Sunday, July 07, 2013

CAUSE & EFFECT: Hero takes action in Gold Coast robbery, Chicago named #5 worst city to visit

Image: Chicago Tribune
The Chicago Tribune today tells the story of what Gary Dailey (above) encountered inside a Gold Coast pedestrian tunnel on the Fourth of July:
[…] a large, noisy group of individuals [was] crowded into the center of a tunnel that led under Lake Shore Drive near Division Street.
"They were screaming and yelling and scaring everybody," said Dailey, indicating that there was a crowd of about 40 people backed up while the rowdy group was "roughhousing" in the center of the tunnel.
[…] One of the rowdies tried to take his cell phone but he "slapped his hand down." Then he heard a woman behind him scream and turned to look, seeing a woman with a child about 12-14 feet behind him who was being accosted by a man wearing a red shirt.
[…] The woman screamed, "You (son of  a -----), you're stealing my phone" before throwing a water bottle at the man and taking off after him as he ran away with her phone, a police report on the incident said.
The red-shirted man headed in Dailey's direction with the woman in pursuit until someone else -- an unknown co-offender according to the police report -- tripped her, Dailey and police said.
"He started running toward me and he ran up to the stairs and I decided I was sick of it," Dailey said.
So he said he sprinted after the man, chasing him for three or four blocks before the man, about 35 feet in front of him, turned around and headed back toward Dailey.
Jump on over the Trib for the rest of the story. (We love to tease.)

Meanwhile, in related news, travel site has named Chicago the #5 worst city for tourists in the United States.
This one is a shame to have to list, as it’s one of America’s largest cities and in some ways the capital of the Midwest. However, Chicago is currently suffering from high crime rates, high unemployment and high foreclosure rates for homes. If you want to visit large American cities, Chicago is a good one to skip until it makes some improvements.
Well, Hell. At least we're better than Reno.


  1. Congrats to the hero downtown.

    As for the "10 Worst Cities to Visit," it's just another useless list masquerading as journalism.

  2. So, are we all beginning to think "One Term Mayor"?

    He's got to much cash, but I think he will be given a run for his money.

  3. I actually thought Chicago would have been further up the list the way things are going in Boystown. Finally this is getting some exposure! Of course, the Chicago media might report it and then just brush it off as yet another silly survey and nothing to pay any attention to. Obviously, the local media is just Rahm's hack tourism guide: all sweetness and roses while violence plagues Boystown. Come to think of it, I never saw any media coverage of the swarm of thugs wreaking havoc at Belmont and Sheffield early the morning of July 1st. Rahm, Gary and Tommy are obviously too busy altering the reports to care.

  4. The comments are even stupid than the article.

    That said, New York City has 1/4 the murder rate of Chicago, and also blue city in a blue state. Chelsea, Hell's Kitchen and the Village are a heck of a lot safer than Boystown.

    But culturally, Chicago has never looked to NYC as a mentor. Maybe it should start. Unfortunately Chicago is now going through what New York did in the '80's including Rahmy - Chicago's version of Mayor Dinkens, but too proud as the "2nd city" or the "capital of the Midwest" to be able to climb out with a Guilini/Bratton type.

    Chicago has been corrupt for 150, but always has been competent. It is now incompetent. And I don't see it being able to hold it's nose and vote for a Republican to get the current jerk sent back to Evanston.

  5. Chicago has been known for it's crime problem since the days of Al Capone. I don't think being added to a list on an obscure website will generate much extra fuss. Major news outlets like CNN have produced pieces on Chicago's current crime problem though, specifically about gangs. New York, by the way, is much more populous than Chicago but it doesn't have nearly the number of gangs Chicago has. I'm watching NBC Nightly News on channel 5 right now and Lester Holt is doing a story about violence in Chicago over the Forth of July Weekend.

  6. Kudos to the hero here, but remember that it's not a good idea to risk your life for a personal possession. Look at what happened to the guys here in Lakeview who pursed the Apple pickers. They ended up in the hospital.

  7. Yeah..and I bet Lester won't mention anything about Boystown!

  8. Seems that Rahmy can't censor the national news media. If the Koch Brothers take over the Trib, he won't be able to do that.

    Problem is, they focus only on gangs, so it's "all the South Side". The CNN viewer is lead to believe that if you stay out of there, you'll be fine. Not true.

    Comiskey Park is in a rough area, so it does not concern the City if Wrigleyville goes down to that point. Ratables from neighboorhood regentrifcation, which is what New York City now thrives on, is obviously not a goal of Rahmy, and he does not care if they de-gentrify either.

  9. Why are there never any mugshots of the criminals posted?

  10. Hi Guys and Girls -- I was the one who submitted the listing to the Blog people. Yeah - It's a kinda obscure site, BUT if it was good enough for CNN to link to - then it was worth taking a shot at submitting. The is the FIRST time ever I had seen the city on a list like this for the reasons of crime violence. Maybe the tide it turning and people are starting to pay attention to what the hell is going on in Chicago.

    The other article is, I hope, a turning point. Maybe the pot is starting to boil and and as the hero said, HE'S SICK OF IT and did something. And that something put away an 18yo thug who had nothing better to do than cause trouble and steal.

  11. If you want a CNN story about the problems plaguing Boystown, hit up Don Lemon!

  12. Really, it's much better to use your eyes and ears to try to prevent something like this from happening. The risk to being reactive after it happens rather than proactive before it happens is the possibility of physical harm done to you. If there's a rowdy bunch that's intimidating people in the direction you're walking in, put your phone away and change your direction.

  13. this guy sets a standard for all of us -- protect a woman and her child, or stand by? he chose the right action....

  14. If Chicago was a foreign country, the State Department would issue a travel advisory warning potential visitors of the high number of violent crimes in seemingly safe areas.
    The deceitful politicians and ass-kissing media will have plenty of explaining to do when Ma & Pa Kettle come to town for a Cubs game, and end up beaten or dead after being pepper-sprayed by a mob at 7pm outside their hotel.

  15. (Anonymous said...The deceitful politicians and ass-kissing media will have plenty of explaining to do when Ma & Pa Kettle come to town for a Cubs game, and end up beaten or dead after being pepper-sprayed by a mob at 7pm outside their hotel.)

    Well stated - but the deceitful politicans and ass-kissing media ALREADY have a lot of explaining to do! Well, scratch the local alderman, because after all, each of us is "just one person." But the media needs to get this information, often and well, from everyone affected. Maybe someone will pay attention before Ma/Pa Kettle meet their demise in Lakeview.

  16. Give the media some credit. They accurately reported on front pages about the guy that got slashed in the jugular over a wallet in the restroom of the Westin on the fancy "Gold Coast". They knew they couldn't hide this stuff anymore. The service worker at the hotel that intervened was quickly and obviously told to hush and there is a well deserved lawsuit over this.

  17. It's all well and good the media is picking up Michigan Avenue. But what about an expose on Boystown violence??? Why are they so silent??? Does City Hall have anything to do with it??? Hummmmm....

    1. Emanuel has taken the gay community for granted. It is time to rise up against him. He disrespects the gay community as he panders to those who commit crime and puts all the police resources on the south and west side. The roving bands of thugs have to be dealt with violently.

  18. ^ Actually, over the past several years, there actually has been some coverage of the issues in Boystown, on several larger news outlets, but that news gets drowned out by all the other news events that might get posted on any given people read about it, mumble something t themselves to the effect of "well, Im glad I dont live there" and then move on to the next story.

    But overall, I would say that the coverage in local papers about the issues in the Gold Coast and Mag Mile areas, is pretty good...and the issues those areas are facing are the same as what Boystown is facing. I have definitely seen an uptick in the quantity of local news reports coming out that talk about the "loitering teens" problem that Chicago is currently experiencing. Take for example, this blog post I found today:

  19. Emanuel will never be reelected no matter how much cash he has. Fioretti will be the next mayor.