Saturday, July 13, 2013

BEATEN, ROBBED: Victim Wanders Wrigleyville Looking For Help

A citizen called 911 from the souvenir stand at Clark and Waveland to report finding a man who had been severely beaten.

Around 3:45AM, police determined that the man's injuries were suffered in a strong arm robbery. Two offenders, descrsibed only as male and black, stole the victim's cell phone, wallet, and house keys in the attack. An ambulance crew treated the victim for his injuries.

About 30 minutes before the souvenir stand call, 911 was contacted by employees who said a beating victim had run inside the 7-Eleven store across from Wrigley Field at Sheffield and Addison.

A beating victim was also reportedly found at the McDonald's restaurant across from Wrigley Field.

Police suspect that all of the reports were of the same victim as he sought help after the robbery.

The CPD classified this as a robbery with a handgun.

Saturday 13 July 2013
Chicago Police Department Case #HW360236

Image: An increasingly appropriate defaced sign at the Lakefront Trail's Barry Avenue underpass.

UPDATE 22 JULY 2013: Added case number. Added information that this robbery also involved a handgun.


  1. @ 3:30AM this morning a bunch of thugs were roaming the intersection of Waveland/Halsted.

    1. When is the media and the community going to start holding Emanuel accountable for the
      thugs in Boystown? He has totally disrespected the community and refuses to hire more police. He redistricted Alderman Fioretti out of his ward
      because Fioretti asked for more police. Emanuel is soft on crime and only is interested in spending tax dollars on projects that will pad his campaign fund.

  2. Emanuel had a hell of a nerve being in the Pride Parade and should have been boo'd down every inch of the way.

  3. This article would be a good place to pile on about Emanuel, north side violence escalation, and police reductions:

    Seems that no one is interested in violence unless it is gang-related and murders.

  4. There are Gangster Disciple and Bandido Villain gang tags all over Boystown.

  5. I am getting ready to submit my Concealed Carry application. I WILL carry a weapon in the streets of Boystown.

  6. Frito Bandido??? Are they taking it back?

  7. You are legally able to carry a knife (size restricted however) in Chicago. don't wait for CC

  8. My vision is too bad for me to consider carrying a gun, but I am really looking forward to others being able to legally carry one on my behalf.

  9. People are talking about Conceal and Carry, but the minute a resident of this neighborhood shoots one of these thugs you better believe there will suddenly be media attention to spare, and none of it will be good. It will all become grist for the cable news meat grinder of 24 hour sensationalism...and the residents of this neighborhood will be vilified. Don't think for a minute that Conceal and Carry will be a savior or make you a vigilante hero.

  10. Get pepper spray and /or bear spray... prefer the latter.

    The more of them that walk away wounded, the less attacks will occur. Mark my word.