Tuesday, July 02, 2013

CAPS MEETING: Tomorrow Night

The monthly Chicago Police Department CAPS meeting for much of Wrigleyville and Boystown will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, from 7PM to 8PM at the 19th District police station, 850 W. Addison.

This is your opportunity to hold your police executives and politicians responsible for their actions. And their lack of actions.

If you have never been to a CAPS meeting, you may find the experience enlightening, if not infuriating.


  1. The CoH sometimes(or used to) have big loud parties on their roof deck with huge bass blasting away. A couple times I called the CoH to complain about the volume. Immediately the staffer starts in that THE POLICE COMMANDER is up there with the party for "youths" and if I still want to complain.

  2. The Police Commander is there every time? Sounds like something that needs to be addressed..sound issues are sound issues. Regardless of who's hosting what. Even if its 8pm - there's no reason to blast music. Unless they are hosting a party for hard-of-hearing ;)

  3. I would say that most likely, the CoH person on the phone was lying about that, to try to get people to stop complaining to the police about their parties. I highly doubt that the police commander parties with people at the CoH.

  4. If you have a 'horror' story from the past weekend - I think we should also make them at The Patch on the article below:


    This way - many others can see what the heck is going on as well.

  5. Part of the problem with the parade itself is the FACT that one individual has total control over it.

  6. Don't just go to the CAPS meeting. Everyone who plans to go should try to bring several people with them.

  7. The number of people attending the CAPS meeting will have NOTHING to do with its outcome. The cops and politicians will have total control of the meeting and deny, deny, deny. You people wanted "diversity" and YOU GOT IT. Congratulations.

  8. People attending the CAPS meetings who are concerned about the condition of the neighborhood should start getting to know each other and organizing right there. That's the easiest way for people to meet and exchange information and begin to group together. The more people that show up, the more people to meet.

    I've been to enough CAPS meetings to know exactly what the police and aldermen do. It should be used as an organizing tool for residents of the area.

  9. That was 2 years ago.

    The situation is now far worse and too widespread to cover up, with 2 near-riots in 2 weeks, with backups called in, many businesses vandalized deep into Lincoln Park, and 2 cop cars seriously damaged.

    If they deny despite attendees talking back, then the next course of action should be enlisting the governor and national guard troops to manage a city its Mayor and Police Commissioner have proven too incompetent to run themselves. Neither have proven they can run anything beyond the boundaries of the Loop and Near North.

  10. I was at the meeting. I was appalled that it more of Tom Tunney Hour than anything else. How DARE Tunney talk to some of his consituents the way he did! He sure seemed like a defensive guy ...

    I found the meeting to be useless. The two people who spoke and made commendable suggestions were talked down to by those facilitating the meeting, and, of course, by Tunney.

    WE NEED MORE PATROL OFFICERS on Halsted and side streets. Visibility is key. What does it take to get anyone's attention? A shooting? Another apparent abduction? What?? And that damned "pride" parade needs to be renamed the "shame" parade, given what follows it on Sunday nights every year for the past three years. Too many people are sugar-coating the issue. GET THE THUGS OUT OF BOYSTOWN. Otherwise residents will be leaving for good and tourism will collapse. I really wish I could understand why a meeting like a CAPS meeting would be held, and then we only get lies, half-truths, and rude elected officials running the conversation.

  11. Who does no one yell back at this Little Caesar on the spot ? ? ?

    Write to Tunney about his disgusting behavior, specifics on the crime problem, demand his resignation, and copy the Mayor, the city's police commissioner, the Sun-Tines, and Chi Trib. If that fails, head to the governor and state A.G. demanding an emergency state takeover of the 19th precinct, with national guard troops if need be.

    This tourist will not be going north of Belmont this year, after 14 consecutive years. I already told the Lakeview Cof C. They immediately wrote back and said they asked for more police, and got no response.

  12. Someone wrote about how he was going to give Tunney a "tongue lashing" at the meeting

  13. "Who does no one yell back at this Little Caesar on the spot ? ? ?"

    Yes, I did. The first half of that meeting was nothing but a self-congratulatory jerk-off session about how well the parade went with no major incidents. I interrupted Tunney, and ended up in a yelling match with him, and I wasn't about to let him shout me down. After that, people began complaining, and another guy got into a yelling match with him when Tunney responded to him with unbelievable disrespect. That weasel's days as alderman may be coming to an end. I guy sitting behind me whispered "asshole" while Tunney was going off, and when the meeting ended, I turned and said, "But he's an asshole who always runs unopposed." The guy looked at me and said, "Not this time."

    The CAPS meetings are a waste of time, but you can meet people there, and my neighbor and I connected with the other guy who yelled at Tunney, and we're talking about getting the boards of area condo buildings to link together.

    This is the second CAPS meeting where I've gotten into a heated fight with Tunney...he hates me, but more people have to speak up. In the immortal words of Howard Beal, "First you've got to get mad." Well, people, you've got to get mad. He doesn't deserve the respect.

  14. Tom Tunney needs to fix this problem. He's going to wait until there is a racial riot, businesses burns down, or until groups take the law into their own hands.

    Get the criminals out of Lakeview! They are cowards who attack as a group and who have no respect to human life. They are animals.

    We need to stop being victims and demand for Tunney's resignation. Lakeview needs better leadership.


  15. I am extremely angry that one of my favorite tourist destinations is going up in smoke, and I can't do anything about it. But I know that pales in comparison to the rest of you whose lives and finances are invested in your neighborhood.

    Perhaps write up the fact the area is dangerous on Trip Advisors under Best Western and other venues. Let them get angry about the bad publicity. Their rates are ridiculous anyway. Are these businesses so stupid in this day and age to think that word doesn't get out unless one reads it in the newspaper ? Tourists also head to City Suites Hotel, which has room service from Tunney's own Ann Sathers, a conflict of interest, as well as Giordanno's, both in very dangerous areas.

    Tourists instead need to head to Days Inn Hotel, eat at nearby Edwardo's for their deep dish pizza fix, and Stella's instead of anything north of Belmont on Halstead or Broadway. Otherwise take the Clark bus to Andersonville for the Heart'O'Chicago and east to Hollywood Beach. Boystown is not indispensable for the tourist.

    San Francisco's old gay area along Polk Street I believe has pretty much dried up and moved to Castro. Boystown may well have to pick up and move to Andersonville if the constituency does not take control.