Tuesday, July 23, 2013

CAMERA HOGS: Guardian Angels Come Out of Hole, See Shadows; 6 More Years of Robberies Portended

True to form, a Guardian Angel horns in on a video camera.
Never ones to let a high profile mugging go to waste, the Guardian Angels have magically reappeared in front of news cameras on the Magnificent Mile today.

Hot on the heels of this weekend's one (1) Michigan Avenue iPhone robbery, the Angels have even whipped up a slogan: Don't let the Magnificent Mile become the Muggers’ Mile. 

Mmmm. Maybe they should send that one back to R & D.

CBS2's report concludes with, "a police spokesperson went on to say there have been only three robberies reported on the Magnificent Mile in the last 28 days."

Three in 28 days? We had three in 13 minutes yesterday. Rookies.

It all makes us wonder why the Guardian Angels aren't up here in Wrigleyville and Boystown. Oh, that's right. They disappeared after glomming on to the 2011 publicity train.


  1. At least, they aren't stealing a million dollars from the city like Ceasefire.

  2. They were all gungho in 2011 alledgely, but I guess they either didn't have enough of their own people to help or not enough willing participants.

    That and somethings by about no headquarters to work from. I guess the COH had other plans for those empty rooms.


  3. WRT: "Anonymous said...

    At least, they aren't stealing a million dollars from the city like Ceasefire. "

    = = == = = === = = ===

    That 15 y/o girl from Fla. trying to help that older (51 y/o?)women downtown as she was being robbed by about a half dozen or so yutes -- I think has done more than Cease Fire has done ALL YEAR.

    Where's her $1 million dollars?


  4. If the states attorney decides not to take the case like in that teenage mob attack a week or so ago I suppose Chicago politician's generally accepted accounting practices call for the crime to be wiped off the books, right?

  5. Recall this story?


    1. Oh why why did u have to bring that up lol

  6. I think a lot of their disappearance had to do with them getting their asses handed to them in the one time they confronted a thief:


    How pathetic.

  7. If you think there have only been 3 robberies downtown in the last month, I've got a bridge I'd like to sell you guys. Go look up the numbers (hint: they downgrade violent robberies to larceny/theft to come up with distorted figures). Go to ClearPath and look at the 18th District.