Monday, July 22, 2013

BALONEY: Tunney Claim of "6 to 7" Robberies Last Weekend Is WAY Off According to CPD

It's been a week since the night that CWB reported 7 robberies, 4 at gunpoint swept through Wrigleyville and Boystown early on Sunday, July 14.

If the Windy City Times' reporting is to be trusted, Alderman Tunney's office seemed to toss some doubt on our report:
According to Erin Duffy, director of community outreach for [Alderman Tom] Tunney's office, the neighborhood saw 6-7 robberies July 12-14.
And the Windy City Times says that figure of "6-7 robberies" was for Lakeview, not just Wrigleyville and Boystown.

Were we drunk? WTF, CWB? There were only 6-7 robberies across Lakeview over three days?

No. Not even close.

The Chicago Police Department classified 13 crimes as robberies across Lakeview during the alderman's timeframe.

Perhaps Tom meant to say that there were six PLUS seven robberies?

The officially declared robberies were:

Friday, 12 Jul 2013 3:20AM at 900 W ADDISON ST
Saturday, 13 Jul 2013 3:00AM at 3500 N CLARK ST
Saturday, 13 Jul 2013 3:48AM at 3600 N CLARK ST
Sunday, 14 Jul 2013 1:00AM at 1600 W CORNELIA AVE
Sunday, 14 Jul 2013 1:25AM at 3000 N SOUTHPORT AVE
Sunday, 14 Jul 2013 1:45AM at 1100 W BARRY AVE
Sunday, 14 Jul 2013 2:04AM at 500 W ROSCOE ST
Sunday, 14 Jul 2013 2:30AM at 1600 W CORNELIA AVE
Sunday, 14 Jul 2013 3:30AM at 3600 N RACINE AVE
Sunday, 14 Jul 2013 4:00AM at 1100 W SCHOOL ST
Sunday, 14 Jul 2013 5:15AM at 3300 N HALSTED ST
Sunday, 14 Jul 2013 5:20AM at 3400 N JANSSEN AVE
Sunday, 14 Jul 2013 5:26AM at 3200 N RACINE AVE

We compared our reports from the morning of July 14 to the Chicago Police Department's report data. Of the seven crimes that we reported as robberies, the CPD logged 5 as robberies. Two were logged as lesser crimes, thefts. 

The alderman's office announced last Tuesday that "The Police have six individuals in custody from this past weekend and two they believe are connected to other robberies as well."

CWB also stands by our report that no one was contemporaneously arrested in connection with the 7 incidents that we reported on July 14.  

If the alderman can't count robberies, why should we expect him to be able to count people in custody?

Normally, the police would be thrilled to share booking photos, court dates, and crime info of their success stories. As for Tom's "six in custody plus two more" we've heard nothing but crickets.


  1. Mr. Cinnamon Bun is running out the clock on his time as Alderman, and it appears he's not going to end with a shred of grace. Does he even matter at this point? Besides shellacking him with his disastrous "You're just one person" remark, Tunney should be dogged for the next two years relentlessly with the fact that he will be challenged and he will be beat. Don't just vote him out of him out of office.

    As far as The Windy City Times goes...I think they have to be officially considered a part of the problem. Read the lead editorial in this week's edition by their resident "trans youth." The debacle of the parade is attributed to the hysteria, racism, classism and snobbery of the privileged haut-homos of Lakeview who unleashed the cops on the free-spirited youth who attended the event to spread a bit of their cheer, good-will and festive brand of diversity. Windy City Times isn't only doing a disservice to the gay community, it's actively covering up the facts of an ever more dangerous situation affecting the people it's intended to reach. That's not just dishonest, it's willfully destructive. At this point in it's existence TWCT should be a respected paper, but it's really just a third-rate, on-the-take rag.

  2. As we approach his next election I am sure Tunney will start ramping up the law enforcement budget.

    Does anyone else sense the city is screwing over it's residents to appease the local businesses. Festivals are louder and bigger and immune to resident complaints. Non stop concerts at Wrigley( I live 3/4 miles away from it and sounds like my neighbor is having a party). Suppression(or just willful ignorance) of safety information.

    Gang graffiti is all over Boystown and some of it has been around for months. There are tags on the back of the Walmart on Broadway. There are tags on homes right across from the elementary school on Waveland. New tags are put up in the tunnel under LSD to the lake after every cleaning. There are tags on the running track by The Clock Tower Cafe. The steps in front of the lake. Two competing street gangs will be running Boystown after hours if it's allowed.

  3. IWondu City Times is deep up in alderman asshole's lying ass.
    I hate liars. What's so psychotic is the way Tunney is on record be it print media. Video or audio tape saying one thing, then denying it flat out.
    Also making promised regarding crime being such a great concern to him.
    Sara Palin for Alderman!

  4. Funny you should mention Sarah Palin and Tom Tunney at the same time, Anonymous.

    Tom was starting to sound like her during last week's Wrigley Field hype: "Six thousand square feet, I'll be able to watch the game from my apartment."

    And she can see Russia from her house!

  5. When is Tunney next up for re-election, and who are the people so far who have stated they will challenge him?

  6. The scary thing is....what if Tunney ISN'T running for re-election? That means he's a lame duck and will do anything and allow anything till the end of his term including that ridiculous joke of the Out Hotel. Why should he care? He'll profit, then he's gone.

  7. What would it take for Windy City Times boxes to be removed and to encourage retailers not to stock them in front ?

  8. I know that the owner of The Alley (the store at Belmont/Clark, just north of the Punkin Donuts) is running for the Alderman seat.

  9. I think the guy who runs that B&B on Halsted may declare when the time comes. Also the grumpy guy who owns GayMart might run. It's all highly speculative at this point. Besides, Tommy Turkey may yet redeem himself. (Yeah, I'm living in Fantasyland, on THAT score. "You're just one person" will be the height of Tommi's redemption, no doubt.)

  10. Unfortunately I'm not heartened by the list of possible candidates for 44th Ward Alderman

  11. This guy who is an attorney and who lives right at Roscoe and Halsted said he is thinking about running. I'm pretty impressed with him.

  12. Anyone who will talk back to Rahm while having a snit is fine by me.

  13. At this point, anyone - even the GayMart Grump - is better than Tunney, who is nothing but a lying, self-serving hypocrite.

  14. Oh God, please, not the guy who owns GayMart, who apparently has some "deal" with the city (or Tunney?) to park his hideous SUV blocking the sidewalk on Cornelia, right around the corner from his store? Not THAT guy. Please. At least not until he observes the parking ordinances just like the rest of us. Just the other day a young mother had to wheel her baby carriage out into the street to get around that ugly monstrosity. The bumper was perhaps 2 feet from the wall of the building. If any one of us parked there, we'd be towed. So, no, not that guy, not unless he parks properly like we all have to.

  15. Tom Tunney does have Sarah Palin eyes.