Saturday, June 01, 2013

WHISTLE WHILE YOU JERK: Overnight Police Blotter

1:14AM: A man called 911 to report that two white male offenders had just beaten him up at Wang's bar, 3317 N. Broadway. The two Chuck Liddell wannabes were arrested for battery. Chicago Police case #HW299316

2:17AM: A resident dialed 911 to report that a male white wearing a blue v-neck tshirt and jeans ran into some bushes at 647 W. Melrose "as if he was running from something." Officers did not locate any man in any bushes.

2:28AM: A concerned citizen reported that a male, black, 5'1" tall, wearing khaki pants and a top hat was walking on Belmont near the L station "whistling loudly and exposing himself." The man was gone when officers arrived.

UPDATE 9 June 2013: Added case number for Wang's battery.