Wednesday, July 31, 2013

AUGUST CAPS MEETINGS: Dates, Times, Locations

EDITORS' NOTE: The 19th District Events Calendar for August was updated this afternoon. There is still no listing for the beat 1923/1925/1935 meeting. The 1924/1933 meeting is listed as shown in our original post below.

EDITORS' NOTE PART DEUX: Alllllrighty. They've now added the 1923/1925/1935 meeting to the official calendar. It is listed as shown in our original post below.

Uh-oh. It looks like we're on the 19th district CAPS officers' naughty list.

No froyo for us tonight. ;(

They haven't responded to our email seeking confirmation of the dates and times for August's beat meetings. There's some apparently incorrect info on a local community organization's Facebook page, so we thought we'd firm things up with the CAPS office. No dice.

After discovering that the 19th district community calendar is not updated with the information either, we remembered that Alderman Tunney's statement about a recent crime spree listed the beats, dates, and times.

Except that statement isn't on the alderman's web page. There are a lot of fresh non-crime statements (what are these "cubs" things that he keeps writing about?), but the statement about the crime spree and beat meetings is nowhere to be found. Remember, crime is his #1 priority.

So, based on the information on Alderman Tunney's Facebook page, and the alderman's generic CAPS page, here are the dates and times of the August meetings.

Beats 1923, 1925, and 1935, which are shaded yellow on the map below
Wednesday, August 7, 2013
19th district police station
850 W. Addison

Beats 1924 and 1933, which are shaded pink on the map
Thursday, August 8, 2013
Illinois Masonic Hospital
836 W. Wellington
7PM. The desk will point you to the auditorium.

You are welcome to attend either meeting or both, regardless of where you live.

Don't get us started on why they would decide to lump a Lincoln Park beat in with 1923 and 1925.


  1. Thanks for the info!!

    If they combined 1923, 24,& 25 in one meeting they would not be able to handle the crowds

  2. Paul@justoneperson.netJul 31, 2013, 1:51:00 PM

    There's also a meeting on MONDAY, August 5th for the residents that are affected greatly by the ongoing saga known as THE CRIB.


    We're trying to get bodies into seats - so please attend if you can!

  3. Maybe Tunney can pull a Jane Byrne and live in the front of the COH for a week....and hang with the boys after hours at the Magnet he up for the challenge?

  4. Regarding the meeting Monday August 5 about the issues surrounding The Crib...

    A small group of neighbors have been battling The Crib for some time. There have been several meetings held with Tunney, the police and representatives from the church and The Night Ministry, and at one the neighbors were told, "We don't discipline the kids because they don't respond well to rules." A member of the residents group told me this meeting isn't to discuss anything, it's to tell them this has to stop.

    One small group of neighbors can't, and shouldn't be expected to, shoulder this fight on their own. People always say they want to get involved, well, Monday is your chance. They need a presence of neighborhood residents to support them.You don't have to speak up or say anything, but be there to back them up. A strong showing of residents is very important.

  5. < Maybe Tunney can pull a Jane Byrne and live in the front of the COH for a week....and hang with the boys after hours at the Magnet he up for the challenge? >

    More aporpos analogy is for Rahmbo, THE MAYOR, to get off his elitest fat ass and camp out in CoH for the Halsted B&B some night to get a ringside seat of what goes on there very night.

    He thinks all there is to life around here is redeveloping Wrigley FIeld with big contracts.

  6. 1934 is the area between Diversey, Belmont, Halsted and Lake Michigan.