Friday, July 12, 2013

AFTERNOON APPLE PICKING: iPhone Swiped on Newport

A woman's iPhone was snatched away on Newport Avenue between Halsted and Clark around 4:30pm yesterday. An officer came up empty handed in his search for the suspect, described as a male, black, in his late teens, wearing a red shirt and black shorts, last seen running toward Clark. Chicago Police Department case #HW357964

Editors' note: This case was classified as a larceny by the Chicago Police Department.

UPDATED 19 JULY 2013: Added police case number and editors' note.


  1. She shouldn't have had her phone out at that time of the day especially when the sun was shining. In THAT neighborhood no less.

  2. One-by-one these people are going to learn the hard way not to flash their phones.

    Today alone, I've counted at least 50 people walking in Boystown with their full concentration on their phones...completely oblivious to their surroundings or anyone walking near them.

    I walked up to one of those girls and said, "If I were a mugger, your phone and your purse would be gone by now."

    Her response, "Huh?"

    Maybe if I text her the message, she will understand.

  3. Some thug is going to be shot and killed by an armed citizen when concealed carry comes. Then we will have all the tears and outrage. But concealed carry will lower the crime rate. It has before no matter what Jesse Jackson and Rahm Emanuel say.