witnessed Tunney out at night, but it was to protect his pet projects. The night I remember took place under the el tracks on Belmont. The police were busy arresting a fighting black female who was with her girlfriend. I found out later that the girl was identified as a robbery offender and was fighting to keep out of jail. She was screaming and kicking at the officers, who used great calm to just hold her there. I looked up for a moment and there was Tom Tunney looking like a hockey referee watching the whole thing with a huge frown on his face. At one point I heard him utter "my god let her up off the ground."

  11. Term limits is needed in IL. Since the voters keep voting in the same losers like Tunney.

  12. The violence needs to stop. ORGANIZE. I live in the 400-500 block of Melrose.
    We need help! Tunney needs to go.

  13. After the next election, I bet Tommy's next job will be going back to making those "two seconds out of the oven, they turn hard-as-a-rock" cinnamon rolls. That is, if Ann Sather manages to continue business with boarded up windows brought about by gun fire.

  14. The problem exists because the brass of the police department concerns itself only with murders and shootings. Victimization by robbery and beatings don't matter to them. That's why they peel manpower from 19 and send it to the west and south sides. That's why the district lost so much manpower and it won't be replaced. In CPD jargon, the brass feels that 19 is a "slow" district, not that important in the total scheme of things. And it will get worse. They will eventually respond - when someone gets killed.

  15. The next thing Tunney will do before he quits or gets voted out is approve that ridiculous abortion of a building, the Out Hotel.
    Wonder how much he's pocketing off that mess.

  16. I'm shocked it has taken the community this long to wake up to Tunney's nonsense... Just because he's gay doesn't mean you have to vote for him as a gay person.

    He's shown time and time again that he has his own best interests in mind, frequently. And at other times he's just wrapped up in trying to figure out how to profit from Wrigley field while everything else goes down the tubes. And even on the Wrigley issue, he has continuously ignored community input on important issues (why anyone can just go into the neighborhood for a Cubs day game and park for free, and even at night games, parking East of Broadway is all free. It's free for his customers at his restaurant too as a result.

    He also seems to be a pushover for the police just like our Mayor is. Sure McCarthy, Twitter will really help. Do you want us to twitter we're being beat and robbed while the police are unable to respond? Or should we be doing that while we're being told to walk to the police station to report being beat up/robbed, because there aren't any police to respond in person?

  17. Anonymous said...
    The next thing Tunney will do before he quits or gets voted out is approve that ridiculous abortion of a building, the Out Hotel.
    Wonder how much he's pocketing off that mess.

    Wednesday, 17 July, 2013

    Probably a percentage in it or the a life time contract to provide Cinnamon Buns to it.

    The reason he was against Wrigley renovations is because he has interests in the roofdecks and couldn't shake down the Ricketts Family. They don't do payoffs they have too much class and money.

    That Hotel should not be able to be built there it's doesn't fit in at the location size wise and traffic wise can't be handled.

    The community isn't getting the truth about it because no one is digging deep enough to ask the right questions.