Saturday, January 25, 2014


We hesitated to use the term "wilding" to describe attacks by large groups on individuals and much smaller groups. Unfortunately, there is no other way to describe some of the attacks in Wrigleyville and Boystown.

While many of these incidents are classified by police as robberies, others are batteries — actually causing physical harm to another — in which no robbery occurred. They're beatdowns.

The uneasy truth is that it appears groups of attackers who think it's entertaining to beat and sometimes rob innocent victims find their thrills on the streets of Wrigleyville and Boystown.

For our purposes, we define "wilding" as an unprovoked physical attack in which an individual or group is greatly outnumbered by the perpetrators.

A running list of these incidents will be maintained here. Our original reports on each incident are linked. The comments are carried over from previous years' windings lists.


Incident #1
2015 January 17, 2:20AM
A lone man is jumped and robbed by 7 to 10 offenders in the 1100 block of School
Case HY118031


Incident #1
2014 January 1, 3:00PM
A lone man is jumped, beaten, and robbed by 6 offenders at Sheridan and Pine Grove. CPD case #HX100721

Incident #2
2014 January 1, 3:05PM
An elderly man is kicked, beaten and robbed by 5 to 6 offenders in the 4100 block of North Kenmore. CPD case #HX100743.

Incident #3
2014 January 24, 3:30AM
A group of three women and two men overpower, beat, and rob a man near Grace and Clark in Wrigleyville. Subsequently, the police department downgraded the case from "aggravated battery" to "pocket picking." Further details of the downgrade are HERE. CPD case #HX126821

Incident #4
2014 June 17, 4:20AM
Victim was chased, beaten, and robbed by three young black men between 18- and 24-years of age. The victim was found bleeding from the head in the middle of Belmont Avenue by a passing Chicago Police Department prisoner transfer unit. Case HX306826. Arrests were made.

Incident #5
2014 July 4, 8:37PM
A lone victim was robbed by a group of five offenders at 870 W Belmont.

Incident #6
2014 July 5, 3:30AM
A man was beaten, pepper-sprayed, and robbed by a group of three offenders on Broadway between Roscoe and Melrose.

Incident #7
2014 July 5, 3:47AM
A man reported being attacked and robbed by five men at Belmont and Sheffield. A sergeant made contact with the victim, but a unit assigned to do the paperwork claimed that it could not locate the man.

Incident #8
2014 July 6, 2:00AM
A group of five offenders jumps and beat a man at Addison and Lakewood, taking his phone.

Incident #9
2014 July 6, 3:30AM (Approximate)
Three robbers jump and beat a lone Wrigleyville bartender on the street near Clark and Newport.

Incident #10
2014 July 21, 9:30AM
A 20-year-old man was jumped and beaten by a group of offenders outside of the Whole Foods on Halsted Street.

Incident #11
2014 August 15, 3:00AM (Approximate)
Man is jumped by perhaps a dozen men who beat, kick, and rob him near Belmont and Sheffield.

Incident #12
2014 September 6, 4:50AM
A man is beaten and robbed by up to 8 men under the L tracks near Belmont and Sheffield.

Incident #13
2014 October 25, 2:30AM
A man is beaten and robbed by four offenders in Wrigleyville.

Incidents #14-16
2014 Novmeber 15, 2:00AM, 3:00AM, 4:00AM
Three victims were robbed in separate attacks by groups of four to six men.
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  1. Well, if people get offended -- then you can always call them 'Roving Bands of Wildebeests' and if they take offense to that...well tuff.

  2. No, no,'s "just a flash-mob". Just like the "just a flash-mob"er's that beat the Asian doctors to a pulp leaving Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Although nothing was taken from them during these 10-on-1 racial attacks, it's not a hate-crime, nor a robbery......"just flash-mobbing transient youth".

    Happy Diversity Chicago style.

  3. as part of a couple that is perched at the belmont and sheffield intersection .....i just do not get why they let these large group of kids hang out on the corner all night that age i would of never hung out late at night on a corner in my small town..yelling at each other and just causing trouble..that einsteins is not open and its not like they are spending any money in the hood ..i have 2 dogs that when i take out at night i grab a box cutter to put in my pocket....just in condo also faces an alleyway next to the vic...and i will not even start on that site....i have thought of going out there with a camera and taking pics of the groups and making a tumblr to put them up on maybe pics of these kids will jar something in someone ....any ideas? is almost 430 and loud as hell still

    1. Well it's called rights. See it is not illegal to be outside at 4:30am if you are over curfew age. It is also not illegal to be outside without having a reason or destination. It's not illegal to meet your friends and walk around all night. What I'm getting at here is what can the police do? They can not legally arrest them. They can't "scare them real good" in fear of being sued for a civil rights violation. This is where society has gone, the alderman can't even be blamed for this one. The general population has sent a clear message to police that aggressive (and proven) methods of policing will not be tolerated. Sure people here are talking a good game, but two years down the road when a lawsuit comes down from clearing the corner and an officer is looking at jail time and loss of their home are these same citizens going to stand up for the officer and say "this is what we wanted". It's doubtful

    2. Can you point me to a news story or court case of a policeman being jailed or personally held liable for moving people along?

    3. I work nights at an establishment in the Belmont/Sheffield area. Employees tell people all of the time that they cannot loiter outside and to move it along. Once they are not in front of our storefront aka 10 ft away, we can no longer say anything. When we call police because of large groups of people on the corner or by the Belmont stop, all the police do is honk their horn and yell at them to go home via microphone while still inside their vehicle. At this point, it's all they CAN do. We try. They try. Nothing is changing because of laws and lack of manpower.

    4. I used to live very close to that intersection, upstairs from the Jamba Juice/ was horrible...nothing but NOISE all night long, every night, especially during the summer...but all year long really. Large groups of kids yelling, fighting, having "dance parties" while people clapped, etc. It was pretty much one of the worst places to live. I lived there a year and got the hell out.

    5. In response to the post that wants newspaper articles, first I'm not writing a term paper. Second research for yourself, start with new York's stop and frisk civil lawsuits, then start looking at federal civil rights cases that started with a cop stopping a person and that stop escalated into physicality which resulted in an official misconduct civil rights violation into jail time. Heck last year was the case of the CPD sergeant where the kid attempted to spit on him and the sergeant (who never in all his years was accused of excessive force) slapped the teen to stop from being spit at. That sergeant was facing two years in jail. It happens

    6. can't they be arrested for disturbing the peace or some noise violation. i don't know. i'm not a cop or lawyer, but it seems to me that if i were screaming like that with 100 of my friends outside the mayor's house, i'd be more than moved along. don't you think?

    7. They cannot be arrested without someone signing a complaint.

  4. I don't know that we'd recommend going outside with a valuable camera or phone to take those photos, Asby. But we love the idea of documenting problem spots. Feel free let us know if you move ahead with the idea or if you'd like to share some pix here.

    Thank you for reading CWB and being a part of the conversation. We appreciate it!

    Be safe and be well.

  5. It's just heartbreaking to continue to read about these piece of human shit thugs ruling our streets while the politicians and media turn a blind eye. Citizens really need to be able to arm ourselves so we can send these thugs to hell where they belong when they attempt to violate us. Enough is enough.

  6. Sadly, little attention will be paid to this plague on our area until someone gets killed.

  7. To the person who was looking for articles on officers going to jail. Here is one, citizen calls in a possible burglar, gives description, officers respond, guy charges them, less than lethal is tried and fails, officer shoots and kills guy... He was just indicted

  8. Some towns like mine have "offenses against peace and quite" or noise curfew between 11pm and 700 am,at least that gives the police the right to disperse the crowd.

  9. What would it take to get a "blue light" camera at that intersection? Would it do any good if there was one there?

  10. Amazing and distressing that "none" of these incidents are reported in the local papers!