Saturday, July 06, 2013

BAD IDEA: Strangers invited into car steal driver's phone

Image: Yahoo Maps
6 July 2013
12:33 AM
Chicago Police Department Case #HW350091

Less than an hour ago, a Boystown motorist invited three complete strangers to get into their car. As the vehicle slowed down for the stop sign at Aldine, one of the new acquaintances grabbed the driver's phone. All three of the men bolted out of the car and fled north on Halsted toward Roscoe Street.

The offenders were described as three black men in their 20's, with one offender wearing a red shirt and a white baseball cap. No further description was given for the other two men.

Fast response officers stopped three possible suspects in the alley behind Chicago Male Salon, 3418 N. Halsted, but they were released after the victim said they were not involved.


5 July 2013
Chicago Police Department Case #HW349598

Another victim lost his cell phone to a thief in the neighborhood late Friday afternoon. Callers reported seeing a man chasing a female phone snatcher down Clark Street near Belmont.

Further investigation by officers determined that the "woman" was yet another cross-dressed male. Police were unsuccessful in their search for the suspect, described as a black male dressed as a female with a black wig, wearing a gray shirt with a logo on the front and multi-color Spandex pants.

The theft occurred at the Belmont Army store, 855 W. Belmont near Clark Street.


  1. There a lot of "victims" in Boystown who are just begging to be victims by their actions. Another group is all the twinks and trixies walking around with their eyes glued to a cellphone in plain sight and oblivious to their surroundings.

    Believe it or not, people, but only a few years ago we were all able to walk a block WITHOUT updating our Twitter account or calling our BFF for the 100th time in a day to chat. Leave your phone in your pocket!

  2. Fools, all of them. But that's the problem. Locals know better. Out-of-towners (and that includes twinkie boys from the 'burbs) are oblivious to what's going on over here, and that's how they part company with their cell phones, wallets, dignity, etc.

  3. So based on the comments, it's all the victim's fault?? How about placing responsibility on the criminals who stole the phone and The Center on Halsted for luring them here.

  4. if they could stop looking at GRINDR every 2 minutes while walking around boystown .....but a few years ago u did not have to think twice about being i rarely go out to the bars and i live in boys town


    I'm sorry - I'm chiming in here - who the hell invites three complete strangers into your car? What said story did they give to allow downstate Bumpkin Bo to make him believe it?

    It could have been a lot worse...BUT COME ON.

  6. It's not the victims fault, but they are not doing anything requiring common sense to help themselves.

    The Millenial generation is utterly incapable of keeping their paws off their devices for 1 minute.

    It is also downright stupid to head to an ATM machine at 3am. PLAN AHEAD !

    Use an ATM inside a store or restaurant, look for an Allpoint network one that does not do surcharges, then stay within the store for a few minutes so that you will not be tracked if being watched by a mugger from ATM to street. IOW, get "lost" in the store for a few minutes.

    Use an ATM ONLY within a bank lobby AND when the branch is open. For example, never use the North Community Bank ATM on Belmont & Bway which (if memory serves) is out on the sidewalk.

  7. If a "victim" was walking around with a $100 bill pasted to his face, wouldn't you think it was his own fault when he got robbed?

    A phone thief doesn't see a phone...he sees $100.

    So give a try to stop being a douche and walk a block without updating your Twitter account for a change. The world will not end.

  8. I browsed that Facebook page for 2 years, but would not post. I have privacy concerns with Facebook and won't use it. That board also had too many stupid arguments from both the far right and far left, who are equally stupid.