Tuesday, June 11, 2013

WRONG NECK OF THE WOODS: Beaten And Robbed Outside Halsted Restaurant

A victim was beaten and robbed outside of Wood restaurant last Monday morning.
3 June 2013
5:34 AM
Chicago Police Department Case #HW301949

A man was punched and robbed of his wallet and cell phone outside of Wood restaurant, 3335 N. Halsted at Buckingham, last Monday morning. The criminal is described as a male, black, in his 40's, with a "small gray beard" wearing a black shirt, red jacket, and blue jeans. He was last seen heading westbound on Buckingham from Halsted.

It looks like the 3300 block of North Halsted is going to have trouble getting off of the list of Chicago's most dangerous streets.


  1. "Just transient youth", that's all.

    And that guy going to the gym or off to work at that hour in THAT neighborhood "probably shouldn't have been there in the first place and deserved it".

  2. You hit the nail on the head, Anonymous.

    One of the mindsets that we find most bizarre is the idea that "the people getting robbed were probably drunk." As if that makes it anything less than a robbery and beating. Or "well, it was after midnight, why were they being stupid and walking alone?" Not only are those mindsets wrong philosophically, they are wrong factually.

    What if, instead of targeting people who come here to have a night of fun, the thugs were targeting little old ladies? "Oh, it's just little old ladies, of course they're going to get robbed."

    This community is filled with citizens who get up early to go for jogs, go to the gym, and go to work. Many of the people targeted during early hours are these kinds of people.

    The community is filled with citizens who work service industry jobs and other non-standard jobs that bring them home after hours. Are they supposed to take a cab to their front door because the city can't protect them? No way.

    Our police department CAPS officers do really good jobs of telling the public the reasons why people are getting robbed. They do a terrible job of making sure people don't get robbed in the first place.

    Again, the point of this blog is not that we live in the worst neighborhoods in Chicago. The point is that this neighborhood was exponentially safer as recently as 2009.

    Thank you for your comment and for reading our blog. We appreciate both. Be safe and be well.

  3. Crime In Boystown,
    Everything you said is absolutely true. Once again, at this past CAPS meeting we were told the robbery victims are people leaving the Halsted bars and wandering around drunk.

    I can't tell you how many people I've talked to or stopped on the street and asked if their worried about the increase in criminal activity only to have them stare at me blankly then say that they don't go to those bars or go out late at night. This attitude that residents are so complacent that they'll completely cede the neighborhood to criminals once the sun goes down is beyond belief. If you notice, this year incidents seem to be happening earlier and not just in the very late hours.

    I know the restaurant wasn't open when this incident took place, but it did happen right outside their door. Maybe people should contact the owners. It's time for business owners to step up, and right now, they're not.

  4. Is it possible street gangs are having some sort of initiation where new bangers have to beat and rob a gay in Boystown.

  5. That possibility has been raised among some residents, though this 40-year-old is probably not a newbie.

    We have spoken to literally dozens of victims over the past couple of years. Two of them told us that officers said they (the cops) felt that the people doing this were "doing it for fun."

    The cops didn't mean that in a dismissive way. However, both victims who were told this still had some valuables left, including phones in both cases, that the robbers did not take, leading cops to surmise that the thugs weren't necessarily out to get everything they could and the physical attack may be the greater attraction.

  6. Apple has finally announced a new feature called the "Kill Switch"...if your iphone gets stolen, you run home, log in to the website and the site sends a signal to the phone, permanently bricking the phone...once the phone is made worthless, then there is no ability to sell a stolen phone, and this will hopefully eliminate the desire to steal phones altogether. Hopefully this will cause the robbers to stop coming to our neighborhood altogether:


  7. Thank you for sharing the story, A. We'll put it on the front page.

    Thanks, too, for reading our blog and getting involved. We greatly appreciate it.

    Be safe and be well.

  8. CIB, there is also a report where the guy "did everything right" by taking a cab home to the front of his home on one of these fancy/dark streets near the progressive, gay strip and was beaten down by a gang of "just transient youth" anyway.