Saturday, July 06, 2013

BAD IDEA: Strangers invited into car steal driver's phone

Image: Yahoo Maps
6 July 2013
12:33 AM
Chicago Police Department Case #HW350091

Less than an hour ago, a Boystown motorist invited three complete strangers to get into their car. As the vehicle slowed down for the stop sign at Aldine, one of the new acquaintances grabbed the driver's phone. All three of the men bolted out of the car and fled north on Halsted toward Roscoe Street.

The offenders were described as three black men in their 20's, with one offender wearing a red shirt and a white baseball cap. No further description was given for the other two men.

Fast response officers stopped three possible suspects in the alley behind Chicago Male Salon, 3418 N. Halsted, but they were released after the victim said they were not involved.


5 July 2013
Chicago Police Department Case #HW349598

Another victim lost his cell phone to a thief in the neighborhood late Friday afternoon. Callers reported seeing a man chasing a female phone snatcher down Clark Street near Belmont.

Further investigation by officers determined that the "woman" was yet another cross-dressed male. Police were unsuccessful in their search for the suspect, described as a black male dressed as a female with a black wig, wearing a gray shirt with a logo on the front and multi-color Spandex pants.

The theft occurred at the Belmont Army store, 855 W. Belmont near Clark Street.